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B.S. Management Information Systems

120 credit hours
98% career outcome rate1

Student-to-faculty ratio

Faculty with terminal degree

Everyone who works in business, whether they pay bills or hire employees, keep inventory lists or plan projects, utilizes management information systems to make their lives easier and more productive. Studying MIS will help you learn to manage the data, software and hardware of the information systems used to process and retrieve internal business information.

Management information systems is a dynamic career field focused on employing technologies in ways that help businesses and organizations achieve their strategic goals and operational objectives. Information systems have become increasingly important as technology advances, creating a high demand for skilled individuals. Since virtually every organization, businesses in all industries, government entities and non-profit groups depend on information technology, a degree in management information systems means you can find employment in a field that you’re passionate about.

The management information systems program at Concordia University, Nebraska is a balanced program of business and computer science courses that prepares you for computer-related jobs within a business environment. Combined with a broad, liberal arts curriculum, you will learn to think critically, communicate effectively and solve problems, so that you can find the most success in your MIS career.

At Concordia, you will apply computer technology knowledge, quantitative techniques and administrative skills to the information processing requirements of organizations. You will put technology to work for you and help people use management information systems to become more effective and efficient.

If you’re interested in applying your business and technology skills in a challenging, strategic field, then a degree in management information systems from Concordia University, Nebraska might be the right choice for you!

Management Information Systems Courses

Program Differentiators

Core Concepts

The management information systems program at Concordia University, Nebraska prepares graduates for advanced graduate study and careers as information systems specialists. Encompassing the analysis, design, implementation and management of information systems, the management information systems program promotes the development of technical skills and a broad understanding of the ethical standards of the field.

Key Differentiators

The management information systems program at Concordia University, Nebraska allows you to be part of a program that has a commitment to excellence and engaged faculty that allow you and your fellow students to go through life-changing experiences together on paths to a positive future.

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Dr. Andrew Langewisch - Business

Meet Dr. Andy Langewisch, accounting professor. He's also known as Captain Spreadsheet. Learn more about Dr. Langewisch in this Faculty 5 video.

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I like to use technology in a way that serves a purpose. The MIS program sets up the framework to help understand how to use technology to be productive in the business world.
Garion Consier
Churdan, Iowa

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Concordia NebraskaManagement Information Systems: Learning Objectives

Students in the management information systems program at Concordia University, Nebraska will develop a broad set of management and leadership skills necessary for successful achievement of organizational goals.

Students will gain an understanding of advanced business and management concepts and be able to integrate concepts from various business disciplines.

Students will develop communication skills appropriate for use in the business and professional communities in which they work.

Students will develop skills for effective use of computer technology and will gain an understanding of the impact of technology on organizations.

Students will develop the skills and attitudes to enable them to make sound ethical decisions in the workplace.

Students will be able to explain and apply the major concepts, theories and practices in strategic management.

Students will be able to research, investigate and develop a solution for an appropriate information systems problem.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of system administration in an organizational context.

Concordia NebraskaManagement Information Systems: Program Goals


Students in the management information systems program will demonstrate knowledge consistent with an academically excellent business education.


Students will acquire portable business skills and dispositions needed to serve and lead in the church and world.


Students will model ethical attitudes and behaviors consistent with living the Christian life.


Students will develop strong analytic, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

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Management Information Systems Faculty

As experts in management information systems, our faculty and instructors bring years of experience to the classroom.

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Concordia NebraskaManagement Information Systems: FAQs

Concordia Nebraska Management Information Systems: Career Outcomes

Database Administrator

A database administrator is responsible for data integrity for an organization. Because of a growing reliance on computers and database systems, businesses need professionals who can keep their confidential data safe, secure and well-managed. As a database administrator, you might be in charge of installing and configuring database software and servers, develop and implement backup and recovery plans and create security models to keep data secure from viruses and attacks.

9% Annual Growth Rate2
$50,340 Entry-Level Salary2
$90,907 Mid-Level Salary2
$138,320 Late-Level Salary2

Project Manager

11% Annual Growth Rate2
$51,434 Entry-Level Salary2
$75,474 Mid-Level Salary2
$111,330 Late-Level Salary2

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and information systems managers coordinate the work of computer professionals and help managers make crucial business decisions. As a systems manager, you would be in charge of keeping technical projects on schedule and under budget and consulting with business executives to determine the computer needs of the company. You would also manage the upgrade of information technology systems and decide which computer systems to buy. Computer systems managers also often troubleshoot network problems and work with employees of the company to solve issues as they arise.

12% Annual Growth Rate2
$83,860 Entry-Level Salary2
$139,220 Mid-Level Salary2
$179,720 Late-Level Salary2

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers code instructions for a computer to follow. As a computer programmer, you would create software programs by writing code, test the code to make sure it works optimally and correct bugs in the code when necessary.

-7.2% Annual Growth Rate2
$47,090 Entry-Level Salary2
$82,240 Mid-Level Salary2
$132,530 Late-Level Salary2

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Computer Science

Concordia University, Nebraska’s computer science program is designed to help you meet current and future challenges in technology- and application-related fields. Here, you can gain a strong fundamental foundation with an emphasis on practical functions of theoretical concepts.

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1 Recent graduates attending graduate school or employed within six months of graduation.

2 Career salary and wages sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.