Speech & Debate Scholarships

Each year, Concordia awards speech and debate scholarships to students who wish to compete on an academic intercollegiate extra-curricular team. This is awarded in addition to other financial aid from Concordia. If you qualify for need-based federal, state or university grants, your award will become part of an award package given by the financial aid department. 

Concordia’s speech and debate teams are inclusive and competitive. If you are committed to helping the team, at whatever level, you can still receive a scholarship, even if you have no speech or debate experience. 

Speech Team member presenting while her other team members listen

To qualify for a speech and debate scholarship: 

  1. Apply to Concordia.
  2. Submit your FAFSA. 
  3. Interview with head coach Joe Davis

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Academic and Performance Scholarships Available

There are a number of scholarships available for you at Concordia. Whether you’re participating in one of our performance areas, on one of the 22 athletic teams or for your academic achievements and faith background.

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