Updated Lutheran Guarantee program promises even more aid to students

Published by Olivia Dunklau 8 months ago on Mon, Jul 11, 2022 1:28 PM

Concordia University, Nebraska recently announced that the university has revised its Lutheran Guarantee program. The university’s updated Lutheran Guarantee program ensures that qualifying undergraduate students can earn at least $25,000 per year in institutional aid and qualifying undergraduate students pursuing church work can earn at least $27,500 per year, an increase from previous aid offered.  

“We’re committed to ensuring our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ have the opportunity to receive an outstanding, Christ-centered education steeped in Lutheran heritage,” said Concordia President Dr. Bernard Bull. “Cost should not stand in the way of our students discovering their passions, honing their skills and training for their careers.” 

Under the new program, Concordia University, Nebraska guarantees a minimum of $25,000 per year in institutional scholarships and grants if students are a member of a Lutheran congregation, a dependent of a Concordia alumnus, a dependent of a full-time, professional, rostered Lutheran church worker or are a graduate of a Lutheran high school. The program ensures at least $100,000 of guaranteed support over four years. 

“We seek to make Christian education available at a cost more commonly seen at public universities,” said Bull. “But Concordia is different than our public counterparts. We offer a Christ-centered community, encouraging professors, robust Lutheran heritage, diverse courses of study and a unique and welcoming student body. We want all of this to be available to anyone at a reasonable price.” 

A minimum of $27,500 per year is guaranteed to undergraduate students pursuing a degree in church work, which includes future teachers, directors of Christian education, musicians, pastors and others.  

“There is an ongoing need for trained church workers,” added Bull. “These individuals provide invaluable kingdom-building service in our schools, churches and communities, serving others and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. We do not want education expenses to stand in the way of our future church workers pursuing the vocations to which they are called. We seek to make outstanding Lutheran education available for all students. We are dedicated to equipping the next generation of pastors, teachers and others with the skills they need to excel in their vocations and live in service to others.” 

Concordia Nebraska’s beautiful campus is located in Seward, Nebraska and features a caring community, supportive professors, matchless course offerings and distinctly Lutheran heritage that will equip students for their chosen vocations. To learn more about Concordia Nebraska’s revised Lutheran guarantee, visit cune.edu/lg