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History Faculty

Concordia University, Nebraska's History Faculty are distinguished by excellence in teaching and scholarship. Their expertise inspires in the classroom, makes them leaders in their academic field and impacts the church and world.

Joel Helmer

Professor of Geography, Chair of Department of History, Geography, Intercultural Studies and Modern Languages

Dr. Joel Helmer teaches geography, a discipline that blends lots of different areas together to help us understand God's world. Learn more about Dr. Helmer in this Faculty 5 video.



Jamie Hink

Assistant Professor of History

John Hink

Associate Professor of History

One of history professor Dr. John Hink's lectures is about our favorite subject: food. Why do we eat the foods we do? Learn more about Dr. Hink in this Faculty 5 video.

Matthew Phillips

Professor of History

Dr. Matthew Phillips likes teaching history because the truth is more interesting than fiction. Learn more about Dr. Phillips in this Faculty 5 video.