Concordia confers degrees to May 2021 graduates

Published by Concordia University, Nebraska 1 month ago on Sat, May 8, 2021 2:57 PM
Concordia University, Nebraska conferred degrees to more than 715 undergraduate and graduate students on May 8.

Concordia University, Nebraska on May 8 awarded undergraduate and graduate degrees to more than 715 graduates. The Class of 2021 was honored during undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremonies.

At the undergraduate ceremony, Rev. Russ Sommerfeld, Concordia interim president, lauded the graduates for their perseverance throughout the 2020-21 academic year where they faced many challenges, especially from the pandemic.

“As you leave Concordia today, I pray that you will know that Jesus Christ is walking with you into the callings God is giving you,” Sommerfeld told the graduates. “It has been our privilege to live in a Christ-centered community with you, explore academic content and be held on to by God amid life’s questions, watching your talents, skills and passions become purposes from God as you progressed from knowledge to wisdom to navigate such unprecedented events in any of our lifetimes.”

Laura Thies, senior vice president of business development at AMN Healthcare and a 2002 Concordia graduate, presented the undergraduate commencement address, while Rev. Dr. Andrew Watkins, a Concordia adjunct professor of education, delivered the graduate address.

“Our impact on the world around us, including how each of us uses our hard-earned degree, depends on you,” Thies told the graduates. “There has never been so much opportunity in front of you and the impact you can make on your family, church, work and your community.”

Watkins encouraged graduates earning their master’s degrees that they will go out and touch peoples’ lives by bringing them the love of God.

“Now you commence to be sent out,” he said. “This is your call to action. You will be sent out into a world that needs your music. You’re going to pour out Jesus’ love to those who need to hear it.”

He also told them that although their path to commencement may have been filled with challenges, the journey was worthwhile.

“This was going to be something that was to be remembered and something that glorified God,” Watkins said. “You are sitting here because you have come, trusting Him and through your work, you will glorify God. You will live for others and you will influence others in a most positive way, and it has all been worth it.”


Concordia University, Nebraska graduates earning degrees from Jan. 29, 2021 through May 8, 2021 (listed in alphabetical order by state [exception: Nebraska first and international locations last], city and last name):

 Note: Appearance of a name in this news release is not an official acknowledgment of completion of the degree, certificate or diploma indicated.



Heidi Knedler, Alma, Neb., MBA

Tristin Mason, Aurora, Neb., B.S.

Adrianna Shaw, Bassett, Neb., B.A.

Alexandra Ryks, Bellevue, Neb., B.Mus.

Jeannie Schleip, Bellevue, Neb., M.H.A.

Emily Jones, Benkelman, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Gabrielle Diamond, Bennington, Neb., B.S.

Anna Gombold, Bennington, Neb., B.S.

Robyn Romero, Bennington, Neb., M.Ed.

Riley Freeland, Blair, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Grant Wragge, Bloomfield, Neb., B.S.

Tara Callahan, Brady, Neb., B.A.

Rebecca Rerucha, Bruno, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Samuel Sisco, David City, Neb., BFA

Erin Johnson, Daykin, Neb., B.A.

Devin Garcia, Diller, Neb., M.Ed.

Bailey Tingelhoff, Doniphan, Neb., M.Ed.

Abigail Lyons, Dwight, Neb., B.S.

Jodi Fry, Ewing, Neb., B.S.

Hannah Beethe, Exeter, Neb., B.S.

Dustin Lindstrom, Fremont, Neb., M.Ed.

Brooke Baugh, Friend, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Megan Rathke, Genoa, Neb., M.Ed.

Elizabeth Bergdolt, Grand Island, Neb., B.S.

Jeremy Doose, Grand Island, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD

Wyatt Eriksen, Grand Island, Neb., B.S.

Abigail Huggins, Grand Island, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD

McKenna Kaskie, Grand Island, Neb., B.S.

Jeremiah Reeser, Grand Island, Neb., B.A.

Chevy Stout, Grand Island, Neb., B.S.

Cody Lambert, Greenwood, Neb., B.A.

Trevor Dey, Gresham, Neb., B.S.

Adrian Cotton, Gretna, Neb., B.A.

Jordan Lorenz, Gretna, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Allison Pinkall, Gretna, Neb., B.A.

