Getting Started

This information will help you get acquainted with our general policies and procedures in Concordia’s Student Financial Services Office for graduate and DCP students.

Campus Communication

Your admissions packet will include information on how to access the portal (Concordia’s secure intranet), Blackboard (most classes will be using this platform), and your CUNE.ORG email account. 

All correspondence with campus offices will be through your CUNE.ORG email account, so please check it often, or set it up to forward to an email account that is checked frequently.  If forwarded, please make sure the account stays active!

Academic Year

An academic year is comprised of three academic terms with two 8-week modules.

Fall term: End of August through December

Spring term: January through April

Summer term: May through August

How Many Courses Per Term Do I Take?

Full time enrollment in a graduate program is six credit hours per academic term (two 3-credit courses, one course in each module).  Students should register for the academic term to ensure timely disbursement of financial aid.  

Full time enrollment in the Degree Completion Program (DCP) is 12 credit hours per academic term.  Students should register for the academic term to ensure timely disbursement of financial aid.

Financial aid eligibility is subject to adjustments if anticipated enrollment changes.

Important dates

Module and term dates for graduate and DCP students can be found on the academic calendar

Academic Calendar

Cost of Attendance

A student’s financial aid is based on the cost of attendance (COA), which is an annual estimate of how much it will cost a student to attend Concordia University.  The COA includes tuition and an allowance for books and supplies, and an allowance for living expenses.

Books and Supplies

Students should always be prepared to pay out of pocket for books and supplies as financial aid will not be available at the time needed to purchase these items.  Loan proceeds will generally be processed 3 to 4 weeks after a term (or enrollment) begins.  Contact the Financial Aid Office at 888-505-2863 if you have problems or questions about book purchases.

More Financial Aid Terms

Check the link below for a full list of terms commonly used in financial aid offices.

Technical Difficulties - Passwords and 10-Codes

What do you do if you lose your password? How important is it to remember your 10-code? Click the link below for advice and more information.

Tax Information Regarding The Annual 1098-T Form

The IRS Form 1098-T is issued to all students who attended Concordia and who paid qualified tuition and fees for the calendar year they are in attendance. The information on Form 1098-T is used to determine if you are eligible to claim an education credit on your Federal Income Tax Return for the applicable tax year. This form is to be used by the taxpayer or their tax advisor to compute an eligible tax credit.

Concordia University is required to provide the student with the 1098-T information for the applicable tax year by Jan. 31 of each calendar year. The 1098-T for the qualified educational expenses can be viewed and printed through Banner Self-Service.  A paper copy will also be sent to the address listed in Banner.  Please check your address information and keep it up to date.

Please note: Concordia University is unable to provide tax advice to students or parents. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to determine and document the information used in their tax return. For tax assistance, please refer to the IRS publication 970 or consult your qualified tax professional.