Navigating the Life of a Student Athlete

Published by Haleigh 1 year ago on Fri, Jun 18, 2021 9:30 AM

 Being a student-athlete at Concordia has been an incredible journey, and I’m so glad I have gained the opportunity to continue the sport I love. That being said, I have encountered many challenges navigating higher education inside and outside of the classroom. While it may be incredibly busy and overwhelming during the transition, there are ways to manage your time and make the best of the next four years of student-athlete life. 


Ask your coaches for help and support. It’s important to remember there is a reason you are called a student-athlete and not an athletic student. The student title should remind you of your main focus at your chosen university, which is successfully obtaining your undergraduate degree. The good news is that your coaches know this the moment you enroll in school and commit to an athletic program. They are not only there to help you become the best athlete you can be but also to find the resources you need to maintain productivity and good performance in the classroom. Don’t be afraid to ask your coaches for help or talk to them if you are struggling in a specific class.  


Lean on your teammates. One of the greatest moments of being involved with college athletics is developing strong bonds with your teammates. No matter what kind of conditioning or rough practice you are enduring, you will always have others going through the same thing with you. This means they are also working on their academics in the midst of training in their athletic field, so you will have other people cheering you on and supporting you. Study with them and do homework in groups to incorporate a social aspect into your already busy life. This will boost your relationship with your teammates and help you to be surrounded by people you trust. 


Visit the tutoring center. Concordia provides an Academic Resource Center (ARC) complementary to all students. Student-athletes are highly encouraged to visit the tutoring and ARC center for any academic help and support they may need. Many students, both athletes and non-athletes alike, report wonderful results and experiences. Visit the tutoring center as much as you need and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  


Keep a consistent schedule. It’s important to keep a consistent and positive routine while you work with classes, practice schedules, workouts, and other extracurricular activities. By keeping a clear schedule you’ll be able to make the week’s habits and adjust to the life of a student-athlete no matter how busy life gets. You’ll be able to manage your time and make your new life a reality that will become less overwhelming over time.  


Take a breath. Hey, the most important thing to remember is to breathe. You’ve got this! It’s best to remain calm and stay relaxed. There will be moments when it feels like too much, but I want you to remember that you are incredibly talented in both your sport and the classroom. You are capable of great things and nothing can keep you from that. When things get tough, take a deep breath, and put one foot in front of the other. Believe in yourself no matter what happens and keep working hard towards all of your goals in the weight room, at practice, on the field, and in the classroom.  I have loved every minute of being a student-athlete even when times are tough. It’s easy to get stressed but at the end of the day, it is so worth it!