Katelyn Ryman, Gretna, Neb., B.S.Ed., B.S.

Shannon Swaney, Gretna, Neb., M.Ed.

Zachary Christensen, Hastings, Neb., B.S.

Megan Kroeker, Henderson, Neb., B.Mus.

Hannah Birtell, Holdrege, Neb., B.A., DCE

Elizabeth Kelley, Holdrege, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Payton Kidder, Holdrege, Neb., B.S.

Tiffany Crouse, Hyannis, Neb., M.Ed.

Cody Williams, Imperial, Neb., B.A.

Victoria Ingram, Kimball, Neb., M.Ed.

Michelle Porath, Lexington, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD

Jocelyn Bade, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Gracy Barry, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Hope Bassett, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.

Julia Bloom, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD

Martha Brauning, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.

Branden Chandler, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Abigail Crouch, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD

Summer Fulmer, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Tucker Gartner, Lincoln, Neb., MBA

Ansley Gates, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.

Melanie Gibson, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Amy Guenther, Lincoln, Neb., B.Mus., LTD

Andrew Haase, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.

Amber Heller, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Justin Hoffman, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Jenna Karlin, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Austin Lahmon, Lincoln, Neb., M.A.

Kailey Nickels, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.

Claire Pasco, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Jacob Pralle, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed., DCE, LTD

Morgan Pralle, Lincoln, Neb., B.A., DCE

Carrie Rinne, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Alan Sharp, Lincoln, Neb., B.A., B.S.Ed.

Ethan Sherman, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.

Tanner Shuck, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Amelia Schlichting, Lyons, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD

Ryan Kollbaum, Madison, Neb., B.S.

Jacob Garrison, Malcolm, Neb., B.A.

Jaidon Policky, Milford, Neb., B.A.

Emily Boyer, Mullen, Neb., B.A.

Luke Blomenberg, Norfolk, Neb., B.A., B.S.

Jayden Neal, North Platte, Neb., B.S.

Jeremy Peter, O’Neill, Neb., M.A.

Tayler Gipe, Oakland, Neb., B.A.

Jean Ackerman, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.

Margaret Durbin, Omaha, Neb., B.S.

Connor Ganyo, Omaha, Neb., MBA

Kimberly German, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.

Rachael Horvath, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.

Morgan James, Omaha, Neb., B.S.

Thomas Johnson, Omaha, Neb., B.Mus., LTD

Mary Lenser, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.

Ryan Samuelson, Omaha, Neb., B.A.

Aydet Thompson, Omaha, Neb., M.H.A.

Kyle Wilshusen, Omaha, Neb., B.S.

Candice Schindler, O’Neill, Neb., M.Ed.

Kelsey Gabel, Osceola, Neb., M.Ed.

Christian Watters, Panama, Neb., B.A.

Danielle Niss, Pawnee City, Neb., B.A.

Abigail Jeppesen, Pleasant Dale, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD

Erin Persinger, Ponca, Neb., M.Ed.

Alyssa Fye, Randolph, Neb., B.S.

Kaitlyn Radebaugh, Roca, Neb., B.S.

Blake Greckel, Scottsbluff, Neb., B.A.

Luke Maas, Scottsbluff, Neb., M.Ed.

Kayle Robles, Scottsbluff, Neb., M.Ed.

Braden Sindt, Scottsbluff, Neb., B.S.

Anna Baack, Seward, Neb., B.A.

Dalton Berry, Seward, Neb., B.S.

Ross Briggs, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Ryan Groh, Seward, Neb., B.A.

Harrison Helmer, Seward, Neb., B.A.

Nicholas Little, Seward, Neb., B.S.

Megan Schmidt, Seward, Neb., M.Ed.

Joshua Sherman, Seward, Neb., B.A.

Brittan Taylor, Seward, Neb., B.S.

Cody Hofrock, Sidney, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Tucker Platt, Stromsburg, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Timothy Blecha, Tecumseh, Neb., M.Ed.

Sara Kettelhake, Tecumseh, Neb., B.A.

Drew Boggs, Tilden, Neb., B.A., DCE

Allison Klipp, Tobias, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD

Miranda Wotipka, Valparaiso, Neb., M.H.A.

Taylor Cockerill, Waverly, Neb., B.S.

