Spring Semester Trend Alert!

Published by Brooke 1 year ago on Fri, Jan 20, 2023 4:49 PM




This semester, there are a ton of things to look forward to and a ton of things to LOOK OUT FOR. You don’t want to be one of those guys left in the trend dust. This hot and not list will provide you with some basic guidelines to get through the spring. 


  • HOT Getting to 8 ams at or before 8 am   

  • We all know that this one is not all that hot. What is less hot though, is when you are late to too many 8 ams and your professor asks you “Are you okay? Can I direct you to some health center resources?”  

  • NOT Finally arriving at your 8 am at 8:17 after laying in bed for just a little bit too long. 

  • Existentialism is out! Getting up and facing the day is in! Get out there! Go crazy!  

  • HOT That one squirrel with the dart through its head  

  • He’s a medical miracle and an inspiration and that’s all I need to tell you.   

  • NOT Making fun of the squirrel with the dart through its head  

  • Presumably, he’s been through a lot.  

  • HOT Not falling on the ice 

  • Just don’t do it? It’s really not that difficult? 

  • NOT Falling on the ice 

  • Really, I mean, at the times that you have fallen on the ice, have you considered just not doing it instead? Just don’t fall? Give that a shot.  

  • HOT Having emotionally intelligent relationship and loving relationships 

  • Not just limited to dating people. It’s super trendy right now to just tell your friends that you love and appreciate them and to spend time with people that build you up. Actually, I think both of those things are timeless so just keep that up.    

  • NOT Hugging? While walking? Around campus?  

  • PDA is an endemic spring semester issue. Don’t get me wrong, I love love. But at times, love can be a safety hazard and I’m not even joking a little bit. Let me just paint you a picture. Okay, so imagine you’re walking with your, partner in crime, lover, whatever they call it these days and you’re doing the classic “hugging while walking” thing  but suddenly, there’s a bear that is rushing towards you and this bear does not have any peripheral vision so if you just held hands while walking or just like walked next to each other the bear would not see you but you can’t let go! I’m not going to share what would happen next because it’s really spooky and scary, but just proceed with caution.  

  • HOT RA Applications  

  • Get into it! And by “it” I mean, the same dorm you were probably going to live in, just at a lesser cost and a greater amount of people asking you how the printer works.  

  • NOT Thinking you’re not going to be an RA and then telling everyone how much you think you won’t be an RA and then being chosen as an RA 

  • I mean, at least do something slightly edgy at the last minute to actually make it seem like you won’t be an RA. Seen it. Heard it. Tired of it. You’re probably great at this and even if you’re not you’ll find other things you’re great at. 

  • HOT The actual stanley cup  

  • Hockey, am I right?  

  • NOT Stanley cups  

  • WOA gigantic pastel colored beverage holder that can also be used as a weapon in a pinch? And it fits in your cup holder? It’s only on the not list because it’s too multifaceted.