Concordia’s A Cappella Choir to Embark on 2024 Spring Tour

Published by Hope Nelson 2 months ago on Fri, Feb 16, 2024 7:58 AM

Concordia’s internationally acclaimed A Cappella choir will travel to Iowa, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Missouri on their 2024 spring tour from February 29-March 10.  

The group tours each year locally, throughout the United States, or abroad. This year’s tour will take them as far as the East Coast. It will conclude with home concerts at Christ Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, and St. John Lutheran Church in Seward, Nebraska.  

The choir regularly performs full-length concerts and participates in school assemblies and Sunday worship services. Their repertoire is diverse; features at each 2024 tour stop include compositions by Benjamin M. Culli, Philip W.J. Stopford, Hans Leo Hassler, Georg Gottfried Wagner, and more. The program also includes pieces by David von Kampen and Concordia adjunct professor of music, John Kosch.  

The choir is under the direction of Dr. Kurt von Kampen, chair of Concordia’s music department and professor of music. Von Kampen earned a bachelor’s degree in music from Concordia Nebraska, a master’s degree in choral conducting from Oakland University and a doctorate in choral music education from the University of Nebraska.  

The A Cappella choir’s tour program also features several student instrumentalists, including Thomas Schulteis (organ), Matthew Feusse (trumpet), Samuel Dunbar (trumpet, bass guitar), Jackson Munter (trombone), Joshua Jurchen (trombone), Timothy Mars (percussion), Ethan Gillespie (percussion), and Logan Walgate (cajon).  

Kirsten Horne (soprano I) and Naomi Faile (soprano I) will be featured as vocal soloists during two concert selections.  

Admission to concerts is free and free-will offerings will be collected at each concert to assist with tour costs.  



Thursday, February 29 

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Iowa City, Iowa 

7:00 p.m. concert 

Friday, March 1 

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Napoleon, Ohio 

7:00 p.m. concert 

Saturday, March 2 

First Trinity Lutheran Church, Tonawanda, N.Y.  

7:00 p.m. concert 

Sunday, March 3 

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Ridgewood, N.J.  

7:00 p.m. concert 

Monday, March 4 

Grace Lutheran Church, Mastic Beach, N.Y.  

7:00 p.m. concert 

Wednesday, March 6 

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, West Springfield, Va.  

7:00 p.m. concert 

Thursday, March 7 

Concordia Preparatory School, Towson, Md.  

2:00 p.m. assembly 

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Baltimore, Md.  

7:00 p.m. concert 

Friday, March 8 

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Canton, Ohio 

7:00 p.m. concert 

Saturday, March 9 

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, Ohio 

5:00 p.m. concert 

Sunday, March 10 

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, Ohio 

10:00 a.m. worship 

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Washington, Mo.  

7:00 p.m. concert 

Sunday, March 17

Christ Lutheran Church, Lincoln, Neb.

3:00 p.m. concert

St. John Lutheran Church, Seward, Neb.  

7:00 p.m. concert


Members of the A Cappella choir include:  


Sophia Ball, freshman, Worden, Ill.  

B.S. Education (Secondary) English 

Naomi Faile, freshman, Rome, Ga.  

B.Mus. Church Music 

Jordan Head, freshman, Hastings, Neb.  

B.Mus. Music Education 

Kirsten Horne, junior, Seward, Neb.  

B.A. Music (Vocal Performance), Classical Liberal Arts Minor 

Jessica Landrey, junior, Seward, Neb.  

B.A. Psychology, Behavioral Science 

McKenna McSpadden, senior, Parker, Colo.  

B.S. Education (Secondary) Social Sciences 

Isabella Schmid, junior, Rockford, Ill.  

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 



Aubrey Baumann, senior, Chester, S.D.  

B.S. Business Administration 

Keegan Beisel, sophomore, Seward, Neb.  

B.S. Spanish Education, LTD 

Carolyn Bromlow, freshman, Wichita, Kan.  

B.S. Business Communication 

Bethany Gebhardt, sophomore, Seward, Neb.  

B.S. Education (Elementary), LTD 

Emily Klemp, senior, Winona, Minn.  


Eliya Moldenhauer, sophomore, Madison, Ala.  

B.A. Biology, Pre-Nursing 

Kailyn Paul, freshman, Daykin, Neb.  

B.S. Science Education (Secondary) Agricultural Education, LTD 

Kathryn Rice, junior, Bellevue, Neb.  

B.Mus. Music Education, PEC 



Lillian Alwood, junior, Long Beach, Calif.  

B.A. Theology, Pre-Deaconess  

Lydia Armbrecht, junior, Williamsburg, Iowa 

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 

Miriam Ganoung, sophomore, Halsey, Neb.  

B.A. Environmental Science, Music Minor 

Anna Grass, senior, Seward, Neb.  

B.A. Music (Violin Performance), Computer Science 

Sadie Henson, junior, Herrin, Ill.  

