Things are ending

Published by Brooke 2 months ago on Fri, Apr 29, 2022 5:01 PM

It is dead week and I am going to set the standard that no blog will be fully coherent. So maybe now is the time to just write a halfway coherent letter. 


Hey there bud *I address the reader* 

If you are reading this, and there is currently a 100% chance that you are, you are probably in the process of an ending. We are all ending the school year at the same time and in very different ways. In the midst of my endings and yours, I reach out my hand in the form of a letter. 

You may notice that things currently have an unusual sort of fullness to them. Our schedules are full of things to do, our hearts are heavy with comprehending the things that have been and maybe will be in the future, and as a result of that, there are a lot of questions. 

And it's possible that one of these questions is: Why should the things that are good have to end?

In this moment, I will make the choice to not be gruff and say well, because you have to start living real life. I find that a bit silly because what you’re doing now is real life and what you did before college was real life. And if we remember that, I think things get a tad easier, but it also forces me to answer a question. 

What does real life entail?

Life will always have people. You have had people before college and you will have them after college. The ones you meet before and after will be different from the people you have had here, but that is not bad. Here, you probably learned the art of living in close proximity to people and caring for them better as a result of that. That’s a necessary skill now and will be one for the rest of your life.

Life will always have things we cannot control and do not understand. College may have caused you to get a better grasp on this one, but it has always been true. You’ve probably experienced a few of them throughout your time here, and there will be more in the future. But you’ve probably gotten better at learning how to cope with them, and understanding that you can continue despite them.

I say this because whatever life you live after this, whether you’re graduating or transferring, or just leaving for the summer, the things that have made life what it is for all this time will still be there.

And what will you be?

You will be you, still, but this time with the things you have learned, and the people you have met, and a greater understanding of what this whole thing’s going to be like. Maybe you’re sad right now, but that’s probably a good sign. It’s a gift that we have things in life so good that it makes our heart ache when we think about leaving them.


So, I guess, take that with you.