Concordia University, Nebraska confers degrees to May 2022 graduates

Published by Danielle Luebbe 4 months ago on Sat, May 7, 2022 12:50 PM
Concordia University, Nebraska conferred degrees to more than 400 undergraduate and graduate students on May 7.
Concordia University, Nebraska conferred degrees to more than 400 undergraduate and graduate students on May 7.

On May 7, Concordia University, Nebraska awarded undergraduate and graduate degrees to more than 400 graduates. The Class of 2022 was honored during undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremonies. 
At the ceremony, Concordia President Dr. Bernard Bull encouraged graduates to embrace opportunities with a combination of boldness and humility while using their gifts, talents and abilities to serve God and others. He reminded students to heed God’s call to learn and lead in the church and in the world, always seeking to serve with wisdom, clarity of conviction and character. 

“Graduates, you are a blessing from God. Even as so many have sought to invest in your education and faith formation these past years, you have blessed the Concordia community, and now you will embark on what God has in store for you next,” said Bull. “You are now and forever will be a Concordian, one who takes what you have learned in the classrooms, courts, fields, chapel, and beyond and uses all of that to be a blessing to those around you.” 

Dr. Kurt Senske, founder and principal of CEO-Board Services and 2022 recipient of a Concordia University, Nebraska doctor of laws degree, presented the commencement address. 

“We as Christians have a unique advantage,” said Senske. “We come to the starting line with a head start. This…is the value of a Christ-infused university education and living a Christ-filled life. Being a Christian allows us to look beyond our ego. It compels us to go beyond ourselves. It is the force behind what we do. It defines who we are. It provides our life with worth and meaning.” 

Senske encouraged graduates to keep Christ at the center of their lives, setting aside prevalent worldly messages and influences often found on social media and elsewhere. 

“With Christ in the center of our life, with us secure in the knowledge that our story eternally will never end, the pressure is off,” he added. “We are no longer constrained to be merely be successful in this life. Instead, we have the privilege of being called to be faithful.” 

Senske reminded graduates that times of suffering, hardship and disappointment are God-given opportunities to discover new purpose in life. He also pointed out that how we live each day and not what we do is what truly matters. 
“As Christians we are free to embrace the immense power that we receive when we become bold in our faith and actions,” said Senske. “I believe in the power of Concordia University. I believe in the power of each of you as graduates. I believe in the power of each one of us. Individually and collectively - beginning today - you, we, I, have the God-given opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we serve via our community, family, and profession.” 

Concordia University, Nebraska graduates earning degrees from Aug. 31, 2021, through Aug. 31, 2022 (listed in alphabetical order by state [exception: Nebraska first and international locations last], city and last name):  

Note: Appearance of a name in this news release is not an official acknowledgment of completion of the degree, certificate or diploma indicated.    



Shelby Jones, Ainsworth, Neb., B.A.  

David Ehrke, Alma, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Landon Walkenhorst, Arlington, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Rebekah Henschen, Bancroft, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Brandon Streeks, Bayard, Neb., B.A.  

Zachary Pinkerton, Beatrice, Neb., B.S.  

Cally Rogers, Bellevue, Neb., B.S.  

Kylie Wegner, Bellevue, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Kristina Tewes, Bennet, Neb., B.A.  

Nicole Darnold, Bennington, Neb., M.Ed.  

Grant Lammers, Blair, Neb., B.A.  

Jarod Reed, Blair, Neb., B.A.  

Lane Napier, Bruno, Neb., B.S.  

Thomas Young, Clarks, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Allison Story, Clay Center, Neb., B.A.  

Chase Hammons, Columbus, Neb., B.A.  

Juan Leon, Columbus, Neb., B.S.  

Cyrus Marshall, Columbus, Neb., B.S.  

Cassandra Montiel, Columbus, Neb., B.S.  

Grant Stadler, Columbus, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Jake Woodward, Cortland, Neb., B.A.  

Logan Adam, Crete, Neb., B.S.  

Camry Moore, Crete, Neb., B.S.  

Carter Kent, Crete, Neb., B.S.  

Bridgette Nichols, Crete, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Blake Sears, Crete, Neb., B.S.  

Klay Uher, Crete, Neb., B.S.  

Jonah Weyand, Crete, Neb., B.A.  

Garrett Schardt, Davenport, Neb., B.S.  

