Secondary Education

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Outstanding teachers instill a love for learning and knowledge in their students. They develop and nurture each student’s individual talents and abilities. With a degree in secondary education from Concordia, you will be equipped to teach grades 7-12, encouraging intellectual and emotional growth at a critical time.

Concordia offers a Christian education and training to teach in Christian, Lutheran or public schools. We also require that students choose two subject areas of focus, instead of the state-required one subject area. As a result, our students are better prepared and considerably more marketable than graduates of other institutions, especially those students who go on to teach in smaller schools where teachers need more diverse training.


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Secondary Education Sample Academic Outcomes



  • English Teacher
  • Science and English Teacher
  • Spanish Teacher
  • Physical Science
  • Spanish Teacher

Student Teachers

  • Crean Lutheran High School
  • St. Paul Lutheran High School
  • David City High School
  • Lutheran High School West
  • Concordia Lutheran High School
  • Lutheran High School

Secondary Education Faculty

Student Teaching

Concordia’s student teaching program gives you the opportunity to gain real-world experience in classrooms.
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First Semester

Teach in schools around Seward and continue to take classes on campus while learning the skills necessary to become an innovative and effective teacher.

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Second Semester

Assume more teaching responsibility and complete your training nationally, giving you valuable experience to take into your own future classroom.

Become a Director of Christian Education

Share the Gospel and use your teaching ministry in a congregational setting!

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The Ministry of Teaching

If you are a confirmed member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and wish to serve as a rostered member of the teaching ministry, Concordia can help you obtain a Lutheran Teacher Diploma, which will make you eligible for a call in a Lutheran school.

If you would like to be able to teach in a Christian school that is not associated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, you may wish to receive a Christian Teacher Diploma, which will prepare you for your teaching ministry.

Field Experience

At Concordia you're offered the opportunity to gain valuable field experience in local schools, camps, and at the People’s City Mission in Lincoln. This exposure gives you a chance to practice your educational skills and also equips you to be ministers of the Gospel.


Concordia Association of Students in Education is a helpful, informative, and exciting organization for any aspiring teacher. In its monthly meetings, CASE provides opportunities for you to learn more about issues that may affect your future classrooms.

International Student Teaching
International Student Teaching

Opportunities are available for student teaching at Lutheran international or Christian schools in places like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Latin America, or Australia. Education students have also gained summer internship and practicum experience in Africa, Asia, eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Secondary Education Sample Course Schedule

Semester 1

  • Educ 101 Teaching as a Profession
    Introduces a broad picture of K–12 teaching as a career in Lutheran schools, other private schools and public schools. Students will be introduced to the teacher education program and guided in the process of application to the program. Participation in at least 10 hours of focused K–12 classroom observations required.
  • Gen Ed 9 credit hours
  • Subject Area 6 Credit Hours

Semester 2

  • EDPS 210 Educational Psychology and General Methods
    The essential conditions (factors) which facilitate learning and transfer; theories of learning, general and specific abilities, the importance of self-esteem, best practices in the evaluation of aptitude, achievement and other aspects of human development.
  • Educ 201 Introduction to Education
    An orientation to the field of education with an emphasis on the service role of the teacher. Historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations of American public and private education are explored. Current trends and issues are examined.
  • Gen Ed 7 credit hours
  • Subject Area 6 Credit Hours

Semester 3

  • Psy 324 Psychology of Exceptionality
    This is a survey course which attempts to develop an understanding and appreciation for students with special needs. Characteristics of those with learning disabilities, physical challenges, behavioral disabilities, developmental delays, hearing and vision impairment, and giftedness are studied.
  • Gen Ed 7 credit hours
  • Subject Area 6 Credit Hours

Semester 4

  • Educ 346 Instructional Technology
    Technology has changed the way we work and live in such a profound way that the ability to use it effectively has been widely recognized as a new literacy. Students are expected to use technology to create, innovate, critically think, problem solve, communicate, and collaborate. Teachers must possess the knowledge and skills necessary to lead students in using current technologies in a responsible and beneficial way. Most importantly, they must have a fundamental understanding of its importance in teaching and learning, thereby creating a willingness to learn and integrate the technologies of the future. This course will offer a practical and hands-on exploration of using technology in the K-12 classroom.
  • Gen Ed 7 credit hours
  • Subject Area 6 Credit Hours

Semester 5

  • Educ 424 Differentiated Instruction
    The course will prepare teacher candidates to meet the diverse needs of ALL students, including the culturally diverse, gifted, at-risk, second language learner, and those with special needs, in inclusive educational settings. It will provide pre-service teachers an overview of special education and the federal laws which govern the education of these students today. Attention will be focused on the process of identifying the individual needs of students and creating effective teaching techniques to address those needs, primarily through the use of differentiated instruction.
  • Subject Area 13-15 credit hours

Semester 6

  • Psy 421 Adolescent Psychology and Development
    The course presents an arranged sequence of psychological and development theories, concepts, and insights designed to inform the practitioner working with adolescents. The content and class interaction cumulatively examine adolescent behavior and belief systems. The aim is to assist the practitioner with grounded yet flexible decision–making when working with young people in the contexts of counseling, teaching, youth ministry, family, and community.
  • Subject Area 14-16 credit hours

Semester 7

  • Educ 470 Content Area Literacy
    Considers the processes of reading in the various subject matter fields by which one recognizes words, copes with specialized vocabulary, comprehends, and uses printed information. Stresses the location of the student’s present reading levels, the selection of instructional techniques to fit the learning style of the student, and the choice of materials appropriate for the ability level, reading levels, and interests of the secondary student. Assists the pre-service teacher in learning how to integrate the teaching of reading skills while teaching specific content. Field Experience required.
  • Theo 381 Christian Teacher’s Ministry
    The course applies Biblical and theological principles of vocation, ministry, and the two kingdoms to the teacher of the church and the priesthood of all believers. Study of Scripture, standard historical documents, and current practice in calling, placement, and congregational life focuses on the identity of the teaching minister in parochial education and the Christian teaching in public and private education.
  • Educ 37* Subject Area Methods
  • Subject Area 9-11 credit hours

Semester 8

  • Educ 301 Principles of Secondary Education
    The purpose of this course is to review and further develop instructional planning, models of teaching and classroom management in today's Lutheran and public secondary schools. Segments include skill development as teachers, leaders and learners affecting successful middle and secondary school teachers. Segments also include assessment strategies, multicultural education, mainstreaming, master teachers’ reflections, interview procedures, and the Christian teacher’s mission.
  • Educ 385a/b Student Teaching I/II in the Secondary School
    Students are assigned to teach grades 9–12 under the direction of the supervising teacher(s) in the students’ teaching field(s).
  • Educ 37* Subject Area Methods
  • Gen Ed 10 Credit Hours