Concordia Theatre Presents: Twelfth Night

Published by Brooke Lange 1 year ago on Tue, Nov 8, 2022 2:26 PM


Concordia University Nebraska performed three showings of Twelfth Night from October 28-October 30.  

The play follows twins Viola and Sebastian, who were separated in a shipwreck. Each thinks the other has drowned. While Viola is stranded in Illyria, she chooses to disguise herself as a man, Cesario. Eventually, Sebastian, who is still alive, ends up in Illyria, while Viola is still dressed as Cesario. Multiple cases of mistaken identity and various love entanglements are carried throughout this comedy. 

This was Concordia’s first full length Shakespearean play since 2013. With a plot that is complex as this one, Bryan Moore, Director of Concordia’s theatre program, knew that he would have his hands full. But he felt it was a worthy undertaking. “This summer, I rediscovered how Shakespeare’s plays could be applicable and engaging to our current audiences and situations,” said Moore.  

The play succeeded in that regard. While acting as your sibling is not completely common, life is full of confusing love triangles, mixed signals and uncomfortable situations.  

The actors made that reality accessible by appropriate vocal inflection and a deep understanding of the roles, and clever, occasionally boisterous physical comedy. Moore acknowledged this. “Shakespeare’s language and storylines can take more effort to follow and understand. The students learned the importance of taking more time to understand what was being said and how it should be presented, so we can share the story as clearly as possible to our audience.”   

There was also significant thought put into the placement of the characters. "Shakespeare doesn’t have any stage directions, except for “enter” and “exit” so in the scenes where people are fighting each other, or running around and hiding behind things, that’s all stuff we came up with as the cast and crew,” said junior, Chloe Brown, who was stage manager of the production.  

“Overall, it was an excellent collaboration of the cast and crew,” said Moore.  


Cast and Crew for Twelfth Night includes: 


Nathan Leonard, senior, Topeka, Kan., playing Duke Orsino 

Colin Thuringer, sophomore, Sioux Falls, S.D., playing Valentine and Officer 

Sara Erickson, freshman, Omaha, Neb., playing Viola 

Michelle Hernandez, junior, Schuyler, Neb., playing Sea Captain, Officer, and other roles 

Hunter Remington, freshman, Bristow, Okla., playing Sir Toby Belch (and light design) 

 Faith Jonas, senior, Saint Louis, Mo., playing Maria 

Adam Prince, junior, O’Fallon, Mo., playing Sir Andrew Aguecheek 

Haley Compton, senior, Papillion, Neb., playing Feste 

Elizabeth Ascher, sophomore, Sioux, Falls, S.D., playing Olivia 

Laura Hellwege, senior, Edmonton, Alberta, Malvolio 

Micah Henschen, sophomore, Bancroft, Neb., Antonio 

Owen Anson, freshman, Staplehurst, Neb., Sebastian  

Harley Storie, sophomore, Valley Park, Mo., Fabian and Attendant  



Chloe Brown, junior, Concordia, Mo., Assistant Director/ Stage Manager AND Props 

Alexa Hatcher,  Costume Design 

Tiffany Hovendick, Scene Design  

Rebekah Guilford, senior, Lincoln, Neb., Music Composition 

Robert Olson, Scenery Crew Head Supervisor 

Eleanor Clausing, junior, Seward, Neb., Lead Scenery Technician 

Ernest Clausing, freshman, Seward, Neb., Lead Scenery Technician  

Esther Langness, junior, Englewood, Colo., Lead Scenery Technician  

Anne Aschmann, sophomore, Seward, Neb., Costumes, Hair & Makeup 

Lydia Eliason, sophomore, Grand Island, Neb., Costumes, Hair & Makeup  

Julie Oetting, sophomore, Belvidere, Ill., Costumes, Hair & Makeup 

Kayla Korb, freshman, Burley, Idaho, Backstage Crew 

Hannah Kruse, freshman, Hutchinson, Minn., Sound Operator  

Parker Reece, sophomore, McCordsville, Ind., Light crew and board operator  


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