Financial Aid


Federal Financial Aid for graduate students is in the form of Federal Direct Stafford Loans.

For those who qualify, financial aid will be awarded each academic year for up to three terms. Financial aid is not offered in one sum for the whole program.

A student must file the FAFSA form each academic year in order to receive federal loan proceeds. A FAFSA tutorial video for students is available online.

Your financial aid package will be adjusted if errors are discovered or if additional funds from outside sources are received.  Outside sources include but are not limited to tuition reimbursements from your employer, military payments, congregational sources, other scholarships and grants, etc.

After You Have Applied for Financial Aid

When your FAFSA and Concordia’s financial aid application are both received, your aid will be packaged.  Packaging for returning students will begin in June each year.  Please note that if you complete these items in early spring you will not receive your financial aid notification until June at the earliest.  This notification will be sent to your CUNE.ORG email account telling you where to go online to view and accept your award letter.  Detailed instructions can be found on the portal – Graduate, Academic Life, Health/Human Services, RN–BSN, or DCP tab – under General Information click on the “On-Line Award Letter Instructions” link.

Once you have clicked the SUBMIT DECISION button, there will be requirements for first-time borrowers.  These requirements are the Master Promissory Note (MPN) for “Subsidized/Unsubsidized” and the Entrance Counseling.  Clicking on the link beside each will take you to the website to complete the requirements.  Loan funds will not be released until all requirements are completed.

Disbursements and Refunds

Title IV federal Stafford funds will be disbursed per eligible term, throughout the year, based on the number of registered credit hours per term and will be disbursed into the student’s Concordia account.  Any access funds will be refunded to the student each term within 14 days after disbursement.  The disbursement and refund dates are found on the portal’s Graduate, Academic Life, Health/Human Services, RN–BSN or DCP tab under General Information.

By federal law only current year tuition may be paid automatically with proceeds from a disbursement of Title IV funds (loans).

'Grade of Incomplete'

No financial aid will be disbursed to a student who has an “I” (incomplete) grade from a previous term.  The incomplete must be converted into a grade before any loans or other federal funds are disbursed.

Tuition Refund Policy

If you are not planning to attend a course that you are billed for, please complete the Student Withdrawal Form found in the portal and send the form to your advisor or the Program Director prior to the course start date. Failure to contact your advisor or Program Director may result in tuition charges to your account.

Please refer to the Tuition Refund Policy in the current catalog or see the Graduate, Academic Life, Health/Human Services, RN–BSN, or DCP tabs on the portal in the General Information box on the portal for refund information. 

Direct Deposit

Students are strongly encouraged to set up Direct Deposit for the refund of excess loan money by following the steps below:

1.      Login into connectCUNE portal.

2.       Select Graduate, Academic Life, Student Life or DCP tab

3.       Click on Banner Self-Service

4.       Select the Student folder

5.      Select “Edit Direct Deposit Allocation”

6.      Fill out and submit the required information.

Loan Repayment and Servicer Information

A student can view information about loan repayment here.

Other repayment information and servicer contact numbers can be found at the National Student Loan Data System website (  A detailed history of your federal student loans is available on this website. 

See also: Read further Concordia policy regarding financial aid for graduate and DCP students