Pre-Nursing Featured Courses

As a student in the pre-nursing major at Concordia Nebraska, you’ll have the opportunity to take specialized courses related to various aspects of the pre-nursing profession. These classes, designed to equip you for leadership and service in various pre-nursing careers, are taught by some of our esteemed faculty who have extensive experience in their fields.

BIO 110
Principles of Biology 4 credits
Lecture 3, Lab. 2. A study of general biology: Science as a way of knowing — Scientific methodology and practice, literacy in biological literature and research, study of cells, cell organelles, molecular biology, genetics, systematics, structure and function of plants and animals, reproduction, growth and development, population biology, evolution as a paradigm and ecology.
BIO 244
Nutrition 3 credits
A study of nutrients, their chemical structures, digestion, absorption and utilization in the body. The roles of nutrients, recommended allowances, their interactions and the results of deficiencies. May be used as an elective in general education component.
BIO 351
General Microbiology 4 credits
Lecture 2, Lab. 4. An introduction to the activities of bacteria and fungi. The laboratory will be concerned with the culture, physiology, and identification of the major groups of microbes. Emphasis is on pure culture technique and diversity of microbes in infection and disease.
CHEM 115
General Chemistry 4 credits
Lecture 3, Lab. 3. General principles of chemistry: atoms and molecules, chemical reactions and reaction stoichiometry, phases of matter, electronic structure, bonding, molecular shapes, and intermolecular forces.
ENG 328
Creative Nonfiction Writing 3 credits
A course designed to allow students to explore creative non-fiction, its history, and criticism of the genre. Emphasis on workshop and student writing, reading for application, and peer and student-instructor conferences.
SOC 331
The Family 3 credits
The family as a basic social institution with special references to changing family structure and function. Special attention is given to changing social roles of family members and their impact upon other institutions such as the school and the church. Sem. I only.
PSY 101
Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
The course is a survey of psychology as a natural science and a social science. As a study of human behavior and the mind, the course examines current sub-areas of psychology with attention to neurology, the environment, situation and experience, and the self. Throughout the content, the course also considers how presuppositions in philosophy and theology intersect, integrate, and conflict with views on the human condition.

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Pre-Nursing Sample Schedule of Courses

The following sample course of study is an example of the sequence of courses you might take in order to receive your degree. Please plan to discuss your actual course of study with your advisor, who can help you stay on track to meet your academic and professional goals.

Pre-Nursing Courses
BIO 110
Principles of Biology 4 cr.
BIO 244
Nutrition 3 cr.
BIO 343
Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 cr.
BIO 344
Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 cr.
BIO 351
General Microbiology 4 cr.
CHEM 115
General Chemistry 4 cr.
CHEM 116
General Chemistry II 3 cr.
ENG 221
Intermediate Writing 3 cr.
ENG 328
Creative Nonfiction Writing 3 cr.
MATH 122
Introduction to Statistics 3 cr.
PSY 101
Introduction to Psychology 3 cr.
SOC 101
Introduction to Sociology 3 cr.
SOC 331
The Family 3 cr.
44 Total Credits