Musical Arts Day

Annual High School Honor Band and Honor Choir

A special event for high school students and their parents

Each year some of the best vocal and instrumental high school musicians audition for the opportunity to work with Concordia's music department students and faculty in clinics and rehearsals during the university's Musical Arts Day. The closing evening concert features performances by the high school honor choir and band, selected soloists, and members of Concordia's University A Cappella Choir and University Symphonic Band.

"Musical Arts Day is a unique experience for high school musicians," explained Dr. Kurt von Kampen, A Cappella Choir director.  "Not only do singers and instrumentalists receive a day full of high energy, focused rehearsing and performing, but also they have the chance to meet new friends from across the country. It is a highlight of our year in the music department and, for the students, it is a tremendous opportunity for musical growth and making new friends."

Applications for 2015

Concordia University will host its next honor band and honor choir day Friday, Oct. 30, 2015. High school students are invited to apply for admission to this exciting event on the campus of Concordia University, Nebraska. Applications for honor band and honor choir day at Concordia needed by Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Requirements for Application

  1. Prepare a video recording with the following:
      • First and last name clearly spoken on the recording
      • Name of high school and director
      • What to Audition
        • Choir – choose a song that you feel demonstrates your singing strengths.
        • Band – perform an instrumental piece that you feel best demonstrates your abilities (e.e. solo piece, unaccompanied etude, excerpt from current band music)
  2. Complete the application form, below.

Submit Your Video Recording

  • Record yourself singing or playing your instrument on your smart phone or tablet. Only need one song – around one minute video. Be sure to say your name on the video.
  • Email audition to as an attachment:
  • Text to:
  • Have someone video record yourself and post the video to YouTube. Be sure you make the video “unlisted” so we can view it. Make sure you say your name on the video.
  • Videotape your audition on DVD and mail it to Concordia. Say your name on the video recording.

    Mail to:
    Concordia University
    Department of Music
    800 N. Columbia Ave.
    Seward, NE 68434

The Department of Music at Concordia looks forward to listening to your auditions and the chance to work with you this fall. If you have further questions please contact us at 800-535-5494, ext. 7282, or

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