Nursing Pathways Faculty

In the nursing pathways program, you'll learn from Concordia University, Nebraska's science faculty who are distinguished by excellence in teaching and scholarship. Their expertise inspires in the classroom, makes them leaders in their academic field and impacts the church and world.

Connie Callahan

Assistant Professor of Biology

Biology professor Dr. Connie Callahan wants her students to leave the classroom with a greater appreciation for the bodies they live in and the world God has created. Learn more about what gets Dr. Callahan jazzed in this Faculty 5 video.

Jennifer Fruend

Associate Professor of Biology

The awesome joy to do all of this and openly love Jesus and thrive in God’s grace is both humbling and inspiring.

Biology professor Jennifer Fruend's favorite classes end in buckets of frogs and handfuls of snakes. Learn more about Dr. Fruend in this Faculty 5 video.

Kyle Johnson

Associate Professor of Biology

"I am also passionate about guiding students to a new understanding of the natural world in which they live."

Biology professor Dr. Kyle Johnson encourages you to use the scientific method to learn more about God's world. Discover more about Dr. Johnson (and his bow ties) in this Faculty 5 video.

John Jurchen

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Health Careers Program

Dr. John Jurchen, chemistry professor, is on a mission to help students match their unique gifts to a fulfilling vocation. Learn more about Dr. Jurchen in this Faculty 5 video.

Kristy Jurchen

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Science Building Chemical Hygiene Officer

Dr. Kristy Jurchen, chemistry professor, gets excited about demonstrations in the classroom, from pops and fizzes to big pillars of flame. Learn more about Dr. Jurchen in this Faculty 5 video.