Allison Echtenkamp, Wayne, Neb., B.S.

Shanda Fujan, Wayne, Neb., B.A.

Emily Loy, Wood River, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Samantha Lyon, Wood River, Neb., B.S.

Samantha Ellis, York, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Elizabeth Harlow, York, Neb., M.Ed.

Kennedy Mogul, York, Neb., B.S.Ed.



Melissa Spriggs, Bay Minette, Ala., M.Ed.

Natausha Wright, Bay Minette, Ala., M.Ed.

Darlene Edwards, Birmingham, Ala., M.Ed.

Yosminda Bassett, Brewton, Ala., M.Ed.

Jamaica Dunigan, McIntosh, Ala., M.Ed.

Tanisha Pearson, Montgomery, Ala., M.Ed.

Fachon Williams, Montgomery, Ala., M.Ed.

Krisdolyn Moore, Selma, Ala., M.Ed.

Michelle Shelton, Trussville, Ala., M.Ed.

Whitley Ferguson, Tuskegee, Ala., M.Ed.



Megan Mascari, North Pole, Alaska, M.Ed.

Katrina Nore, North Pole, Alaska, M.Ed.

Jason Watkins, Palmer, Alaska, B.A.

Jessica Bugni, Valdez, Alaska, M.Ed.



Danen Wilson, Chandler, Ariz., M.Ed.

Maria Googins, Goodyear, Ariz., M.Ed.

Beth Lewandowsky, Phoenix, Ariz., M.Ed.

Beau Dorman, Scottsdale, Ariz., B.S.

Marci Diuguid, Tucson, Ariz., M.Ed.

Karilyn Sharp, Tucson, Ariz., M.Ed.

Jenessa Jarvis, Vail, Ariz., B.A.

Megan Gregory, Wickenburg, Ariz., M.P.H.

Tina Neubauer, Willcox, Ariz., M.Ed.

Richard Hourigan, Yuma, Ariz., M.Ed.



Sheritta Sanders, White Hall, Ark., M.Ed.



Kathleen Carlson, Artesia, Calif., M.Ed.

Debbie Hall, Bakersfield, Calif., M.Ed.

Katheryn Rathe, Bakersfield, Calif., M.Ed.

Antoinette Funnie, Brentwood, Calif., M.Ed.

Gwenelle Warren, Cerritos, Calif., M.Ed.

Taylor Whitmore, Chula Vista, Calif., M.Ed.

Dawnmarie Schneider, Cobb, Calif., M.Ed.

Rightly Perry, Corona, Calif., B.S.

Jenny Riley, Diamond Springs, Calif., M.Ed.

Sarah Wuthrich, Encinitas, Calif., B.S.

Lacey Condon, Fortuna, Calif., M.Ed.

Blake Culbert, Gardon Grove, Calif., B.S.

Hhana Haro, Garden Grove, Calif., B.S.

Anabelle Reyes, Glendora, Calif., B.A.

Issiah Burks, Hemet, Calif., B.S.

Gwendolyn Kenny, Inglewood, Calif., M.Ed.

Nicholas Rotherham, La Palma, Calif., M.Ed.

Victoria Mueller, Lake Elsinore, Calif., M.Ed.

Kaytlyn Kindschy, Lompoc, Calif., B.A.

Ramona Wilder, Los Angeles, Calif., M.Ed.

Jacqueline Montanez-Ramirez, Montebello, Calif., M.Ed.

Francisco Navarro, Oakland, Calif., M.Ed.

Angela Wingert, Orange, Calif., M.Ed.

Brenda Alvarado, Pico Rivera, Calif., M.Ed.

Kimberly Sevilla, Porterville, Calif., M.Ed.

Allysia Thayer, Rialto, Calif., B.A.

Justin Reynolds, Riverside, Calif., B.A.

Charles Hewell, Sacramento, Calif., B.A.

Jennifer Brabant, Salinas, Calif., M.Ed.

Veda Meyer, San Andreas, Calif., M.Ed.

Courtney Bailey, San Diego, Calif., M.Ed.

Francesca Henderson, San Diego, Calif., M.Ed.

Oscar Ramirez-Garcia, San Diego, Calif., B.A.

Sandy Yee, San Francisco, Calif., M.Ed.

Korrissa Aguila, San Jose, Calif., M.S.

