The Luke Scholars Program

Concordia's Honors Program

The 2019-2020 school year marks the 125th anniversary of Concordia University, Nebraska. To celebrate this institutional milestone, we are excited to launch Concordia’s first honors program, the Luke Scholars Program.  

At Concordia, we intentionally intersect our tradition of excellent academic tradition with our particular values as a Christ-centered community. The Luke Scholars Program is distinct from other honors programs in that it seeks to instill in you a recognition of the particular talents and intellect with which you have been blessed. Your God-given talents should be cultivated and directed outward in order to help you serve and lead in the church and world. As a Luke Scholar, you will be challenged in ways you never thought possible, honoring God by using your gifts to serve a higher purpose.

What do I get for being a Luke Scholar?

Luke Scholars receive notable tangible benefits, including:

Complimentary Luke Scholars course materials

Access to the Luke Scholars Library

Tuition waivers for course overloads

Funds to support research

Supplemental study travel stipends

Recognition for being a Luke Scholar on your transcripts


The Luke Scholars curriculum begins with a foundational course, “Becoming a Luke Scholar,” your first semester on campus. Between the second semester of your freshman year and the end of your junior year, you will complete three additional interdisciplinary seminars unique to the Luke Scholars program which are taught by some of Concordia’s finest faculty members. These courses are designed to encourage you to discover and discuss the human experience in light of Christian truth.

You will conclude the Luke Scholars Program with a personalized six-hour capstone experience during your last two semesters on campus. The capstone will guide you as you reflect upon your individual strengths, talents and vocations, and discover your extraordinary purpose as you fulfill God’s call to serve and inspire others. 

In addition to meeting the program requirements, many of the courses you take will fill general education requirements or courses in your particular major, allowing you the flexibility to pursue an in-depth, rigorous academic experience without sacrificing credit hours or classes necessary to completing your program of study.


Luke Scholars are disciplined, contemplative and motivated students who are willing to challenge themselves intellectually in order to enhance their lives and serve others through their vocational callings. In order to ensure course rigor and meaningful community, the program is also selective. 


Students admitted to Concordia who meet certain academic criteria will be encouraged to apply for the Luke Scholars Program. If you are an admitted student and are interested in the program, please reach out to your admissions counselor for more information and to begin the application process.