Hayley Denner, Diller, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Brynn Barnett, Doniphan, Neb., M.Ed.  

Andrew Lyons, Dwight, Neb., B.S.  

Stirling Tonniges, Ericson, Neb., B.S.  

Alia Hurst, Fairmont, Neb., B.S.  

Rebecca Coon, Farwell, Neb., M.H.A.  

Claire Flood, Firth, Neb., B.A., B.F.A.  

Garret Drews, Fremont, Neb., B.Mus.  

Autumn Johnson, Fremont, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Megan Klenke, Friend, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Jamey Broman, Geneva, Neb., B.S.  

Kaetlyn Todd, Gering, Neb., B.S.  

Sydni Kroll, Gibbon, Neb., B.S.  

Arleigh Costello, Gothenburg, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Madison Beran, Grand Island, Neb., B.S., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Gerard Dunning, Grand Island, Neb., B.A.  

Jadeyn Stutzman, Grand Island, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Sarah Sugita, Grand Island, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Chance Sterling, Gretna, Neb., B.S.  

Trenton Bruntz, Hastings, Neb., B.Mus.  

Hannah Mulligan, Hastings, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Tanner Wubbels, Hickman, Neb., B.S.  

Jordyn Hilyard, Holdrege, Neb., B.S.  

Jacee Pfeifer, Holdrege, Neb., B.A.  

Jayme Schroeder, Holdrege, Neb., M.Ed.  

Hunter Bartels, Imperial, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Abigail DeLoach, Kearney, Neb., B.A.  

Thomas Sosso, La Vista, Neb., B.A.  

Maccoy Menke, Lawrence, Neb., B.S.  

Ashley Pano, Lexington, Neb., M.A.  

Kayla Ernstmeyer, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Mackenzie Ferrel, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Haleigh Fitzsimmons, Lincoln, Neb., B.A., B.S.   

Gabrielle Geisert, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Jacob Glines, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Caleb Goldsmith, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Emma Grothaus, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Jill Hughes, Lincoln, Neb., M.A.  

Kimberly Hughes, Lincoln, Neb., M.A.  

Benjamin Javorsky, Lincoln, Neb., MBA  

Mackenzie Koepke, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.  

Jenna Kolcun, Lincoln, Neb., M.P.H.  

Logan Kreizel, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Katelyn Krejci, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Erin Maier, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Gabryelle Mason, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.  

Elisha Meyer, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.  

Cecilia Minchow, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.  

Thomas Otte, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Kelley Porter, Lincoln, Neb., MBA  

Nicholas Schaedel, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Ashley Stahnke, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Hayley Steinbauer, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.  

Jetta Tegeler, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.   

Michela Tongish, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Christian Wilke, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.  

Emily Wilson, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.  

Lukas Sollberger, Louisville, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Kayle Carlson, Malcolm, Neb., B.S.  

Sarah Lewis, Mason City, Neb., B.S.  

Naomy Snider, McCool Junction, Neb., B.S.  

Dylan Cookus, Milford, Neb., B.F.A.  

Anna Ramsdell, Milford, Neb., B.A.  

Kassidy Sloup, Neligh, Neb., B.F.A., B.S.Ed.  

Nicholle Blomenberg, Norfolk, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Josef Stevens, Norfolk, Neb., B.A.  

Luke Woltmann, Norfolk, Neb., B.A.  

Jayden Brosius, North Platte, Neb., B.S.  

Brayden Adams, Omaha, Neb., B.S.  

Kim Armstrong, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.  

Suzanne Boynton, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.  

Ashley DeBolt, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.  

Anne Dyke, Omaha, Neb., M.A.  

Marcel Hallaert, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.  

Avery Kesar, Omaha, Neb., B.Mus., LTD  

Jack Kitson, Omaha, Neb., B.S.  

Carole Kauffman, Omaha, Neb., M.P.H.  

Danielle Larsen, Omaha, Neb., B.A.  

Courtney Merryweather, Omaha, Neb., B.A.  

Rose Nigh, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Rylee Pauli, Omaha, Neb., B.A.  

Megan Sparling, Omaha, Neb., B.A.  

Jonah Wilson, Omaha, Neb., B.A.  

Katharine Young, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.  

Shayne Campbell, O'Neill, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Dorothy Cook, Papillion, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Maggie Cleveland, Petersburg, Neb., B.A.  

