2018 Student Art Exhibition on display at the Marxhausen Gallery of Art

Published by Concordia University, Nebraska 5 years ago on Thu, Mar 29, 2018 10:15 AM
Concordia students participate in annual adjudicated exhibit.

The best of Concordia University, Nebraska students’ artwork, as judged by Concordia’s full-time art faculty, are on display at the Marxhausen Gallery of Art from April 2 through April 13. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

An opening reception will be held from 1-4 p.m., Tuesday, April 10 with an awards presentation at 2 p.m. in the Marxhausen Gallery of Art.

Art majors are required to enter their work to be judged. If accepted, their artwork is displayed in the gallery and will be eligible for monetary awards. Five endowed scholarships are among the awards. First and second-year art majors must submit five works of any type of art. Third and fourth-year students must enter seven pieces. If desired, students are able to sell their art during and after the exhibition.

“The Annual Student Art Exhibition is a spring tradition for the university’s art community and an opportunity for the Department of Art to showcase our student’s talent," said Don Robson, professor of art at Concordia. “The reception is a time for celebration and is always well attended by students, professors, family and friends.”

The exhibit is open to the public and free of charge. The Marxhausen Gallery is located in Jesse Hall and is open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday–Friday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday while classes are in session.

Concordia students with artwork selected for exhibition include (alphabetical by state, city, last name):


Emma Dannehl, junior, Bertrand, Neb.

Paighton Barbre, freshman, Columbus, Neb.

Cynthia Campbell, senior, Columbus, Neb.

Jade Rowe, sophomore, Cozad, Neb.

Hanna Blaser, freshman, Denton, Neb.

Sam Sisco, freshman, David City, Neb.

Brittany Arent, sophomore, Elkhorn, Neb.

Claire Flood, freshman, Firth, Neb.

McKenna Kaskie, freshman, Grand Island, Neb.

Kathie Nguyen, junior, Grand Island, Neb.

Allison Pinkall, sophomore, Gretna, Neb.

Cody Williams, freshman, Imperial, Neb.

Evan Hayden, sophomore, Kearney, Neb.

Malena Goldenstein, freshman, Kenesaw, Neb.

Courtney Kuehn, sophomore, Kenesaw, Neb.

Leah Guenther, junior, Lincoln, Neb.

Emma Jacoby, junior, Lincoln, Neb.

Hannah Sain, junior, Lincoln, Neb.

Hannah Rose, senior, Louisville, Neb.

Marissa Fuchser, sophomore, Malcolm, Neb.

Jessica Wang, sophomore, Milford, Neb.

Kassidy Grosserode, freshman, Neligh, Neb.

Bailey Kraemer, sophomore, Norfolk, Neb.

Brooke Gettman, sophomore, Norfolk, Neb.

Shanda Fujan, sophomore, Oakland, Neb.

Evan Asche, sophomore, Omaha, Neb.

Kendall Ludwick, freshman, Omaha, Neb.

Aaron Carlson, freshman, Papillion, Neb.

Kyra Kennedy, sophomore, Purdum, Neb.

Rosa Gonzales, senior, Schuyler, Neb.

Megan Boye, sophomore, Seward, Neb.

Hayli Frosheiser, junior, Seward, Neb.

Clara Heinicke, freshman, Seward, Neb.

Emmiline Moll, senior, Seward, Neb.

Zachary Moll, junior, Seward, Neb.

Jessica Orwen, junior, Seward, Neb.

Miranda Stamm, sophomore, Seward, Neb.

Sydney van der Heijden, freshman, Seward, Neb.

Grace Woodburn, junior, York, Neb.


Sophie Thorsen, sophomore, Huntsville, Ala.


Allise Loomis, junior, Centennial, Colo.

Savannah Dietz, sophomore, Denver, Colo.

Hope Martin, junior, Denver, Colo.

Everett Elder, freshman, Greeley, Colo.


Joshua Corley, freshman, Marietta, Ga.


Chelsea Wohlgemuth, junior, Alton, Iowa

Sarah Johnson, senior, Carlisle, Iowa

Jacy Embray, sophomore, Glenwood, Iowa


Sarah Grimm, senior, Leonidas, Mich.


Alyssa Hanson, junior, Faribault, Minn.

Micah Symmank, sophomore, Saint Paul, Minn.

Sarah Johnson, freshman, Waconia, Minn.


Rebekah Hinrichs, freshman, Gladstone, Mo.

Jordyne Vanselow, sophomore, Greenwood, Mo.

Kelly Snader, junior, Higginsville, Mo.


Luke Comstock, junior, Bigfork, Mont.


McKenzie Gravo, sophomore, Henderson, Nev.

New York

Liselette Engler, senior, Amherst, N.Y.


Liliana Barrientos, freshman, El Paso, Texas

Taylor Rankel, junior, Spring, Texas