Education students develop family resources

Published by Concordia University, Nebraska 2 years ago on Tue, Sep 29, 2020 4:50 PM

Students in Dr. Annette Anschutz’s Families, Schools and Communities class have created a series of parenting tips by sending home a Message in a Backpack. A Message in a Backpack is a one-page flyer that provides information about a variety of topics for families. 

The goal for the Messages in a Backpack is to be sent home once a week to help parents stay informed about appropriate early childhood growth and development and expectations, timely topics—such as how to deal with holidays, community events, crisis, family changes—and to provide them with tips for learning at home.

The topic for this Message in a Backpack is discipline and guidance. Messages have been developed for specific age groups and grade levels. 


Infant/Toddler by Grace Huesmann

Preschool by Jessica Juergensen

Preschool by Sarah Sugita

Preschool by Reahgann Harrell

Kindergarten by Callie McNary

1st Grade by Ashley Eller

1st Grade by Kayla Ernstmeyer

2nd Grade by Kylie Wegner

Students also developed a Message in a Backpack about Learning at Home for children ages birth through eight.

Natalie Sloup

Jessica Juergensen

Mikayla Lowe

Sarah Sugita

Kylie Wegner

Emma Armbrecht

Reahgann Harrell

Ashley Eller

Kayla Ernstmeyer

Sidney Enochs