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9 credit hours
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100% online 

International Accreditation Council for Business Education 

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6 months

Lead Yourself to A Brighter Future with Top-Tier Support. 

Making your best first impression is a valuable opportunity in business. Set yourself apart from the start with a graduate certificate in business administration from Concordia University, Nebraska. We strive to offer one of the most innovative graduate business certificate programs in the country. Our curriculum can equip you with the skills you need in project management, business data analysis, negotiation and conflict resolution to stand out to employers, clients and colleagues alike as a business leader on the rise.

At Concordia Nebraska, you are our core focus. Our affordable business administration graduate certificate program is divided into easily digestible, eight-week courses that you can take completely online. This way you can level up your business leadership skills at a pace that fits your life. You’ll have the support of distinguished professors and mentor peers all along the way. As one of the nation’s leading Lutheran universities, we ground our graduate program curriculum in a foundation of Christian ethics, developing skilled, principled graduates. Come study, earn your business administration graduate certificate and grow with us.

Best of all, if you decide to continue on your path toward an MBA degree, your certificate courses count as class credit, helping you complete your MBA as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Business Administration Graduate Certificate Program Highlights 

Concordia University, Nebraska’s graduate certificate in business administration program is designed to help you level up in your field with advanced knowledge of business analytics and leadership and management strategies. In just six months, you can earn a graduate business certificate and be ready to take the next step up in your workplace or career. See how our business administration graduate certificate stands out:

A graduate certificate in business administration with value(s): Earn your certificate at one of the graduate business certificate programs most committed to recognizing Christ’s role in guiding leaders with strong principles. All Concordia Nebraska courses incorporate Lutheran values and ethics into their teachings.

Choose your focus: Business is a broad field and, depending on your career goals, you may want to focus your studies in one particular area of business administration. We offer graduate business certificate programs in three concentrations: leadership, human resources and project management.

Learn your way: Through our entirely online program, you can work at your own pace from the comfort of your home. We strive to be flexible and honor your many callings and commitments in life during your study while also striving to stretch, challenge, inspire and equip you to thrive as a business leader, now and in the future.

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Meet the Faculty for Your Graduate Business Certificate

Our professors inform the education in our certificate programs with a strong commitment to exemplifying Lutheran values.

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Graduate Business Certificate Careers

A graduate certificate in business can enhance your appeal to employers in a competitive job market. Depending on your fields of interest and your past experience, you may qualify for a managerial role within a local business or organization. With a graduate certificate in business administration from Concordia Nebraska, you can pursue work in business leadership, project management or human resources.

  • Accounting business graduate certificate program: Build a foundation that can help prepare you to take the CPA exam and become an inspiring and highly skilled business leader. The accounting business certificate is available as a stand-alone program or courses can be applied towards an MBA with the accounting concentration.
  • Human resources business graduate certificate program: Gain insights and experience that could help you perform better on the certified professional and senior certified professional exams administered by the Society of Human Resource Management. The human resources business certificate is available as a stand-alone program or courses can be applied towards an MBA with the human resources concentration.
  • Marketing business graduate certificate program: Explore design elements, current technology and techniques for improving your marketing strategies. The marketing business certificate is available as a stand-alone program or courses can be applied towards an MBA with the marketing concentration.
  • Nonprofit management business graduate certificate program: Serve as a leader in your nonprofit organization with an educational experience that prepares you to challenge, inspire and equip your team. The nonprofit management business certificate is available as a stand-alone program or courses can be applied towards an MBA with the nonprofit management concentration.
  • Project management business graduate certificate program: Develop skills and knowledge that could be helpful when taking the project management professional exam administered by the Project Management Institute. The project management business certificate is available as a stand-alone program or courses can be applied towards an MBA with the project management concentration. 

Online Graduate Certificate in Business Administration Program Curriculum 

When you study at Concordia Nebraska to earn your graduate certificate in business administration, you’ll receive a well-rounded education in the essentials that drive the growth of successful businesses. The majority of your classes will align with your chosen concentration, but you can expect to achieve significant outcomes essential to any business area by the time you earn your graduate business certificate. These outcomes include:

  • Effective leadership of diverse teams, including managing negotiations and resolving conflict with tact and grace
  • Command of the core aspects of project management, particularly in the art of determining the future financial health of an organization via financial statements and in generating quality analytical data for management 
  • Well-versed knowledge of employment and labor regulations as well as the various strategies for compensation, training and retention that contribute to fiscal success

Online Graduate Certificate in Business Administration Goals at Concordia Nebraska

The graduate business certificate programs at Concordia Nebraska will prepare you to apply new knowledge in business analysis and leadership strategies to prove yourself as a future business leader. Our graduate business certificate is designed to enable you to step confidently into the marketplace as someone with the skills to lead any organization to greater success. This graduate business certificate program will equip you to:


Respond to ethical issues that incorporate standards of ethical behavior and align with a Christian worldview


Show proficiency in written and oral business professional communication


Demonstrate comprehensive analysis skills by identifying problems, formulating and evaluating alternative options, interpreting data and supporting solutions in complex business situations


Use technology and appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods to support strategic decision-making

Concordia NebraskaOnline Graduate Business Certificates FAQs

Financial Aid for Our Online Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Looking for an affordable place to earn an outstanding graduate business certificate? Concordia Nebraska is one of the more affordable private Lutheran colleges in the country, with tuition rates that often stay competitive with those of public colleges. We offer a variety of merit- and need-based financial aid options for students.

Programs Related to the Online Graduate Certificate in Business at Concordia Nebraska

Our business administration graduate certificate will give you the tools you need to get on a management track, and it can set you apart in the job market. However, many high-level positions in the business field require an MBA. If you become interested in pursuing executive-level positions in business, you can transfer the nine credits from this graduate certificate into our MBA program. 

Through our master’s degree program, you can explore all aspects of business management and leadership, helping you make the sound decisions that are key to an organization’s success.


Explore the MBA

Live out your calling in an increasingly complex, globalized society and develop and strengthen your knowledge and skills to become an ethical leader in today’s business environment with Concordia University, Nebraska’s online MBA program. Through our master of business administration program, you will explore all aspects of business management and leadership to help you make sound decisions that will impact an organization’s success.

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