Electronic Statements

Electronic statements have replaced all paper billing statements for Concordia University students.  Prior to the beginning of each semester, each student who is registered for classes will be sent an email message to their CUNE.ORG email account stating that their statement is available to view online through the student portal in Banner Self-Service.  The initial email and statement notifications for registered students are sent early August for fall term, late December for spring term, and mid-April for summer term.  Students who register later will receive their notification email within a week of their registration being processed.

To view your electronic statement, log into Concordia's portal:

                               Log in to the portal, connectCUNE

Once logged in, go to the “Graduate”, Academic Life, or “DCP” tab and under the “Banner Self-Service” section on the right side of the screen please choose the following links to view your statement:

-Student Accounts
-Statement and Payment History

Your statement is a snapshot of your account on the day it was generated and is not updated daily. Fees, payments, or credits received will not appear until the next statement is generated.  To verify that payment has been received, please view your real-time account information on your Student Account.

A copy of your tuition billing statement can be printed from the PDF document.

**If you are not planning to attend a course that you are billed for, please complete the Student Withdrawal Form, located on the Graduate, Academic Life, or DCP tab in the General Information box, and send the form to your advisor or the Program Director prior to the course start date. Failure to contact your advisor or Program Director may result in tuition charges to your account.

View Real-Time Student Account

Your Student Account Statement will be based on your current registration. Once you are registered, your tuition charges will pull through to your Student Account.  You can view your entire student account summary on the student portal the same as above except choose the link to Account Detail by Term.

This should provide you a detailed breakout of your entire student account.

Payment Policy

The payment due date for all classes in the term is the first day of class for each term. 

Fall term due date is late August, spring term due date is mid-January, and summer term due date is early May. 

It is the responsibility of the student to make all necessary financial arrangements with the College of Graduate Studies Financial Aid Office prior to beginning courses.

Late Fee

A late payment fee per term is assessed on accounts that are not paid by the due date of each term.

Financial Hold

Failure to settle an account balance by the established due dates will result in a financial hold (along with a late fee) being placed on a student’s account.  Students with a financial hold are unable to register for future courses, receive a transcript, or receive a diploma.  A financial hold will be removed once a student’s account has been paid in full or other satisfactory payment arrangements have been made.