Jordyn Anderson, Plainview, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Keri Bauer, Pleasanton, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Taylor Zehendner, Pleasanton, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Kailey Weichel, Plymouth, Neb., B.A., B.S.  

Payton Stevens, Polk, Neb., B.S.  

Tannor Tobler, Ravenna, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Keaton Burgess, Red Cloud, Neb., B.A.  

Mario Ybarra, Scottsbluff, Neb., B.S.  

Kaylee Boyle, Scribner, Neb., B.S.  

Elisha Hartmann, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.   

Grace Lenz, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Regan Karel, Seward, Neb., B.A.  

Erich Kenow, Seward, Neb., B.S.  

John Myers, Seward, Neb., B.A.  

Makayla Oglevie, Seward, Neb., B.A.  

Kendra Placke, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Zachary Potratz, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Matthew Preuss, Seward, Neb., B.S.  

Josie Propst-Scholl, Seward, Neb., MBA  

Isabel Sermeno, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Natalie Sloup, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Avery Stillahn, Seward, Neb., B.S.  

Joshua Taylor, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Mika Taylor, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Taylor Wolter, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Ashley Eller-Emswiler, Shelby, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Sydney Smith, Shelby, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Janessa Brase, Staplehurst, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Jeana Brase, Staplehurst, Neb., B.A.  

Shelby Schaunaman, Staplehurst, Neb., B.Mus.  

Elisa Kurth, Stromsburg, Neb., B.A.  

Miranda Rosenkranz, Stromsburg, Neb., B.A.  

Cassandra Lopez-Flores, Sutton, Neb., B.A.  

Tori Homolka, Swanton, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Rebecca Higgins, Thedford, Neb., B.A., B.S.  

Brandon Timoney, Ulysses, Neb., B.S.  

Mady Payne, Utica, Neb., B.S.  

Shiloh Richters, Utica, Neb., B.S.  

Keziah Bruns, Waco, Neb., B.Mus., LTD  

Theresa Tvrdy, Wahoo, Neb., B.S.Ed.   

Elizabeth Gierke, Waverly, Neb., B.S.  

Rebecca Weddell, West Point, Neb., B.A.  

Kathryn Potter, Wilcox, Neb., B.S.  

Gabrielle Luehr, Wood River, Neb., B.A., B.S.  

Emily Niemeier, Worms, Neb. , B.F.A.  

Reegon Cast, York, Neb., B.S.Ed.  

Jason Hirschfeld, York, Neb., M.Ed.  

Jorre Luther, York, Neb., B.S.  

Kenna Miller, York, Neb., B.S.  

Dylan Rahder, York, Neb., B.S.  



Phyllis Burks-Hall, Birmingham, Ala., M.Ed.  

Derek Lovett, Birmingham, Ala., M.Ed.  



Aaron Christiansen, Palmer, Alaska, B.A.  

Kyndle Kirby, Palmer, Alaska, B.S.Ed.  

Mackenze Origer, Willow, Alaska, B.A.  



Keegan Hornung, Gilbert, Ariz., B.A.  

Olivia Proctor, Glendale, Ariz., B.A.  

Cynthia Almanza, Phoenix, Ariz., M.Ed.  

Ashley Rohm, Phoenix, Ariz., M.H.A  

Courtney Ross, Phoenix, Ariz., M.P.H.  



Porcia Agnew, Stuttgart, Ark., M.Ed.  



Lakeisha Waddis, Carson, Calif., M.Ed.  

Guadalupe Castaneda, El Cajon, Calif., M.Ed.  

Jesse Garcia, El Cajon, Calif., B.A.   

Nicholas Sandoval, Chula Vista, Calif., B.S.  

Tori Berru, Garden Grove, Calif., M.Ed.  

Abigail Michael-Almeida, Los Angeles, Calif., M.Ed.  

Jacob Flores, Los Angeles, Calif., B.A.  

Natasha Ryals, Los Angeles, Calif., M.Ed.  

Joe Arista, Merced, Calif., M.Ed.  

Kathleen Anderson, North Hills, Calif., M.Ed.  

Wyatt Hambly, Paso Robles, Calif., B.S.  

Christine Howard, Riverside, Calif., M.Ed.  

Martin Solano, Riverside, Calif., B.A.  