Diana Bruno, San Jose, Calif., M.Ed.

Juanita Rojas, Santa Clarita, Calif., M.Ed.

Lindann McPheeters, Santa Rosa, Calif., M.Ed.

Elizabeth Bautista, Suisun City, Calif., M.Ed.

Norma Price, Sylmar, Calif., M.Ed.

Victoria Cota, Tulare, Calif., M.Ed.



Breann Huber, Arvada, Colo., B.S.Ed., LTD

Christian Van Cleave, Arvada, Colo., B.S.

Erin Johnson, Brighton, Colo., B.S.Ed., LTD

Holly Allen, Colorado Springs, Colo., M.Ed.

Nicole Daum, Colorado Springs, Colo., B.S.Ed.

Kianna Ogilvie, Colorado Springs, Colo., B.S.Ed., LTD

Alexa Gianatasio, Denver, Colo., M.Ed.

Kyler Hensel, Denver, Colo., B.S.

Stephanie Stallings, Denver, Colo., M.Ed.

Emily Wiechec, Denver, Colo., M.Ed.

Matthew Murphy, Elbert, Colo., B.A., DCE

Marissa Hoerman, Evergreen, Colo., B.S.

Cora Rhode, Fort Morgan, Colo., B.S.

Jackson Myers, Highlands Ranch, Colo., B.S.

Kaitlin Seja, Loveland, Colo., B.S.

Betsy Sistek, Parker, Colo., M.Ed.

Tiffany Babcock, Timnath, Colo., M.Ed.

Jennika Chapman, Westminster, Colo., B.S.



Sara Rozycki, Greenwich, Conn., M.Ed.

Michael Kuczenski, New London, Conn., M.Ed.

Scott Delaura, Niantic, Conn., M.Ed.

Felicia Peterson-Remchuk, Sandy Hook, Conn., M.Ed.

Priscilla Jefferson, Stratford, Conn., M.Ed.

Grace Kelly, Winsted, Conn., M.H.S.

Loryn Walker, Woodstock, Conn., M.Ed.



Lynnette Barber, Bonita Springs, Fla., M.Ed.

Tanesia Porter, Crawfordville, Fla., M.Ed.

Lawanda Thornton, High Springs, Fla., M.Ed.

Brittany Gray, Jacksonville, Fla., M.Ed.

Julie Dech, Miami, Fla., M.Ed.

Bertram Brinson, Midway, Fla., M.Ed.

Andria Pierre, Naples, Fla., M.Ed.

Fatimoh Oluewu, North Port, Fla., M.Ed.

Christine Valentine, Orlando, Fla., M.Ed.

Shannon (Simmons) Garris, Panama City, Fla., M.Ed.

Aaron Huesmann, Pensacola, Fla., B.Mus., LTD

Alexandria Palmer, Pensacola, Fla., M.Ed.

Janice Tipton, Port Saint Lucie, Fla., M.Ed.

Sarah Germain, Saint Petersburg, Fla., M.Ed.

Jennifer Doxsee, Tallahassee, Fla., M.Ed.

Erika Vaile, Tampa, Fla., M.Ed.

Patrick Sweeney, Venice, Fla., M.Ed.

Natalie Ejechi, Vero Beach, Fla., M.Ed.



Justin McCalla, Athens, Ga., M.Ed.

Elliot Walker II, Athens, Ga., M.Ed.

Ladonna Austell, Atlanta, Ga., M.Ed.

Jade Banks, Atlanta, Ga., MBA

Amy Wheeler, Canton, Ga., M.Ed.

Olivia Tucker, Conyers, Ga., M.Ed.

Amber Irvin, Lithonia, Ga., M.Ed.

Natasha Peace, Rome, Ga., M.Ed.

James Patterson, Savannah, Ga., M.Ed.

Shannica Allen-Dowdell, Snellville, Ga., M.Ed.

Evelin Hicks, Snellville, Ga., M.Ed.

Natasha Holland, Woodbury, Ga., M.Ed.



Misti Benoza, Aiea, Hawaii, M.Ed.

Emma Petner, Hilo, Hawaii, M.Ed.

Gregory Fournier, Honolulu, Hawaii, M.Ed.

Jessica Linster, Honolulu, Hawaii, M.Ed.

