After your scholarships, grants and other forms of aid are factored in, you may find that you need to borrow money from a lender to make up the rest of the cost of your college tuition. Federal student loans and carefully considered private loans are both great options to cover the investment in your future.

Student Financial Services can help you finance your college experience.

45% of Concordia students receive federal loans

$24,782 typical total student debt after graduation

Student Loan Default Rate

A student is considered to be in default on a student loan if they have not made a payment in more than 270 days. The average three-year default rate for graduates of Concordia University, Nebraska is 4.1%*, lower than the national average of 9.3%**. We are committed to helping make your education affordable so that your reliance on loans is minimized.

*Based on data from all academic levels
**According to College Factual 


Types of Loans 

When managed correctly, an educational loan can be an invaluable tool in financing your Concordia education. Of course, since all loans must be repaid, you should explore all of your options and only borrow what you need.


Federal Loans

Federal student loans generally offer lower interest rates and have more flexible repayment terms than private student loans.

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Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

PLUS loans are federal loans available to parents of undergraduate students.

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Private Loans

Private loans are credit-based loans from private lenders available to assist families with educational expenses. Interest rates, fees, and loan terms will vary depending on the lender chosen. Private loans will most likely be more expensive than federal loans.

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Financial Aid Process

Yes, we're a private university. However, through scholarships and other financial aid, our students pay close to, or in some cases, less than students at larger public Midwest universities. Each and every one of our full-time undergraduate students receives financial aid, which can be hard to find at public institutions.

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A Private Education With Value

You’ll find a more meaningful college experience at Concordia, where you’ll be part of a supportive campus community as you study your passions and prepare to make a positive impact in the world. Through generous scholarships and financial aid packages, your tuition at Concordia will be similar to what you will find at a large public university.

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