Beat those blues! Coping with symptoms of seasonal depression

Published by Kathleen von Kampen 1 year ago on Mon, Nov 9, 2020 11:42 AM


Otherwise known as the “winter blues,” seasonal depression and its symptoms are familiar to many people that struggle to adjust to shorter days, loss of sunshine, and cold and blistery weather conditions.  Symptoms of SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, can range from sadness to fatigue, as well as excessive sleep, and loss of interest in activities that one usually enjoys.  Add these symptoms to an ongoing pandemic and it’s reasonable to expect there may be a larger percentage of people that struggle this winter to beat the blues.  Here are 5 easy self-care habits to incorporate this winter, provided by the Crisis Text Line:

  1. Go outside at least once a day; exposure to sunlight (or an artificial equivalent) is one of the most helpful tools for seasonal symptoms
  2. Keep making plans with people; even if this requires a phone call or video chat, staying connected is important
  3. Protect your sleep; maintain good sleep habits throughout the winter, which will also help maintain your daily routines and patterns
  4. Hydrate; fill that water bottle and keep drinking!
  5. Maintain your physical health; whether it’s a daily walk or yoga session, keep moving your body daily to reap the benefits through the winter


Photo by Lucien Lumumba on Unsplash

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