Human Resources Management


Human Resources professionals provide a crucial link between management and employees, helping to recruit and hire the best workers, draft workplace policies, and oversee payroll and benefits. The Human Resources Management concentration from Concordia University, Nebraska is a degree program that will prepare you for professional certification and a rewarding career in HR.

Whether working at a small firm or leading an entire department, HR professionals must wear many hats. As part of the management team, they help executives make strategic organizational and staffing decisions. On the recruitment side, HR professionals use all available channels – LinkedIn, online job boards, and “head hunters” – to find the best candidates. And as part of employee relations, HR professionals manage complex benefit packages and mediate labor disputes.

The Human Resources Management program is also excellent preparation for taking the exams leading to certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) through the nationally recognized HR Certification Institute.

This Human Resources Management concentration also fits within Concordia Nebraska’s mission as a traditional nonprofit university with a faith-based approach to learning: Our goal is to create effective servant-leaders through rigorous academics, supported by caring, experienced instructors.

The MBA curriculum is specifically designed to have immediate real-world application – this means you can take what you learn in class and immediately apply it to your job. Fully online courses also let you advance your education without taking time away from your current job. Our cohort-based approach also gives you the support of fellow students – build a professional network and reinforce case studies as you learn with your peers. Concordia Nebraska’s personalized career enhancement package also ensures you will receive the in-depth career support you need, for as long as you need it.

Human Resources Management Program Goals

Act as a trusted liaison between management and employees

Design a lean organizational structure that most efficiently uses human capital

Develop workplace policies in compliance with state and federal labor and anti-discrimination laws

Communicate workplace policies clearly and effectively to employees

Oversee the recruitment, interviewing, selection, and hiring of new employees

Develop compensation and benefits packages that attract top candidates while supporting the organization’s financial goals

Lead employee training and professional development efforts

Administer employee benefits and services

Mediate disputes and manage disciplinary procedures

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Human Resources Management MBA ConcentrationCourses

  • Total Credits 36
  • Total Courses 12
  • Course Length 8 weeks

The Human Resources Management MBA concentration program from Concordia University, Nebraska is designed to prepare you to plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of your organization, as well as serving as a link between your company's management and employees.

MBA Core

    MBA 525 Leadership And Organizational Behavior
    This course is designed to increase students’ effectiveness and skill in analyzing and understanding organizations and their attendant processes. Behavioral science concepts and theories are studied. Individual, group and structural behavior and concepts are presented. Special emphasis will be placed on the importance of leadership and communications.
    MBA 531 Effective Decision-Making and Communication
    This course enables students to understand the theories and processes by which people construct and interpret messages that influence attitudes and events. Individual and group interactions will explore the decision-making process within organizations. Students will reflect about the purpose and effects of decisions made in business, and examine the proper way to communicate these decisions.
    MBA 550 Strategic Marketing
    This course will focus on the development of decision-making skills for both effective and efficient marketing. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of marketing in strategic planning and the critical process components in the development of effective marketing strategies. Topics will include market segmentation, use of marketing research in decision-making, use of media and promotion, budgeting, and marketing program evaluation.
    MBA 505 Ethical And Legal Environment Of Business
    This course equips business leaders to analyze their own ethical philosophies and those of others in a diverse and global business environment and to apply those philosophies in creating proactive ethics programs and solving ethical issues in their organizations. Included in the course is a study of different ethical models being applied in the modern business environment of the global community and the challenges faced by Christians in this morally diverse environment. This course also introduces students to important legal challenges they will face in leadership roles in business organizations and how they should analyze relevant variables in those areas to make wise decisions. Areas such as the civil litigation process, contract law, torts, and employment law will be discussed to aid in the analysis of the ethical and legal environment of businesses.
    MBA 513 Accounting: Financial Analysis For Decision-Making
    This course studies the use of internal accounting systems for decision-making and control. Topics include the nature of costs, organizational architecture, responsibility accounting, budgeting, cost allocation theory and practices, and management accounting in a changing environment.
    MBA 551 Operations Management
    This course focuses on operations in both the manufacturing and service sectors. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing logistics to promote efficiency and overall quality. Topics include production planning, inventory management, statistical process control, project management, product design and lean manufacturing.
    MBA 530 Corporate Finance
    This course studies the function of finance and the flow of funds within the corporation. This course emphasizes financial analysis, decision-making, planning and controlling, capital acquisition and use, and strategic planning.
    MBA 508 Innovation and Business Model Generation in a Digital Age
    This course will look at cutting-edge theories and practices in the areas of design thinking, complex problem solving, new types of innovation models, perceptual mapping in marketing research, and generating new business models for early stage companies and corporate intrapreneurship. In looking at design thinking, students will be equipped to examine discontinuities in underserved markets and uncover opportunities ripe for exploitation. Innovation will be explored through cases from the perspectives of product manufacturers, service providers and prospective customers.

Human Resources Management Concentration

    MBA 617 Compensation Package Development and Administration
    This course focuses on how organizations integrate pay and benefits into compensation systems that can be used as strategic tools for improving the effectiveness of an organization. The factors impacting the ability to manage compensation packages will be examined including external competition, contributions by employees and consistency within the organization. Topics relating to pay systems will include constructing pay structures and pay for performance. Topics relating to benefits administration will cover both legally required programs and voluntary programs. Legally required programs topics will include worker compensation, unemployment, and social security. Voluntary programs topics will include administration of health and disability insurance and retirement plan administration.
    MBA 618 Legal Issues In Human Resources
    The purpose of this course is to provide the students with a comprehensive overview of the employment and labor laws that impact the human resources function. Emphasis is placed on applying employment and labor laws to develop programs that enable organizations to be proactive in meeting the needs of their employees and the organization by exploring alternative means to resolve workplace disputes, preventing litigation, and implementing and administering personnel policies in compliance with applicable laws. Employment Law topics will include the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ADA, OSHA and related laws that impact areas of the employment relationship including recruitment, accommodation, and evaluation. Labor Law topics will include the steps that lead to union formation, collective bargaining, work stoppage, many other facets of the National Labor Relations Act. Students will also gain formal experience in negotiation.
    MBA 619 Employee Training, Development, and Retention
    This course will explore the methods and connection of the training, development and retention of employees to an organization’s success. Training and Development topics will include connecting needs analyses with business objectives, designing of training programs using a variety of modalities to meet employee learning needs, and the delivery and assessment of training programs to assure the employees gain the skills and knowledge necessary to benefit the organization and their own professional growth. Retention topics will include the development of total reward strategies and designing a process to address employee professional and personal needs.

MBA Capstone

    MBA 690 Strategic Management
    This course is a culminating MBA degree course. Managers in today’s business environment must adapt and evolve to meet the technological and global pace of business. This course will provide the manager with the tools to successfully evaluate the internal and external environment and develop a strategic plan that is aligned with the goals of the organization and the needs of the market. Focus will be placed on the formation, implementation, and evaluation of strategic plans through a balance of readings, class discussion, case analysis and simulations. Students’ achievement of the MBA Program Goals will be measured.

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