Eavesdropped Facts about the Concordia Community

Published by Anne 2 months ago on Fri, Apr 8, 2022 1:56 PM

Eavesdropping teaches me a lot about Concordia and its community. No, it’s not like I intentionally walk around thinking, “Who can I eavesdrop on today?” But if you sit at enough tables working on homework, or eating a quick meal in Janzow, you hear really random things that are just plain interesting. As a writer, I love observing people’s interactions and trying to figure out what makes conversation tick. In the process, I've learned a lot of random facts about my fellow Concordians. Here are 7 utterly random and probably useless lessons learned by eavesdropping. 


Disclaimer: While the quotes and lessons depicted in this post are meant to be impersonal bits of information that are unspecific to individuals, they are entirely nonfictional. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, should probably be considered coincidental so as to avoid future awkwardness.  


1. Tacos are popular in Janzow. Also — this is perhaps more interesting — people compliment tacos in entertaining ways.  

(“They’ve been having, like, tacos every single day and it’s fine.”) 


2. Star Wars appears to be the piece of literature most discussed at the greatest number of tables in Janzow.* 

(*Not statistically supported, unfortunately. Please consider this for your next Stats project as it seems like very useful information.) 


3.Professors like to talk about the physics and calculus of airplane documentaries over the lunch hour. 


4.I am not the only student who has seen or likes a TV show called Dexter. Although I'm pretty sure my childhood favorite, Dexter’s Laboratory, is different from the newly released Dexter… Regardless, it brings back some neat childhood memories. 

(“It’s a good show, man…”) 


5. You shouldn’t assume a Concordia student is from the place listed on their T-shirt.  

(“Are you from San Antonio?”  


“Your shirt says San Antonio.” 

“... No, I’m from Minnesota.”) 


6.I’m not the only person on campus who gets wildly excited about physical copies of manga — indeed, my excitement is even less open than that of certain other individuals. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my fascination. 

(“I have a manga! Backwards!”) 


7.Concordia students like sports.

Somehow baseball, for example, can fascinate a whole table for an entire lunchtime. Of course, the only sport I could ever get invested in was volleyball, and it was only because of an anime, so this may not actually be that enlightening… But let’s be fair, conversations about sports can’t help but impress me when I don’t even get the rules!  

Congratulations, you now know 7 random and probably useless facts about Concordia’s community. Or maybe, like me, you find that learning a little of what others care about and how they interact is worth the randomness. Please continue to have interesting conversations so your fellow classmates can learn about you.