Stay Curious

Published by Hope 3 weeks ago on Fri, Mar 22, 2024 7:55 AM

When you were young, were you ever told to stop asking so many questions? I know I was. The thing is, though – I was just curious about a lot of things. And I still am! Whether they’re topics I’m more passionate about or passing curiosities that results in a quick Google escapade while I’m doing homework, my interests, I would like to believe, are still just as strong as they were when I was little. With juggling classes, a job, friends, and staying in contact with people from home, it can sometimes feel like us college students have no time to curious. It can feel counterproductive to engage in activities and ideas that aren’t task-oriented and related to what we have to do.   

I urge you, however, to stay curious.  

What even is curiosity? That’s a good question. Hmmm...maybe I should go Google the definition. According to Google, curiosity is “interest leading to inquiry” or “a strong desire to know or learn something.” Personally, while I think both definitions sum it up quite well, I’m especially enamored with the second one – because curiosity is sometimes very strong! Questions can sometimes feel all-encompassing and take up much of our mental space until we have answers. When curiosity is fulfilled, we not only have more answers leading to more satisfaction, but we’ve also gained more knowledge. That very reason is why curiosity is so important at any stage in one’s life.  

Sure, you can be curious about topics within your academic program, or your job, or even the sport you play. Asking questions within these areas is vital, as you will gain knowledge that will serve you in your future vocation. However, it’s also important to be curious about...well, whatever you’re curious about. Do you want to know more about the Hindenburg disaster? Read some articles about it. Maybe you think you might like to get into flower gardening one day. Well, head on down to the library and check out some books.  

The idea of a modern “renaissance man” is that of a person who embodies the nature of the Renaissance – a historical period of rebirth, growth, and new knowledge that marked the end of the Middle Ages. If you allow yourself to stay curious about things simply because they interest you, that makes you a true Renaissance man or woman, always acquiring new knowledge and keeping an open mind. Being an expert in one limited area is so outdated – why not be an expert in two areas? Three? As many areas as you’d like? Of course, there’s that little thing called “we have a finite amount of time here on Earth and can’t realistically learn everything we'd like to in that time,” but...details, details.  

Plus, being a “renaissance man” is a pretty cool way to engage with God’s creation, whether it’s the material aspects of the physical world or the people around you. To gain knowledge about the world is to understand more about its Creator. You can thank God for your curiosity as well, because He’s the one who instilled it in you and gave you the sense of wonder that causes you to ask questions, seek knowledge, and rejoice in discovery.  

So stay curious, my friends – no matter what other people think. Because if anything is true about maintaining your curiosity and sense of wonder, it’s that it is one of the best ways to grow closer to the One who created you. That’s a pretty irreplaceable reward.  

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