Cozy Rituals

Published by Anne 4 months ago on Fri, Nov 18, 2022 1:54 PM


We’ve had a few pretty cold days in the last couple of weeks. I’m a missionary kid from Ecuador, so I’m not very used to the cold, but even at home I have my favorite little rituals to make myself feel warm and cozy. For example, when it storms at home and the whole house is grey and frigid and drowned by the sound of rain on the skylight, I pull out a pair of sweaters and fluffy socks and I sip on a cup of hot anise tea with almond milk. That makes me feel so cozy that I cheer on the thunder! 

As we dip our toes into winter, I asked people around campus about their “cozy rituals”. Here are some of their thoughts.  


  • Wrap your hands around a hot drink. Hot cocoa is a favorite! 

  • Put on wool socks and wrap up in an electric blanket. 

  • Wear layers! 

  • Sit in front of the fireplace by 10:31 with a fresh cup of coffee. 

  • Complain about the cold – or about anything else that might properly distract. 

  • Take a long, hot shower. 

  • Put on a Baby Yoda onesie. 

  • Watch a movie. 

  • Get into bed. 

  • Curl up under blankets with a cup of tea and a good book. 

  • Relax and crochet for a while. 

  • Take a walk in the cold. Then when you come back inside, you feel all warm and tired and cozy. 

  • Make a pillow and blanket fort! 

  • Snuggle with your dog (or imagine doing so, when you’re not at home… and hopefully don’t feel too sad). 

  • Listen to Christmas music – even if it’s early. 

Bonus: One friend had a very creative but specific cozy ritual that I thought was entertaining. At home, she had her bed up against the heater next to the window ledge, and a set of curtains that were so long they covered the heater unless she folded them up on the ledge. On cold days, she liked to sit on the window ledge and use the curtains to trap the heat around her. It made a very cozy spot! 


I’m sure you’ve got some more ideas to add to the list, and your own specific at-home favorites. Take this coming Thanksgiving break to put them into practice, and stay cozy!