Concordia Forensics enjoys success at state speech and debate tournament

Published by Amy Crawford 1 year ago on Mon, Feb 13, 2023 4:25 PM
Seniors Angelina Stinson, Sabrina Reed, and Jayson Klaumann stand together after hearing of Angelina's NIFA success.

On Saturday, February 11, Concordia Nebraska hosted the Nebraska Intercollegiate Forensics Association (NIFA) State Tournament.  The prestigious tournament featured competition from many of the nation’s top forensics programs. Several Concordia speech and debate team members achieved noteworthy success at the event. 

Concordia senior Angelina Stinson, broke to finals in oratory - her first final round appearance at NIFA - and was also nominated by two different schools for the Spirit of NIFA character award, an award she won.  

“Angelina was one of two in the state that all schools determined demonstrates the type of attitude, kindness and inclusive nature that best represents a speech competitor,” said Concordia Nebraska Head Coach of Speech and Debate Joe Davis.  

“I am blown away and beyond proud of the work that Concordia put in this weekend for the Nebraska Intercollegiate State Forensics Tournament,” said Stinson.  “When I tell you that forensics has been the most rewarding and astounding adventure for four years now, to be unconditionally surrounded with the immense love and passion of Nebraska’s finest, it is nothing short of an understatement. The stories, the messages, the life-long connections and friendships, the constant activism for the things that matter most that give words and power back those who have been disproportionately silenced - I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We are all truly blessed by the cultivation of this activity.” 

Concordia junior Tristin Kinderknecht broke two events at NIFA, extemporaneous speaking and oratory. 

“In my three years on campus I’ve never felt more honored to represent the team than being a double finalist at the state tournament, especially in Oratory as my first official speech for the team,” said Tristin. “It’s always a blast to break at big tournaments, but so much more when it’s in front of the whole state!”  

Concordia junior Madelyn Graham upheld the Concordia Nebraska tradition of the team having a finalist in dramatic interpretation, as well as having a second year competitor break to finals. This is the seventh year in a row Concordia Nebraska has accomplished this achievement. 

“This was my first in-person NIFA. Being able to see the talent that our state has was truly an incredible experience,” she said. “It’s always such a blessing to see friends from other schools and to listen to the content they have prepared. The Nebraska circuit is taking innovative, trail-blazing approaches to speech and I cannot wait to see it carried out at a national level.” 

In addition, Concordia senior Sabrina Reed broke to finals for a third year in row, one of three students to do so in recent Concordia Nebraska forensic team history. 

Malia Frerking, Concordia Nebraska’s prominent Oratory Coach said Saturday’s event was unforgettable.  

“It was so exciting to have two of our students in Interstate Oratory finals, which is held in front of the entire tournament,” she said. “IO is one of those events that can create effects outside of speech, so getting people into that final is always a blessing. They've been working really hard to create impactful speeches and polished performances. I'm proud of the effort that all of our IO competitors have put in this season.” 

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