Raenelle Coloma, Kahului, Hawaii, M.Ed.

Carol-Ann Ota, Kahului, Hawaii, M.Ed.

Tawny Demello-Kuntz, Kaneohe, Hawaii, M.Ed.

Raegan Nakama, Kaneohe, Hawaii, M.Ed.

Emily Medeiros, Kapaa, Hawaii, M.H.A.

Elena Kahaleuahi-Vegas, Kula, Hawaii, M.Ed.

Sheron Ramos, Kula, Hawaii, M.Ed.



Rylan Bitter, Ammon, Idaho, M.Ed.

Emmanuella Mazile, Boise, Idaho, M.Ed.

Nicholas Zadar, Boise, Idaho, B.S.

Michelle Brassat, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, M.Ed.

Misty Ketola, Kellogg, Idaho, M.Ed.



Tyson Powers, Amboy, Ill., M.S.

Dawn O’Dell, Bloomington, Ill., M.Ed.

Henry Robison, Cherry Valley, Ill., M.Ed.

Diane Barner-Gardner, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.

Liza Burgos, Chicago, Ill., M.S.

Bridgett Moss, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.

Sarah Tomkins, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.

Tonda Tyre, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.

Amy Walsh, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.

Ebony Wiggins, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.

Rachel Wells, Danville, Ill., M.Ed.

Sarah Koch, Edwardsville, Ill., M.Ed.

Maggie Watts, Edwardsville, Ill., M.Ed.

Claire Busby, Effingham, Ill., B.S.Ed., LTD

Hayden Rensner, Effingham, Ill., B.A.

Megan Kurpeski, Machesney Park, Ill., M.Ed.

Kishara Ferguson, Maywood, Ill., M.Ed.

Amanda Robinson, Millstadt, Ill., M.Ed.

Jennifer Cepko, Naperville, Ill., M.Ed.

Carrie Elko, Northfield, Ill., M.Ed.

Ananda Baron, O’Fallon, Ill., M.Ed.

Michelle Martin, Orland Park, Ill., M.Ed.

Amy McDonald, Oswego, Ill., M.Ed.

Hayley Stazak, Plainfield, Ill., B.S.Ed.

Clara Nebel, Red Bud, Ill., B.S.Ed., LTD

Kelly Jones, Rockford, Ill., M.Ed.

Rebecca Schuman, Romeoville, Ill., M.Ed.

Justyna Matejaszcyk, Schiller Park, Ill., M.Ed.

Colette Salinas, West Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.



Nichole Gervenak, Carmel, Ind., M.P.H.

Latrice Williams, Gary, Ind., M.Ed.

Janis Buelow, Indianapolis, Ind., B.A., DCE

Jeffrey Neuman, Kendalville, Ind., M.Ed.

Timothy Oberdieck, Lanesville, Ind., B.A., DCE



Michaela Twito, Ames, Iowa, B.S.Ed.

Rachel Deppe, Ankeny, Iowa, B.A.

Stephanie Hilchen, Ankeny, Iowa, B.A.

Kalina Schoenfeld, Carroll, Iowa, B.S.

Rebecca Tierney, Charles City, Iowa, B.S.

Peyton Scott, Clear Lake, Iowa, B.S.

Sydney Clark, Clive, Iowa, B.S.

Sarah Heck, Coon Rapids, Iowa, B.S.

Kaci Hohenthaner, Council Bluffs, Iowa, B.A.

Tiffany Ahrens, Forest City, Iowa, M.Ed.

Morgan De Jong, Orange City, Iowa, B.S.

Faith Troshynski, Rockwell City, Iowa, B.S.

Nathan Buckallew, Urbandale, Iowa, B.A.

Lindsey Carley, Urbandale, Iowa, MBA



Kristy Fischer, Ellinwood, Kan., M.Ed.

Cameron Carnegie, Lenexa, Kan., M.Ed.

Emily Sanders, Lenexa, Kan., B.S.Ed.

Michaela Regier, Newton, Kan., B.S.

John Palmer, Offerle, Kan., B.S.

Zachariah Metzger, Overland Park, Kan., B.S.

Temitayo Odulaja, Overland Park, Kan., M.Ed.

Virginia Pattison, Overland Park, Kan., B.S.Ed.

