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MBA Master's of Business Administration

36 credit hours
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100% online, 8-week courses

International Accreditation Council for Business Education

Live out your calling in an increasingly complex, globalized society and develop and strengthen your knowledge and skills to become an ethical leader in today’s business environment with Concordia University, Nebraska’s online MBA program. Through our master of business administration program, you will explore all aspects of business management and leadership to help you make sound decisions that will impact an organization’s success.

With courses designed and taught by experts in the field, Concordia Nebraska's online MBA focuses on helping you network among other professionals, share experiences and gain peer support. The nationally accredited degree program teaches advanced skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace, including:

· Managerial economics

· Corporate finance

· Strategic marketing

· Human resources management

· Accounting

· Leadership and organizational behavior

· Decision making and communication

· Strategic management

· Organization development

Concordia Nebraska's MBA program does not require GMAT scores for admission and features a flexible format that can be completed in 18 months.

The program uses open educational resources (OER) instead of traditional textbooks, giving you digital course materials that can be accessed at any time and that can save an estimated $2,000 in additional program costs. With OER, you have unlimited access to course materials that are available on a variety of devices in multiple formats, so you can engage more effectively with what you learn.

Concordia Nebraska's MBA program is committed to excellence and accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Master of Business Administration Courses

Concordia NebraskaMaster of Business Administration Core Concepts

Concordia University, Nebraska’s online MBA program teaches students how to become strong, dynamic leaders and managers who can adapt and evolve to the technological and global changes in the business world while making ethical decisions from a Christian perspective.

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain hands-on experience working directly with an entrepreneur, non-profit or small business to help them develop solutions for marketing or operations issues.

Students will explore the decision-making process within organizations and how to properly communicate decisions

Students will understand organizations and their attendant processes, along with individual, group and structural behavioral concepts

Students will study how to be an effective manager and will study how to adapt and evolve to meet the technological and global pace of business

Program Goals


Compose responses to ethical issues that incorporate standards of ethical behavior and align with a Christian perspective 


Demonstrate proficiency in written and oral business professional communication 


Utilize technology and appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods to support strategic decision making


Demonstrate comprehensive analysis skills by identifying problems, interpreting data, formulating and evaluating alternative options and supporting solutions in complex business situations 

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Master of Business Administration Faculty

As experts in MBA, our faculty and instructors bring years of experience to the classroom.

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