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Congratulations on your acceptance to Concordia, we’re excited to have you be part of our Bulldog family!  

If you have decided that our supportive community is your best fit, you can confirm your enrollment to start building your schedule, connecting with your classmates and earning student discounts at Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and more. 

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We know everyone’s journey is different, and if you haven’t decided where you’ll attend yet, we completely understand. While you consider your options, we wanted to share some more information with you about our campus that we believe will help with your decision-making process. Thanks again for your interest in Concordia!


Student Life at Concordia

With the majority of Concordia's students living on campus, there is always something going on both during the week and on the weekends. Many of our students come from out of state, meaning they stick around during the weekends. The Student Activities Council regularly schedules fun and safe activities and events like concerts, comedic performances, dances and much more. 

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“The Concordia community is like nothing I’ve ever been a part of. People wave and hold open doors for each other. The professors pray before every class. During the summer of 2020, the faculty and staff worked so hard for it to be possible for everyone to come back because everyone wanted to be back.”
Photo of Michaela Twito

Michaela Twito

Ames, Iowa
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“No matter where you go, there will always be nice buildings and programs. But you can’t replicate or fabricate the community that Concordia is built on. ”
Photo of Matthew Murphy

Matthew Murphy

Colorado Springs, Colo.
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“When I first visited Concordia, I realized I wasn’t going to be just a name on a roster. I was going to be an individual here.”
Photo of Cecilia Minchow

Cecilia Minchow

Lincoln, Neb.
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“At Concordia, you’re more than just a name and a face. You’re a person, people recognize you as such and want you to succeed.”
Photo of Erin Maier

Erin Maier

Grand Island, Neb.
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Once you confirm your plan to attend Concordia, you will...

  1. Have priority for your course schedule, developed by your first-year coordinator, so it will be ready when you arrive in August
  2. Get connected with your future classmates through social media groups and regular communications from your first-year coordinator team
  3. Receive priority placements for housing assignments and class selections
  4. Unlock access to student discounts on a variety of sites including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more once your email account is set up (typically within one week)
  5. Have flexibility - if you change your mind, your enrollment fee is refundable by May 1

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Paying For College

Concordia offers financial aid to 100% of our full-time undergraduate students. However, that aid doesn't always cover all of your expenses. There are other ways to pay for your education, whether it's earning outside scholarships or holding on-or-off campus jobs.

Concordia Scholarships

If you haven't already, check out the various scholarships we offer to our full-time undergrad students. Be sure to talk to your admissions counselor if you have any questions on what you can qualify for.

Concordia scholarships

Jobs on Campus

Each semester, there is a multitude of jobs available on campus within various departments. This is a good way to hone your skills, learn more about Concordia and even earn extra money for your education.

Available student jobs

Outside Scholarships

In addition to the financial aid you can receive from Concordia, there are numerous organizations that provide scholarships for students. You can find outside scholarships based on your home state or your future vocation.

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Get To Know Our Hometown

We're located in Seward (pop. 7,200), which has a small-town feel with a close-knit supportive community. Concordia and Seward are intertwined, as a former Concordia president puts it, "What's good for Seward is good for Concordia, and what's good for Concordia is good for Seward."

In Seward, you'll find a busy Rockwell-esque downtown filled with coffee shops, restaurants, an art gallery, a movie theater, a bowling alley and locally-owned stores. Seward is a community where our students and residents feel safe, as it was recently listed as the second safest city in Nebraska and in the top 10% nationwide.

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Take Your Next Step

If you're ready to officially become a Bulldog, your next step is to submit your enrollment fee, which saves your spot in the incoming class. You can start connecting with your future classmates, your First Year Coordinator will begin building your class schedule and you'll get access to discounts at Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and many more places.

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