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M.Ed. Teaching Endorsements

Teaching Endorsement
15-51 credit hours

We offer the lowest-priced online M.Ed. in Nebraska and the Concordia University System.

Nebraska Residents & Lutheran Educators $340 PER credit hour

$425/credit hour rate outside of Nebraska

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100% online, 8-week courses


Concordia University, Nebraska offers many teaching endorsements online with our graduate education programs that meet Nebraska state requirements Through nationally accredited curricula developed by experienced practitioners, you will gain knowledge, skills and tools needed to advance your career in education. 

  • Early Childhood Education Endorsement: Discover age-appropriate instructional approaches for children from pre-kindergarten through third grade and their families. You will examine child development, teaching, curriculum, and assessment, as well as how to develop and maintain learning environments that promote child safety and healthy development.
  • Early Childhood Inclusive Education: Birth to Third Grade Endorsement: One of the few online programs of its kind offered in Nebraska, this endorsement leads to your initial teaching certificate in Nebraska. You will prepare to teach in early childhood settings by studying and practicing child development, planning, instruction, curriculum, and assessment in inclusive learning environments that promote child safety and healthy development.
  • English as a Second Language Endorsement: Discover how to bridge the language gap for students whose first language is not English. As you complete this program, you will gain the skills necessary to help students of all cultural backgrounds reach their full potential in the United States and in international settings. This teaching endorsement online program consists of 15 credits and can be completed in 10 months.
  • Instructional Technology Leadership Endorsement: Build your understanding of how to leverage technology in your classroom to improve the learning process for students. This endorsement program consists of 15 credits and explores how to enrich your teaching practice through the use of technology. Through this endorsement, you will become prepared to help with the development of technology programs for Pre-K through 12th-grade students.
  • Principal (Education Administration) Endorsement: Gain the skills you need to become an elementary or secondary school principal. In this endorsement program, you will analyze and gain experience with school curriculum development and implementation, along with the various principles and techniques of school leadership, management and organization. Choose from the K-6, 7-12 or K-12 endorsement program.
  • Special Education: Learn how to develop and implement differentiated teaching methods for students of varying abilities in an inclusive classroom setting. Through this endorsement, you will also explore behavior management and assessment techniques to prepare you to serve the needs of all students. The coursework in this teaching endorsement online program can be applied to a Master of Education in Special Education, a K–6 or 7–12 Nebraska subject endorsement or a K–12 Nebraska field endorsement. Our special education endorsement program consists of a total of 42 credits, or 51 credits if you earn the K–12 endorsement.
  • Reading Specialist Endorsement: Explore how to better serve your students’ needs as you effectively address their literacy skills so that they will not fall behind their classmates. This teaching endorsement program provides you with strategies and skills that you can immediately apply in the classroom setting to provide remediation for reading abilities. The reading specialist teaching endorsement online program is 30 credits.

Teaching Endorsements Courses

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Concordia NebraskaTeaching Endorsements Core Concepts

Concordia University, Nebraska, is an excellent Lutheran, Christian university that will engage you in dynamic, life-shaping learning. We value you as an individual and build a relationship with you that promotes your success and meaningful learning. Relevant coursework and real-world experiences will advance the knowledge and skills needed for your field of study. Your degree from Concordia, Nebraska, will expand your pursuit of learning, service and leadership in your vocation.

Every endorsement program at Concordia includes real-world experiences to provide valuable application of coursework and develop the educator’s knowledge, skills and understanding. The goals of each program prepare you to build expertise and qualifications in its specific area of education.  

Concordia Nebraska Teaching Endorsements: Career Outcomes

High School Teacher

High school teachers typically focus on one or two subject areas. As a high school teacher, you would plan lessons, teach and engage high schoolers and assess your students through multiple and varied means of classroom assessment. You might also have duties like sponsoring extracurricular activities, supervising students in hallways, outside or in the lunchroom and meeting with parents, administrators and other teachers.

7.5% Annual Growth Rate2
$39,080 Entry-Level Salary2
$59,170 Mid-Level Salary2
$95,380 Late-Level Salary2

Middle School Teacher

Middle school teachers teach students in one or more subjects in public or private schools at the middle, intermediate, or junior high level. As a middle school teacher, you will create lesson plans, teach your subject and grade assignments. You may also be in charge of administering state tests.

7.5% Annual Growth Rate2
$38,540 Entry-Level Salary2
$57,720 Mid-Level Salary2
$91,670 Late-Level Salary2

Early Childhood Teacher

Early childhood brings on significant developmental changes in children. Early childhood teachers need to understand how children develop so they can plan appropriate activities and effective lessons in a creative environment to support and encourage young children. As an early childhood teacher, you would be responsible for creating inclusive lesson plans, implementing a curriculum and working with each student to discover the most effective way of teaching and nurturing.

7.9% Annual Growth Rate2
$34,840 Entry-Level Salary2
$54,230 Mid-Level Salary2
$83,920 Late-Level Salary2
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Teaching Endorsements Faculty

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2 Career salary and wages sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.