A Day in the Life of an Education Major

Published by Katelyn 9 months ago on Fri, Nov 12, 2021 2:18 PM

6:00 am: My alarm to start the week goes off and I am not excited to get out of bed. My first class is at 9 am but I decide to work out before everything starts for the day. Finally, I climb out of bed and get my workout gear on. 

6:30 am: I start my walk to the Walz Gym, which is only about 5 minutes from David Hall. I am still not fully awake but am slowly starting to wake up as the sun starts to rise. I get into the gym, swipe my card, and start cardio. After cardio, I start my leg workout this early Monday morning. My first workout of the week is the hardest, just so I can get it over with.  

7:30 am: I finally finish my workout and start my walk to Janzow to get breakfast. Most mornings at Concordia, my breakfast is the same. I get a bagel, some peanut butter and jelly, and some eggs. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, but that could be just because I love bagels. Most people are starting to walk into the cafeteria and still have heavy eyelids from waking up.  

8:30 am: I finish my breakfast and finish talking to a few of my friends. I take my plates to the dishwasher and start walking to class. I walk past the mailboxes, take a quick second to check it, and continue my walk to Thom 201. Some days I will actually walk up the never-ending stairs inside Thom, but most days I will walk over to the elevator. This is what most of my fellow classmates have figured out instead of walking up the steep stairs.  

9:00 am: My first class of the day starts, History and Lit of the New Testament. This class goes pretty quick and the information is truly interesting. Dr. Gauthier has great humor and keeps the class entertained with Harry Potter and baseball jokes. Sometimes the class giggles but most of the time the classroom is quiet.  

9:50 am: New Testament ends and I begin to pack my bag to get to my next class. I start to walk my way down the Thom stairs and out the doors to Dunklau. This walk through the courtyard is very calming. People still yawning after a long weekend pass by to their next class. I just love to wonder what they are thinking about this morning, because I know I am thinking about every single homework assignment I have due this week.  

10:00 am: My second class of the day begins, General Biology. This class is absolutely my favorite class to go to. Dr. Johnson is the funniest professor I have met. He keeps the class entertained with dad jokes and funny questions for the class. Today, we started our new unit on mitosis. Our last exam was the hardest one of the semester, so I am glad to move on to the next chapters.  

10:50 am: After drawing a few photos and writing down a few notes, class ends. Everyone starts to pack up and walk out of the classroom. I start to walk out of the doors of Dunklau and make my way to Weller Chapel. 

11:00 am: This is the best part of the day: Chapel! Classmates all come together to hear the Word of God and worship together. Normally, I like to write down a few notes about the sermon, but today I decided to sit back and enjoy the word.  

11:30 am: Chapel ends and I feel refreshed. I learned so much information and I just feel so much more ready for the week. I start to walk back to Dunklau to start some homework for the week. Most days, I like to go upstairs in Dunklau to the big open study room at the top of the stairs. Watching people walk around campus and do homework is very soothing. This is my favorite place to do homework during the day. I stay here until my next class begins. 

12:40 pm: My third class of the day begins, Teaching Exceptional Learners. This class is all about learning how to teach students with disabilities. This could be from a learning disability to blindness and everything in between. This class has so much information jammed into three days a week. This is a very discussion-based classroom, with us talking to our peers most of the time.  

1:30 pm: Class ends and everyone starts to pack up. I pick up my things and walk across the hall to my last class of the day. 

1:40 pm: My fourth and final class of the day is Diverse Classrooms and Human Relations. This class is kind of like my previous class, but instead of students with disabilities, it is mostly about English Language Learners or ELLs.  Here we learn how to help our students who are learning English while helping them learn other skills. This class is also very discussion-based, so we spend a lot of time talking to our peers compared to taking notes.  

2:30 pm: My class is finally over and I start to pack up my things. After class is when I tend to eat lunch. I normally get a few pieces of pizza, some broccoli, and a cookie. There are normally not many people in the cafeteria at this time, so it is very peaceful. 

After 3:30 pm: The rest of the night is full of Netflix and homework. I normally never do anything else after classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays because my brain is so full of information. The life of an education major isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding in the end!