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As a student in the educational technology certificate program at Concordia Nebraska, you’ll have the opportunity to take specialized courses related to various aspects of educational technology.

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Educational Technology Certificate Courses

Our certificate in Educational Technology offers proven courses in which you can utilize your own classroom experience and develop a network of grace-filled peers and mentors to help you succeed in class and after you’ve received your certificate. 

EDUC 506
Integrating Technology into the Classroom
This course is designed to provide candidates with an understanding of the role of technology in the 21st century classroom. Candidates will explore current research, design models, tools, and instructional strategies that support the use of technology to enhance teaching, learning, and assessment. Candidates will be expected to use course information to design an instructional unit that effectively integrates technology as a tool for enhancing the learning environment.
EDUC 670
Technology in Assessment and Instructional Improvement
This course is designed to provide educators with an overview of the uses of technology to improve instruction and assessment. Candidates will chose a current technology used in a specific learning environment and analyze and evaluate its effectiveness within instruction and assessment including practical classroom use and staff development for the particular technology. Candidates will then research and make recommendations on how the particular technology could be integrated most effectively to increase teacher understanding, enhance student learning and contribute to school improvement.
EDUC 671
Using Technology to Build Effective Online Learning Communities
This course will explore the characteristics of online learners, creating an effective online learning environment, developing cognitive, social, and teaching presence, and a comparison of andragogy vs pedagogy teaching and learning strategies.
EDUC 672
Best Practice in Integrating Technology into Curriculum and Instructional Design
The focus of the course will include the integration of technology and technical resources and tools into curriculum areas for instructional improvement; aligning content and technology standards to curriculum; research and best practice in implementing educational technology in curriculum design, taking on a leadership role in planning for technology integration in school improvement programs and policy design; and the development of appropriate learning opportunities for staff. Theory will be linked to real-life Problem, utilizing a variety of active learning exercises.
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