Madeline Haugen, San Diego, Calif., B.A.  

Matthew Holmes, San Diego, Calif., B.S.  

Meghan Molloy, San Diego, Calif., M.Ed.  

Cheyenne Smith, San Diego, Calif., B.S.  

Tiffany Muniz, San Francisco, Calif., M.P.H.  

Ruby Wong, Santa Cruz, Calif., M.Ed.  

Shane Whittaker, San Marcos, Calif., B.S.  

Lindann McPheeters, Santa Rosa, Calif., M.Ed.  

Elizabeth Bautista, Suisun, Calif., M.Ed. 



Jasmine Cody, Alamosa, Colo., B.S.  

Nicholas Cito, Arvada, Colo., B.S.  

Bethany Fuchs, Aurora, Colo., B.A.  

Zachary Walker, Broomfield, Colo., B.A., B.S.  

Ruth Moon, Clark, Colo., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Cade Kleckner, Colorado Springs, Colo., B.S.  

Gage Smith, Elizabeth, Colo., B.S.  

Zahra Naqvi, Englewood, Colo., M.Ed.  

Megan Hakes, Erie, Colo., B.A.  

Damien Stewart, Glenwood Springs, Colo., B.A.  

Carrie Black, Highlands Ranch, Colo., B.A.  

Ryan Holt, Highlands Ranch, Colo., B.S.  

Victoria Hatton, Holyoke, Colo., B.S.  

Joanna Thorman, Lakewood, Colo., B.Mus., LTD  

Wyatt Lehr, Lamar, Colo., B.A.  

Shaina Danile, Longmont, Colo., B.A., DCE  

Justin Wiersema, Loveland, Colo., B.A.  

Ashley Evans, Westminster, Colo., B.S.  



Heidi Snarsky, Milford, Del., M.Ed.  



Noah Fenton, Auburndale, Fla., B.A.  

Angelique Branch, Fort Meade, Fla., M.Ed.  

Joseph Bindl, Jacksonville, Fla., B.S.  

JoAnna Collins, Lakeland, Fla., M.Ed.  

Kelly Jacoby, Lakeland, Fla., M.Ed.  

Amanda Gearin, Milton, Fla., M.Ed.  

Wynant Watty-Benjamin, Orlando, Fla., M.Ed.  

Eillin Tucciarone, Oviedo, Fla., M.Ed.  

Jacob Anderson, Palm Coast, Fla., B.A.  

Antoinette Dixon, Pensacola, Fla., M.Ed.  

LaVinia Gray, St. Johns, Fla., M.Ed.  

Amy Colleran, West Palm Beach, Fla., M.Ed.  



Cameron Gray, Atlanta, Ga., B.S.  

Krisdolyn Moore, Atlanta, Ga., M.Ed.  

Ashlee Long, Kathleen, Ga., B.S.  

Matthew Kamm, Monroe, Ga., B.S.  

Gracie Griffin, Warner Robins, Ga., B.S.Ed., LTD  



Abigail Aplaca, Waipahu, Hawaii, B.S.  



Jillien Eijckelhof, Boise, Idaho, M.Ed.  

Karen Nichols, Emmett, Idaho, M.Ed.  



Alicia Brock, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.  

Andre Martin, Chicago, Ill., M.P.H.  

Azline Owens, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.  

Jason Patterson, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.  

Alicia Sims, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.  

Grace Weber, Edwardsville, Ill., B.A.  

Megan Hanenberger, Hoyleton, Ill., B.A.  

Kirsten Weissman, Lake in the Hills, Ill., M.Ed.  

Stephen Lewis, Matteson, Ill., M.Ed.  

Rachel Williams, Maywood, Ill., M.Ed.  

Xavier Ross, Melrose Park, Ill., B.S.  

Amanda Borkowski, Naperville, Ill., M.Ed.  



Frecia Wright, Gary, Ind., M.Ed.  

Qymana Botts, Griffith, Ind., M.Ed.  

Keionya Bolar, Indianapolis, Ind., M.Ed.  



Erica Heinzerling, Ankeny, Iowa, B.A.  

Dresden Wilson, Boone, Iowa, B.A.  

Lori Dvorak, Chelsea, Iowa, M.Ed.  

