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Educational partnership benefits students of Concordia University, Nebraska, Central Community College

Friday, Oct. 28, 2016

Students will soon have the opportunity to benefit from a new partnership between Concordia University, Nebraska, and Central Community College. The presidents of the two institutions signed an official partnership to solidify financial and educational commitments of their new partnership, effective immediately.

Concordia President Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich said a partnership with Central provides scholarship and financial aid opportunities for CCC graduates. “Concordia and Central already have a long history of supporting each other’s efforts to provide excellent educational opportunities for Nebraska’s students. We are pleased to craft that partnership in a way that helps CCC students put a bachelor’s degree from a Lutheran, private university within reach.”

“We are pleased to continue and expand our collaboration with Concordia in offering additional opportunities for CCC graduates to obtain an affordable, high quality education at a prestigious private university,” said Dr. Greg Smith, president of CCC. “Concordia has been very generous in offering a transfer program that will make a bachelor’s degree attainable for CCC graduates with limited financial resources. Working together, Concordia and CCC can make this agreement a model for similar efforts throughout Nebraska.”

Graduates of CCC who have earned an associate degree and who choose to enroll full-time at Concordia will be awarded no less than $15,000 annually in institutional aid as they pursue their bachelor’s degree at Concordia. In addition, those students will receive a New Horizons Scholarship of $2,000 that stacks incrementally with all other Concordia grants and academic or performance scholarships.

“While many Central students will qualify for aid packages larger than $15,000, the Central Partnership Guarantee ensures that they will receive a significant amount of financial help toward their four-year degree,” said Friedrich. “We are also pleased to offer the $2,000 scholarship on top of their other aid, making it that much easier to explore the new horizons that will be available to these students with a bachelor’s degree from Concordia.” 

Both the Partnership Guarantee and New Horizons Scholarship are renewable annually if students remain in good academic standing at Concordia with a 2.0 GPA or higher.

The two institutions agree that students who satisfactorily complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree at Central will have completed all general education requirements at Concordia with the exception of religion and theology credits (nine credit hours).

Transfer students will be required to complete a minimum of 30 post-associate degree semester hours at Concordia University, Nebraska and will then be awarded a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from Concordia University, Nebraska, upon meeting academic requirements.

Dr. Jenny Mueller-Roebke, provost at Concordia University, Nebraska, said, “Transferring from Central to Concordia allows students in Nebraska an opportunity to experience a quality private education that will prepare them not only for enhanced career opportunities, but also for life. Our professors are dedicated to enriching students’ lives with engaging programs that prepare our graduates for professional, personal and spiritual success, and now more students from right here in Nebraska can more conveniently receive that kind of educational experience close to home.”

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