Molli Morgan, Paola, Kan., M.S.

Ethan Doyle, Shawnee, Kan., B.S.

Jacob Jennings, Shawnee, Kan., MBA

Caleb Roberts, Wamego, Kan., B.S.

Caden Springer, Wichita, Kan., B.S.Ed.



Dana Varady, Louisville, Ky., M.Ed.



Angela Merrick, Baton Rouge, La., M.Ed.

Toya Tillman, Hammond, La., M.Ed.

Aliayah Maclin, Lake Charles, La., M.Ed.

David Cook, New Orleans, La., M.Ed.

Felicia Joseph, New Orleans, La., M.Ed.

Roxanne Reed, Thibodaux, La., M.Ed.

Michael Rheams, Walker, La., M.Ed.



Danielle Clark, Caribou, Maine, M.Ed.

Sarah Nelson, Searsmont, Maine, M.Ed.



Nicole Hankerson-Ingram, Baltimore, Md., M.Ed.

Stacey Krainer, Baltimore, Md., M.Ed.

Elizabeth Marsiglia, Baltimore, Md., M.Ed.

Katherine Myers, Baltimore, Md., M.Ed.

Alyssa Wenner, Baltimore, Md., M.Ed.

Angelique Mosley, Bowie, Md., M.Ed.

Rapheale Gasaway, Brandywine, Md., M.Ed.

Carla Irby, Clinton, Md., M.Ed.

Sterling Marshall Jr., Clinton, Md., M.Ed.

Taylor McLeod, Columbia, Md., M.Ed.

Marcella Crawford, Essex, Md., M.Ed.

Rachel Yu, Fulton, Md., M.Ed.

Raheema Al-Baqi, Germantown, Md., M.Ed.

Jennifer Rowden, Hagerstown, Md., M.Ed.

Itzel Muniz, Havre De Grace, Md., M.Ed.

Taryn Boone, Hyattsville, Md., M.Ed.

Ambrashae McGowan, Lanham, Md., M.Ed.

Carrie Rauer, Nottingham, Md., M.Ed.

Tishawana Tate, Reisterstown, Md., M.Ed.

Nicole Tello, Severna Park, Md., M.Ed.

Dwayne Dyke, Silver Spring, Md., M.Ed.

Kandra Coleman, Suitland, Md., M.Ed.

Sylvia Cason, Upper Marlboro, Md., M.Ed.

Deirdre Holmes, Upper Marlboro, Md., M.Ed.

Brandon Henderson, Waldorf, Md., M.P.H.



Molly MacDougald, Boston, Mass., M.Ed.

Sara Williams, Brookline, Mass., M.Ed.

Jennifer Sterling, Franklin, Mass., M.Ed.

Christine Doherty, Quincy, Mass., M.Ed.

Adi Sax, Sharon, Mass., M.P.H.

Hery Rivera, Springfield, Mass., M.Ed.


Alex Robinson, Eagle, Mich., M.Ed.

Caitlin Freer, Grand Rapids, Mich., M.Ed.

Shalessa Ebron, Harper Woods, Mich., M.Ed.

Kiaya Starks, Inkster, Mich., M.Ed.

Nicole Wyers, Jackson, Mich., M.Ed.

Christine McQuiston, Livonia, Mich., M.Ed.

Sara Walunas, Ludington, Mich., M.Ed.

Theresa Carr, Manistique, Mich., M.Ed.

Tamala Valentine, Northville, Mich., M.Ed.

Matthew Hirvela, Plymouth, Mich., M.Ed.

Rachel Alexander, Saginaw, Mich., M.Ed.

Cassandra Benter, Shelby Township, Mich., M.Ed.

Gwen Nelson, Ypsilanti, Mich., M.Ed.



Erin Andrus, Apple Valley, Minn., M.Ed.

Joel Vagle, Big Lake, Minn., M.Ed.

Jonathan Chapa, Buffalo, Minn., B.S.Ed., LTD

Heather Walberg, Elk River, Minn., M.Ed.

Emily Holst, Goodhue, Minn., M.Ed.

Hannah Watt, Grand Marais, Minn., B.A.

Heather Heisse, Jordan, Minn., M.Ed.

Cameron Littler, Lake Elmo, Minn., M.Ed.

Whitney Harnack, Luverne, Minn., M.Ed.