Olivia Kruse, Cherokee, Iowa, B.S.Ed., LTD  

Amanda Cool, Council Bluffs, Iowa, M.A.  

Nicholas Engebretson, Forest City, Iowa, B.A.  

Celia Askelsen, Indianola, Iowa, B.A., B.F.A.  

Noah Janssen, Johnston, Iowa, B.S.  

Keaton Candor, Merrill, Iowa, B.S.  

Abigail Mullen, Minburn, Iowa, B.S.  

Colten Uitermarkt, Otley, Iowa, B.A.  

Emma Gaffney, Shenandoah, Iowa, B.S.Ed.  

Nicole Breese, Solon, Iowa, B.S.  

Grace O'Neal, Spirit Lake, Iowa, B.S.Ed., LTD  

Chelsea Bright, Van Meter, Iowa, MBA  

Emma Armbrecht, Williamsburg, Iowa, B.S.Ed., LTD  



Mikayla Lowe, Atchison, Kan., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Caydren Cox, Beloit, Kan., B.S.  

Jordan Roberts, Coffeyville, Kan., M.P.H.  

Jenna Fredrickson, Concordia, Kan., B.Mus., LTD  

Logan Srna, Culver, Kan., B.S.  

Brandon Vega, Emporia, Kan., B.S.  

Abigail Meier, Lawrence, Kan., B.A.  

Logan Matters, Overland Park, Kan., B.S.  

Sydney Rogers, Overland Park, Kan., B.S.  

Brayden Becker, Sabetha, Kan., B.S.  

Ethan Doyle, Shawnee, Kan., MBA  

Isaac Howes, Shawnee, Kan., B.A.  

Broderick Schofield, Sylvan Grove, Kan., B.S.Ed.  

Peyton Mitchell, Waverly, Kan., B.A.  



Christie Lockett, Lafayette, La., M.Ed.  

Anjel Magee, New Orleans, La., M.Ed.  

LaTonya Jones, Shreveport, La., M.Ed.  



Caleb Gierke, Billerica, Maine, B.A.  

Stephanie Morey-Barry, Wilmington, Maine, M.Ed.  



Rachael Charles, Baltimore, Md., M.Ed.  

Taukeya Brooks, Clinton, Md., M.Ed.  

Corey Jenkins, Columbia, Md., M.Ed.  

Carol Hill, Glen Burnie, Md., M.Ed.  

Esther Jacob, Laurel, Md., M.Ed.  

Ashley Malloy, New Carrollton, Md., M.Ed.  

Brandon Henderson, Waldorf, Md., M.P.H.    



Lindsay Kawecki, Belleville, Mich., M.Ed.  

Christian Rollins Sr., Detroit, Mich., M.Ed.  

Carol Hart, Lansing, Mich., M.Ed.  

Cheryl Merchant, Lathrup Village, Mich., M.Ed.  

T'leah Williams, Monroe, Mich., M.Ed.  

La'Tia Baulckim, Romulus, Mich., M.P.H.  

James Gramzow, Royal Oak, Mich., B.A.  

Nathan Johnson, Vicksburg, Mich., B.Mus., Director of Parish Music  

Brooke Duerr, Warren, Mich., B.A.  



Erika Schmidt, Dayton, Minn., M.Ed.  

Callie McNary, Hastings, Minn., B.S.Ed.  

Jack Williams, Hastings, Minn., B.A.  

Parker Esterberg, Independence, Minn., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Lauren Holmlund, Maple Grove, Minn., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Joshua Marlatt, Minnetrista, Minn., B.A.  

Amiah Akerson, Pennock, Minn., B.S.Ed.  

Madyson Pralle, Rochester, Minn., B.A., DCE  

Cora Olson, Trimont, Minn., B.S.  

Max Johnston, White Bear Lake, Minn., B.A.  

Josie Oberdieck, Winona, Minn., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Makenna Taylor, Mayer, Minn., B.S.Ed., LTD  



Charity Scott-Molden, Indianola, Miss., M.Ed.  

Shirley Williams-Kane, Jackson, Miss., M.Ed.  

Bettie Fluker, Olive Branch, Miss., M.Ed.  



Samuel Weiss, Beaufort, Mo., B.S.  

Clinton Colwell, Concordia, Mo., MBA  

Jonah Lange, Concordia, Mo., B.A.  

