Communication Scholarships: Boosting Your Financial Aid and Quality of Education

Published by 2 months ago on Tue, Aug 17, 2021 11:40 AM

In addition to Federal and institutional financial aid, students can cut thousands of dollars by applying and receiving scholarships. This is especially important in competitive fields where a high quality, and often expensive, education can make or break a job opportunity.  

Communication Programs 

Within the realm of higher-level education, “Communications” is often an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of degrees and programs. Those who specialize in communications can find themselves jobs within the fields of journalism, photography, radio announcing, advertising, publishing, graphic design, and more. This broad and competitive field focuses on dissecting human communication and its effectivity. With the expanse of globalization and social media, effective communication has become the key to a successful career and successful relationships. Businesses and organizations are increasingly finding more use for communication majors who have learned these essential skills and can apply them in the real world.  

College institutions that understand the depth of this field and the importance of a degree that will prepare you to get ahead are extremely valuable. Institutions like Concordia University, Nebraska, are dedicated to producing well rounded students who are equipped for this workforce and able to quickly obtain a job after school. Specifically, 90-100% of communications majors from Concordia Nebraska find jobs immediately after graduation. This shows that our students are getting the education they need. It’s important to find a communications programs, such as the one at Concordia Nebraska, which makes it their goal to produce students who can see the big picture and easily adapt to certain situations. 

Quality degrees of this extent that require these types of skills can often become costly if paid out of pocket. That’s why there are many diverse types and forms of scholarships available for communications students specifically to make it possible for them to receive the best education in their field and get an edge in their industry and financial situation.  

About Communication Scholarships 

Since there are a lot of scholarships out there for many different majors and they are competitive, it’s good to understand the process and types of scholarships you should be looking for before diving in.  

Communication scholarships often focus on essays or other persuasive components when determining who they will be granted to. Contests for photographyfilmmaking and new media can also cater to a communications major depending on which program you choose to enter. If you are looking into an arts focused communications program, these types of scholarships can be great opportunities to not only receive financial aid for school, but to make your work more accessible for future employers.  

Scholarships may also require a minimum GPA, consider financial need, or only apply to a certain region or demographic so it is important to completely read the guidelines of any scholarship you apply for. Look for ones that are specific to your description. You might be pleasantly surprised at how many options you have.  

Make sure to begin looking for scholarships early in the process. Some organizations allow you to apply for their scholarships as early as junior year in high school. Look to compile a list of potential scholarships and grants that fit your description and needs as soon as possible. Many have deadlines months before the school year begins so it is important that you keep track of when they come due.  

Additionally, some colleges and universities have scholarships available for their students. These are given by specific departments. Check with your advisor or contact the head of your program to see if your school offers any of these types of scholarships. 

For more information on how to look and write for your scholarships visit Etiquette and Scholarship Search. 

Scholarship Resources 

Due to the vast quantity of scholarships available to students, it’s important to efficiently and effectively sort through them. Scholarship websites can be extremely helpful tools in this process. Search reviews for the site you choose in your scholarship search to make sure it’s the right fit for you., and are a few reputable sites that allow for easy access to hundreds of scholarships. For additional information on other scholarship resources, check out this list of scholarship sites.