Andrea Sparks, Maplewood, Minn., M.Ed.

Susan Cipra, Minneapolis, Minn., M.Ed.

Jonathan Kohlrusch, Minneapolis, Minn., M.H.A.

Russell Malterud, North Branch, Minn., B.S.

Christopher Withers, Otsego, Minn., M.Ed.

Wendy Sakry, Ramsey, Minn., M.Ed.

Joseph Bailey, Richfield, Minn., M.Ed.

Andrea Peterson, Rochester, Minn., B.S.

Cyrus Scott, Rochester, Minn., B.S.

Brendan Sage, Saint Michael, Minn., M.Ed.

Linnea Buchholz, Saint Paul, Minn., B.S.Ed., LTD

Sarah Johnson, Waconia, Minn., BFA, B.S.Ed., LTD



Emily Johnson, Avon, Miss., M.Ed.

Amber Baker, Hattiesburg, Miss., M.Ed.

Chris Gary, Minter City, Miss., M.Ed.

Amanda Hawthorne, Ocean Springs, Miss., M.Ed.

Monique Draper, Southaven, Miss., M.Ed.

Shirelle Kemp, Starkville, Miss., M.Ed.



Michelle McGruder, East Prairie, Mo., M.Ed.

Noah Werts, Edgerton, Mo., B.A.

Lanesha McPherson, Florissant, Mo., M.Ed.

Trevor Fiala, High Ridge, Mo., B.A., DCE

Rachel Losch, Independence, Mo., MBA

Caleb Fischer, Jefferson City, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD

Sonja Brandt, Knob Noster, Mo., B.A., BFA

Angela Mundt, Lee’s Summit, Mo., M.Ed.

Charlotte Lines, Marshall, Mo., B.A., B.Mus.

Katherine Miles, Marshall, Mo., B.S.

Joy Shaw, Millersville, Mo., M.Ed.

Lydia Cook, Perryville, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD

Patrick Schneeberger, Raymore, Mo., B.A.

Brianna Dehn, St. Louis, Mo., B.A.

Kenneth Paetow, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD

Stephanie Schulte, St. Louis, Mo., M.P.H.

Emily Thies, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.

Cody Williams, St. Charles, Mo., MBA



Malia Ebel, Billings, Mont., B.S.

Noel Stewart, Browning, Mont., M.Ed.

Paula Nagengast, Great Falls, Mont., M.Ed.



Sydnie Huss, Henderson, Nev., M.Ed.

Victoria Cera, Las Vegas, Nev., B.S.

Lukas Diehm, Las Vegas, Nev., B.S.

Danielle Kandt, Las Vegas, Nev., M.Ed.

Candice Percy, Las Vegas, Nev., M.Ed.

Melissa Cardoso, Reno, Nev., M.Ed.


New Hampshire

Erin Drake, Fremont, N.H., M.Ed.


New Jersey

Paul Stanko, Cherry Hill, N.J., M.Ed.

Jennifer Vega, Cherry Hill, N.J., M.Ed.

Kevon Beresford, Hillside, N.J., M.Ed.

Nikita Patel, Ledgewood, N.J., M.Ed.

Damita Jones, Montclair, N.J., M.Ed.

Danyelle Saunders, Montclair, N.J., M.Ed.

China Washington, Newark, N.J., M.Ed.

Alya Alfaouri, Paterson, N.J., M.Ed.

Morowa Rowe, Piscataway, N.J., M.Ed.

Catkin Flowers, South Orange, N.J., M.Ed.

Sarah Nocito, Swedesboro, N.J., M.Ed.

Marlena Luciano, Tinton Falls, N.J., M.Ed.

Dolores Anthony-Musa, Trenton, N.J., M.Ed.

Jose Marrero, Union City, N.J., M.Ed.

Tameka Myers-McSween, Williamstown, N.J., M.Ed.

Melissa Strawderman, Woodstown, N.J., M.Ed.


New Mexico

Brittany Raymond, Albuquerque, N.M., M.Ed.

Emily Jenkins, Clovis, N.M., M.Ed.

Rachel Ervin, Edgewood, N.M., M.Ed.

Raymond Heath, Tijeras, N.M., M.Ed.


New York

Marvia Walker, Bedford Hills, N.Y., M.Ed.