Brett Mueller, Concordia, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Sarah Longmire, Grover, Mo., M.Ed.  

Austin Meisel, Jefferson City, Mo., B.S.  

Andy Amos, Mountain Grove, Mo., B.S.Ed.  

Frederick Herman, Springfield, Mo., B.S.  

Tiffany Herman, Springfield, Mo., M.A.  

Grace Bernhardt, St. Charles, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Arthur Anderson IV, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.  

Sarah Armbrust, St. Louis, Mo., B.F.A.  

Emma Hopfer, St. Louis, Mo., B.A.  

Grace Jonas, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.Ed.  

Emma Taylor, St. Louis, Mo., M.Ed.  

Miriam Wolf, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD  



Audrey Romine, Polson, Mont., M.Ed.  



Zachary Friel, Las Vegas, Nev., B.S.Ed.  


New Jersey  

Brian Ballantine Jr., Waretown, N.J., M.Ed.  

Marina Shaw, Cranbury, N.J., M.Ed.  


New York  

Mishka Jean-Baptiste, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.Ed.  

Jessica Monte, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.Ed.  

Karen Roberts, Central Islip, N.Y., M.Ed.  

Joyce Brandon, Lakeview, N.Y., M.Ed.  

Terence Kraemer, Oyster Bay, N.Y., M.Ed.  

Rashida Wisdom, Queens, N.Y., M.Ed.  


North Carolina  

Cloye Woods, Mount Holly, N.C., M.Ed.  


North Dakota  

Nicholas Totenhagen, Stirum, N.D., B.A.  



Cynthia Brinson, Bartlesville, Okla., M.Ed.  

Faith Armer, Broken Arrow, Okla., B.A., DCE  

Jeremiah Berryman, Broken Arrow, Okla., MBA  

Cynthia Burger, Norman, Okla., M.Ed.  



Brandon Howard, Cincinnati, Ohio, M.Ed.  

Faye Conner-Ylsrael, Cleveland, Ohio, M.Ed.  

Saheed Jordan, Dayton, Ohio, M.Ed.  

Ashleigh Sulick, Masury, Ohio, M.Ed.  

Sarah Ragland, Rocky River, Ohio, B.S., B.S.Ed., LTD  



Danielle Gonzalez, Beaverton, Ore., M.P.H.  

Noah Freeman, Bend, Ore., B.Mus., LTD  

Brenda Walker, Damascus, Ore., M.Ed.  

Jose Hernandez-Rosales, Independence, Ore., M.Ed.  

Krista Murzea, Portland, Ore., M.Ed.  

Emily Booth, Roseburg, Ore., M.Ed.  

Samuel Scarpelli, Troutdale, Ore., B.S.  



Shawn Zook, Carlisle, Pa., MBA  

Danielle Crowther, Harrisburg, Pa., M.Ed.  

Megan Kerstetter, Hughesville, Pa., M.Ed.  

David Petruzzi, Lock Haven, Pa., M.Ed.  

Emily Bloom, Millville, Pa., M.Ed.  

Nicole Chandler, Philadelphia, Pa., M.Ed.  

Gabriel Linck, Philadelphia, Pa., M.Ed.  

Toby Neal, Shinglehouse, Pa., M.Ed.  

Grace Babbitts, Shohola, Pa., B.A.  

Andrea Smith, Winfield, Pa., M.P.H.    


Rhode Island  

Brittney Duffy, Cumberland, R.I., M.Ed.  


South Carolina  

Jessica Esterberg, Brandon, S.C., B.S.Ed., LTD  


South Dakota  

Michael Grundstrom, Rapid City, S.D., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Morgan Phillips, Rapid City, S.D., B.A.  

Simon Higgason, Sioux Falls, S.D., B.S.  

Blake Miller, Sioux Falls, S.D., M.Ed.  

Adam Pinn, Sioux Falls, S.D., B.S.  

Karissa Ternus, Sioux Falls, S.D., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Carter Thorman, Spearfish, S.D., B.S.  



Ariana Acomb, Memphis, Tenn., B.S.Ed.   



Daniel Cantu, Alleyton, Texas, B.S.  

Tanner Matt, Burkburnett, Texas, B.A.  

Katherine Trempala, Carrollton, Texas, B.A.  

Misty Galamison, Cibolo, Texas, M.Ed.  

