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As a student in the business certificate programs at Concordia Nebraska, you’ ll have the opportunity to take specialized courses related to various aspects of the business certificate profession. These classes, designed to equip you for leadership and service in various business certificate careers, are taught by some of our esteemed faculty who have extensive experience in their fields.

MBA 617
Compensation Package Development and Administration 3 credits
This course focuses on how organizations integrate pay and benefits into compensation systems that can be used as strategic tools for improving the effectiveness of an organization. The factors impacting the ability to manage compensation packages will be examined including external competition, contributions by employees and consistency within the organization. Topics relating to pay systems will include constructing pay structures and pay for performance. Topics relating to benefits administration will cover both legally required programs and voluntary programs. Legally required programs topics will include worker compensation, unemployment, and social security. Voluntary programs topics will include administration of health and disability insurance and retirement plan administration.
MBA 651
Introduction to Business Analytics 3 credits
Business analytics uses data sources and statistical techniques to generate valuable information used in business decision making and project management. This course provides an overview of business analytics processes. Students develop an understanding of the role of analytics in project management, business strategy, information management, and big data technology. Privacy, ethics, and data governance issues are also addressed.
MBA 629
Creating and Leading Effective Teams 3 credits
This course provides students with the skills needed to successfully lead teams to achieve goals and objectives by fostering team cohesiveness, collaboration, and effective communication. Topics include the internal and external factors that impact team performance, including proper assessment of individual strengths, efficient team structure, identification of cultural and language issues, problem solving, and the development of a team culture that promotes high performance and innovation.
MBA 619
Employee Training, Development, and Retention 3 credits
This course will explore the methods and connection of the training, development and retention of employees to an organization’s success. Training and Development topics will include connecting needs analyses with business objectives, designing of training programs using a variety of modalities to meet employee learning needs, and the delivery and assessment of training programs to assure the employees gain the skills and knowledge necessary to benefit the organization and their own professional growth. Retention topics will include the development of total reward strategies and designing a process to address employee professional and personal needs

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Online Business Certificate ProgramsSample Schedule of Courses

The following sample course of study is an example of the sequence of courses you might take in order to receive your degree. Please plan to discuss your actual course of study with your advisor, who can help you stay on track to meet your academic and professional goals.

Human Resources Management Certificate
MBA 617
Compensation Package Development and Administration 3 cr.
MBA 618
Legal Issues In Human Resources 3 cr.
MBA 619
Employee Training, Development, and Retention 3 cr.
9 Total Credits
Project Management Certificate
MBA 651
Introduction to Business Analytics 3 cr.
MBA 614
Business Analysis and Modeling Using Financial Statements 3 cr.
MBA 527
Project Management 3 cr.
9 Total Credits
Leadership Certificate
MBA 629
Creating and Leading Effective Teams 3 cr.
MBA 631
Business Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 3 cr.
MBA 632
Cross Cultural Management 3 cr.
9 Total Credits
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