B.A. Music, Classical Liberal Arts Major 

Ellie Lehr, sophomore, Omaha, Neb.  

B.S. Education (Elementary) 

Grace Miller, senior, Marysville, Kan.  

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 

Avery Rothert, sophomore, Kansas City, Mo.  

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 

Alina Sankey, freshman, Hayes Center, Neb.  

B.S. Education (Elementary), LTD 



Brianna Bianco, junior, Loveland, Colo.  

B.A. DCE and Theology 

Meredith Boster, sophomore, Fulshear, Texas 

B.S. Education (Secondary) History, Theology, LTD 

Gabrielle Krutsinger, senior, Imperial, Neb.  

B.A. Psychology, Music and Sociology Minors 

Abigail Merritt, junior, Wylie, Texas 

B.A. Classical Liberal Arts 

Tara Pester, freshman, Seward, Neb.  

B.S. Education (Middle Level), LTD 

Jenna Potratz, senior, Seward, Neb.  

B.S. Biology, Chemistry Minor 

Morgan Rohde, freshman, Fort Wayne, Ind.  

B.S. Education (Elementary), LTD, Music Concentration 

Rachel Smith, senior, Earlham, Iowa 

B.S. Psychology, Behavioral Science, Sports Psychology Minor 

Alannah Stahl, senior, Saginaw, Mich.  

B.A. Behavioral Science, Psychology, Spanish Minor 

Abigail Van Velson, senior, Seward, Neb. 

B.A. Psychology and Behavioral Science, Music Minor 



Gracin Hahn, sophomore, DeWitt, Neb.  

B.A. Music, Pre-Seminary 

Timothy Mars, junior, Cody, Wyo.  

B.Mus. Church Music 

Dylan Parker, sophomore, Fairfax, Va.  

B.A. Music 

Wyatt Swanson, sophomore, Seward, Neb.  

B.S. Marketing 

Logan Walgate, junior, St. Charles, Mo.  

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 

Caleb Zeckzer, senior, New Haven, Ind.  

B.A. Music, Pre-Seminary 



Timothy Baker, freshman, Poy Sippi, Wis.  

B.A. Music, Graphic Design Minor 

Samuel Dunbar, junior, Utica, Neb.  

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 

Matthew Guilford, sophomore, Lincoln, Neb.  

B.S. Education (Secondary), History and Theology 

John Merritt, senior, Plano, Texas 

B.S.N. Pre-Nursing 

Jackson Munter, junior, Ithaca, Neb.  

B.Mus. Music Education 

Hunter Remington, sophomore, Bristow, Okla.  

B.A. Music, Pre-Seminary 

Thomas Schulteis, senior, Parker, Colo.  

B.Mus. Church Music 



Jonathan Baumann, freshman, Chester, S.D.  

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 

Matthew Feusse, senior, Clearwater, Neb.  

B.Mus. Church Music 

Ian Fiala, sophomore, Seward, Neb.  

B.S. Education (Secondary) Spanish, LTD, ESL 

Ethan Gillespie, junior, Random Lake, Wis.  

B.Mus. Church Music 

Jonathan Grass, senior, Seward, Neb.  

B.A. Comprehensive Science Studies 

Sam Matthias, sophomore, Seward, Neb.  

B.A. Graphic Design 

Evan Moloney, freshman, Fort Wayne, Ind.  

B.S. Education (Secondary) History and Theology, LTD 

Daniel Oberdieck, senior, Lanesville, Ind. 

B.A. Theology, CEL, DCE 

Karsten Quinton, freshman, Pearland, Texas 

B.S. Education (Secondary) Physical Education and Theology, LTD 



Taylor Beal, freshman, Wichita, Kan.  

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 

Aaron Cumming, sophomore, Plano, Texas 

B.S. Computer Science, Pre-Seminary 

Sean Duffy, freshman, Kenesaw, Neb.  

B.S. Education (Secondary) English, LTD 

Joshua Jurchen, sophomore, Seward, Neb.  

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 

Nathaniel Mueller, senior, Austin, Texas 

B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Education (Secondary), LTD, Computer Science Minor 

Grant Rohde, sophomore, Reed City, Mich.  

B.S. Education (Secondary) Mathematics, LTD 

Cory Ruybalid, senior, Fremont, Neb.  

B.S. Business Administration, Communications and Marketing 

Joel Smith, sophomore, Earlham, Iowa 

B.S. Criminal Justice 

Colin Thuringer, junior, Sioux Falls, S.D.  

B.Mus. Music Education, LTD 

Robert Wagner, freshman, Elizabeth, Colo.  

B.S. Education (Secondary) Mathematics, LTD, Psychology Minor 

Soren Widmann, sophomore, Long Beach, Calif.  

B.A. Theology, Psychology Minor 

Micah Willweber, senior, Kailua, Hawaii 

B.S. Computer Science, Mathematics Minor