Jobs in College

Published by Jonah 4 months ago on Fri, Jul 30, 2021 9:30 AM

There are many different job opportunities for students on Concordia’s campus. I’ve had four different on campus jobs in the three years that I have attended Concordia. I’ve also had a job off campus. I’ll discuss these here as well as other options for jobs at and around Concordia. 

When I started at Concordia, I worked for the Sower, Concordia’s student led newspaper, writing articles about sports. I also did some work with the snow removal team on campus during my freshman year.  

I didn’t have any on campus jobs sophomore year. This year, I’ve worked as a diplomat in the admissions office, giving tours, being on student panels, sending mail to prospective students and much more. It is a lot of fun bringing families on tours of campus. I’ve also worked for Phonathon, which is an organization that raises funds for scholarships at Concordia. It’s happened more than once that I’ve called someone from my hometown and had a conversation with them. On top of that, a lot of the people we call are fun to talk to.  

There are many other jobs at Concordia though. There’s food services, working with athletic teams, working in the library, and working with certain professors or other staff on campus. There is a page on Concordia’s website where students can go to find out about job opportunities on campus. Then of course, there’s the jobs of RA (Resident Assistant) and RC (Resident Coordinator) who oversee living on campus for students.  

As far as off-campus work, I did sign up for a list that gets one-time job opportunities off campus from various places. So far, I’ve only done a job with that once and it was line judging for a volleyball tournament. 

 The main off-campus job I’ve had is working at the daycare across the street from Concordia. It’s been a really fun job. There have been a few times when I see one of the kids that I work with around Seward. For example, I was with my family at a coffee shop one morning, one of the kids in the class I work in was there and he saw me and drew me a picture. It’s a rewarding position! 

There are plenty of other opportunities for work around Seward. There are restaurants, coffee shops, Walmart, and a bookstore. If you have the means to go further than Seward (aka a car) then you could go further to Lincoln and find jobs there too. A job that a few of my friends do in Lincoln is Doordashing. They usually spend a few hours on the weekend making deliveries, and they make a decent amount of money. 

Though I’m sure there are more, these are some of the jobs that are available at and around Concordia. There’s a variety of options, so if you are looking into working while you’re at school, then there’s plenty to choose from.