On-Campus Jobs

POSITION: Video Production

Office:  Marketing
Hours: Varies, 20 hrs/week maximum (Employment for 2nd Semester Academic Year 2014-2015. Would like the opportunity to continue employment for a few academic years.) Position requires day and night availability.

Pay:  $8.00/hr                                                                                                    

Description: This position supports the marketing and communications office and will primarily work under the video producer and multimedia developer to capture footage of various athletic events and edit said footage for any needed marketing content. The student will also assist with any other video needs the marketing office deems necessary. Typical duties include: using DSLR cameras, using various camera equipment, attending athletic events on weekdays and weekends, and editing using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Qualifications: Ability to work independently, keen interest in athletics and athletic media, knowledge of photography terms and basics, knowledge of video production basics, knowledge and familiarity with DSLR cameras, knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, and ability to take creative direction.

To Apply:  Fill out an 'On-Campus Student Employment Application' and drop off at Weller 208, or email Aaron.

Contact: Aaron Nix at 402-643-7387 or Aaron.Nix@cune.edu

(Updated 01/09/2015)

Position: Concordia Diplomat (Application deadline each year in early April for the next fall) 

Hours/week: Varies (available in 1 hour time slots over the lunch hour is a plus)
Description: Greet visiting students and their families, give them a tour of campus and take them to lunch, while sharing your CUNE experiences.
Skills/Qualifications: Exceptional speaking skills and ability to relate well to different type of people required. Must be welcoming, outgoing, eager to share your CUNE experiences with others, have the desire to give visitors a positive Concordia visit. Ability to memorize facts about Concordia and integrate your own personal Concordia stories is also required. Sophomores-seniors preferred.
Contact: Aaron Roberts in the Admissions Office at 402-643-7394 or Aaron.Roberts@cune.edu

Application: Download the application

Position: Overnight Host

Office:  Admission
Hours: Varies
Pay:  See below
Description: Show a prospective student what the life of a Concordia student is like by housing them overnight.
Special Skills/Qualifications:  Relates well to all different types of people, welcoming, outgoing, eager to share your CUNE experience with others, willing to take prospective students to on-campus and other events, can accommodate a 3rd person in your dorm room. Your roommate must also be comfortable with having your guests overnight in the dorm room. Sophomores-seniors preferred. Overnight hosts are not paid an hourly wage--you will receive a $20 Wal-Mart Gift Card for hosting a prospective student overnight.
Contact:  Lynne Kumm at 402-643-7233 or Lynne.Kumm@cune.edu

Position: Driver

Department: Human Resources/Student Payroll
Pay: $8.00 per hour
Lincoln Airport (approximately 1-1/2 hours)
Omaha Airport (approximately 3 hours)
Description: The Student Employment Office is looking for students who would like to be on a list for various CUNE departments who request student drivers.
Requirements: Must be 20 years of age, have a valid driver's license and a good driving record.
Contact: Please apply at the Student Employment office, Weller-102 or by email studentemployment@cune.edu (Updated 5/06/2013)