National Lutheran Schools Week: Making Children Disciples for Life

Published by Danielle Luebbe 1 week ago on Mon, Jan 23, 2023 7:39 AM

How would your younger self react to seeing you now? Would they be proud? Frightened? Upset, maybe? Though we may not interact with children on a daily basis, we can still be role models to everyone around us. You never know who you might influence, and young children are present many of the places you go. You never know what impact you will have on them. What may seem like a small interaction or even a passing moment in public can be very influential to them.

The translation of Christian means “little Christ” and comes from the Greek word Christianos. We are called to follow Christ’s example and strive to be like Him. This is not so we can be “perfect people,” but instead so we may influence those around us. With His actions of salvation and love, those we influence can also sometimes be young impressionable minds.

At heart, we are all young children of God, but sometimes influencing these young people can be the most monumental. Have you ever thought about why we have children's messages or even keep young people in church? Even Jesus calls for the youth to hear His word in Luke 18. This is why Lutheran schools are so monumental. We must celebrate and be proud of our Lutheran schools, and assist them whenever possible. Children must learn about Christianity, just like those children so long ago in Luke 18:15-17. Try thinking about how you personally can help children become disciples of Jesus in your own families, communities or schools.

Sometimes we can also take a step back and connect with our inner children and throw away the complexities of age. When was the last time you genuinely listened to a children's message? Or when was the last time you reread some classic bible stories like Noah's Ark or David and Goliath? Sometimes we forget that we do not know it all (especially as college students). By taking ourselves down to the level of children, we can build the foundation necessary for a relationship with Christ. By recalling what it is like to be a small child, we can see Jesus calling us to himself. We can see ourselves being attentive to Jesus even as He was when He gave us his lasting love.

Kayla Loesche

Kayla Loesche

St. Louis, Missouri

Sophomore, K-8 Art Education