Da'Vonte Mouton, Crosby, Texas, B.S.  

Mildred Jones, Cypress, Texas, M.Ed.  

Michele King, DeSoto, Texas, M.Ed.  

Phortya Page, Fort Worth, Texas, M.Ed.  

Tia McKinney, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.  

Evelin Mendez, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.  

Summer Tschantz-Brewer, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.  

Cristina Sanchez, La Grange, Texas, B.A.  

Kristina Rodriguez, Mission, Texas, M.Ed.  

Robin Lewis, Missouri City, Texas, M.Ed.  

Britney Thompson, Pittsburg, Texas, M.Ed.  

Ignacio Rodríguez Cal y Mayor, Richardson, Texas, M.Ed.  

Jill Bultemeier, Texarkana, Texas, B.A.  

Esna Zamora, Tivoli, Texas, M.Ed.  

Joshua Frerking, Tomball, Texas, B.A.  

Ian Guettler, Tomball, Texas, B.S.  

Katherine Sheldon, West Columbia, Texas, B.S.Ed.  



Jasmine Hairston, Martinsville, Va., M.Ed.  

Andrea Wilson, Montross, Va., M.Ed.  

Karsyn Bredenkamp, Nokesville, Va., B.A.  

Stephanie Terezon, Woodbridge, Va., M.Ed.  



Rene O'Neall, Clarkston, Wash., M.Ed.  

Regina Chynoweth, Enumclaw, Wash., M.Ed.  

Cristiaan Priebe, Lake Tapps, Wash., B.S.  

Kira Heinselman, Olympia, Wash., B.S.  

Carrie Whatley, Orting, Wash., M.Ed.  

Olivia Walsh, Sammamish, Wash., B.A.  

Annette Kimball, Seattle, Wash., M.Ed.  

Thomas D'Anna, Tacoma, Wash., M.Ed.  

Ryan Moormeier, Tukwila, Wash., B.A.  

Esmeralda Herrera-Rea, Woodland, Wash., M.Ed.  


West Virginia  

Nicole Banzhoff, Falling Waters, W.Va., M.H.A.  

Tracey Macher, Inwood, W.Va., M.Ed.  



Austin Frahm, Appleton, Wis., M.Ed.  

Jessica Juergensen, Cedarburg, Wis., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Grace Huesmann, Grafton, Wis., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Dawn Pettyjohn, Green Bay, Wis., B.A.  

Scarlett McFarland, Milwaukee, Wis., M.Ed.  

Ethan Pankow, Milwaukee, Wis., B.S.Ed., LTD  

Mackayla Niec, Pulaski, Wis., M.Ed.  

Andrea Thooft, Sheboygan Falls, Wis., M.P.H.  

Emily Rasmussen, Union Grove, Wis., B.S.  

Sarah Schwacher, Waterford, Wis., B.S.  

Matthew Boll, Ham Lake, Wis., B.A., B.S.Ed., DCE, LTD  



Decker Mattimoe, Cheyenne, Wyo., B.S.  

Lyle Whitney, Newcastle, Wyo., B.S.  


District of Columbia  

Karen Bates-Chambers, Washington, D.C., M.Ed.  

Yvonnia Brown, Washington, D.C., M.Ed.  

Michael Lindsay Sr., Washington, D.C., M.Ed.  


American Samoa  

Cayla Ho Ching-Fogavai, Malaeimi, American Samoa, M.Ed.   

Naitua Perofeta-Levi, Nu'uuli, American Samoa, M.Ed.  

Vaiali'i Alatina, Pago Pago, American Samoa, M.Ed.  

Jenny Logologo, Pago Pago, American Samoa, M.Ed.  

Timo Tua, Pago Pago, American Samoa, M.Ed.   


 Northern Mariana Islands  

Maria Quitugua, Luta, Northern Mariana Islands, M.Ed.  



Lindsay Ram, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada, M.Ed.  

David Moreno, Cali, Colombia, MBA  

Brady Landry, Ostrava, Czech Republic, M.Ed.  

Yessine Bessaïes, Bordeaux, France, B.S.  

Carlos Orquiz Escapita , Chihuahua, Mexico, B.S.   

Luisa Esquivel Bustamante, Morelia, Mexico, B.A.  

Paw Bway Htoo, Thailand Refugee Camp, Thailand, M.P.H.