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T-L Irrigation, LeRoy and Jean Thom Chaplain; Theology Instructor

Student Affairs; Department of Theology, Philosophy and Biblical Languages

Rev. Ryan Matthias has been the campus pastor at Concordia University, Nebraska since 2008. In addition to leading chapel, Matthias does a ministry of presence by attending as many events on campus as he can. He does spiritual counseling, announces sporting events, teaches Old Testament, Faith and Life and Theology of Corporate Worship courses and hosts students at his house.

Before coming to Concordia, Matthias was a counselor for juvenile delinquents and ran boot camps for youth who were legally challenged. He also served as pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa.

Matthias loves the camaraderie of the faculty, staff and students. “People actually care about each other,” he says. “It’s like a chaotic family reunion every day. Every student seems to have so much going on, and yet they all go through it together with us.”

I’m passionate about trying to connect with as many students as possible. If they need a meal, I’ll cook them a meal. If they need to laugh, we’ll joke around for a while. If they need a walk, we’ll go walk and pray. If they need counseling, we’ll work through it together.

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    With a degree in theology from Concordia Nebraska, you will learn to think and read critically, speak clearly and persuasively, and better understand how religious convictions shape us ethically as members of the human community. Studying Christian theology helps you consider both historical and contemporary questions related to theological and religious thought to enhance your awareness of religious beliefs and practices among different cultures.