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Spectrums of Communication

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Katie Benkendorf

Frohna, Missouri
From when I first visited Concordia, I could tell there was a really great culture of support and community.

Katie Benkendorf’s college career has been a journey of community and communication. “From when I first visited Concordia, I could tell there was a really great culture of support and community. That’s kind of what drew me here in the first place.” 

Katie began her college career as a music education major with a minor in English. “There were different facets of music education that I liked, but I eventually realized that teaching wasn’t really for me.” Katie found herself wanting to delve deeper into the topics themselves. “I’ve never felt super confident in my ability to talk to people, so I’ve usually found myself resorting to other forms of communication, like writing and music. I believe these things can communicate a different and sometimes broader spectrum of emotions, which is what caused me to delve deeper and really endeavor to understand those topics better.” 

Katie is now double majoring in English and music and is finding the depth of these majors both challenging and exciting. “I’m really enjoying learning the gears and cogs of everything. It’s important information to learn, but at the same time, it’s a lot to take in all at once. It’s something I’ve had to work a little harder at, but it’s worth it.” 

Katie has found the difficult parts of her classes more bearable because of the relationships she has formed at Concordia. “Coming to college has made me realize that I’m much more of a people person than I previously thought. When God made Adam, he didn’t design him to be alone. I eventually realized that I’m not designed to be alone either and being able to communicate and have relationships with people around you are extremely important.” 

Katie calls for others to realize the importance of relationships as they begin their journey at college. “People need people and the community of people you’re surrounded by at Concordia is just so special. If you find yourself sitting alone in your dorm room during first semester, you just have to reach out. There’s an amazing culture of support here at Concordia, but you can’t fully appreciate it unless you experience it for yourself.”