Dejona Evans, Bronx, N.Y., M.Ed.

Desiree Jones, Bronx, N.Y., M.Ed.

Demi Nunez, Bronx, N.Y., M.Ed.

Viktoriya Domkina, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.Ed.

Vanessa (Slater) Duplessis, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.Ed.

Alisha Makhanlall, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.Ed.

Jimmy Brown, Carmel, N.Y., M.Ed.

Grettel Dominguez, College Point, N.Y., M.Ed.

Christie Wood, Ellenburg Depot, N.Y., M.Ed.

Allison White, Elmont, N.Y., M.Ed.

Brent Van De Weert, Goshen, N.Y., M.P.H.

Kate Rosen, Kingston, N.Y., M.Ed.

Jaclyn Turnbull, Laurens, N.Y., M.Ed.

Claudia Marriello, Malta, N.Y., M.Ed.

Kelly Gonzalez, Miller Place, N.Y., M.Ed.

Johnayia White, Mount Vernon, N.Y., M.Ed.

Sharol Charles, New York, N.Y., M.Ed.

Marie Porter, New York, N.Y., M.Ed.

Briana Bellan, Perry, N.Y., M.Ed.

Robert Chinappi, Rochester, N.Y., M.Ed.

Saundra Sakurai, Rochester, N.Y., M.Ed.

Erin Lokke, St. Francis, N.Y., MBA

Matthew Micheletti, Syracuse, N.Y., M.Ed.


North Carolina

Deadra Brown-Cherry, Charlotte, N.C., M.Ed.

Carter Morgan, Charlotte, N.C., M.Ed.

Lucinda Supernavage, Charlotte, N.C., M.Ed.

Enriquetta Garcia-Mangum, Durham, N.C., M.Ed.

Michael Holman, Durham, N.C., M.Ed.

Reina Brown, Fayetteville, N.C., M.Ed.

Veronica Hobbs, Goldsboro, N.C., M.Ed.

Cameron Devers, Holly Springs, N.C., B.A.

Shannon Moore, Indian Trail, N.C., M.Ed.

Jacinta Clemon, Kinston, N.C., M.Ed.

Sarah Gray, Mooresville, N.C., MBA

Samuel Pinckney, Salisbury, N.C., M.Ed.

Nicholas Green, Warsaw, N.C., M.Ed.

Chanelle Flowers, Winterville, N.C., M.Ed.


North Dakota

Jonathan Luebke, Bismarck, N.D., M.Ed.

Dane Wolfgram, Bismarck, N.D., B.A., DCE

Wilford Carter, Fargo, N.D., M.Ed.

Adam Hagen, New Town, N.D., M.Ed.



Lauren Divine, Bixby, Okla., M.Ed.

Jeremiah Berryman, Broken Arrow, Okla., B.S.

Rachel Feix, Oklahoma City, Okla., MBA



Leah Miller, Bedford, Ohio, M.Ed.

Hallie Craven, Celina, Ohio, M.Ed.

Franklin Elliott, Chillicothe, Ohio, M.Ed.

Cicely Scott, Cleveland, Ohio, M.Ed.

Terri Powers, Dayton, Ohio, M.Ed.

Rahsaan Price, Dayton, Ohio, M.Ed.

Dexter Bailey, Fairborn, Ohio, M.Ed.

April Clemmons, Lucasville, Ohio, M.Ed.

Robert Sexton, Marion, Ohio, M.Ed.

Dylan Yurco, Marysville, Ohio, M.Ed.

Michelle Flanagan, Medina, Ohio, M.Ed.

Gwendolyn Miller, Trotwood, Ohio, M.Ed.

Mariah Bledsoe, Wellston, Ohio, M.Ed.

Lisa Rubinow, Westerville, Ohio, M.Ed.

Romina Berardinelli, Willoughby Hills, Ohio, M.Ed.


Crystal Lusk, Aloha, Ore., M.Ed.

Brian Doak, Ashland, Ore., M.Ed.

Lesley Keith, Beaverton, Ore., M.Ed.

Sara Kippen, Beaverton, Ore., M.Ed.

Karen Kiser, Beaverton, Ore., M.Ed.

Kathleen Sheil Smith, Bend, Ore., M.Ed.

Amy McCarthy, Corvallis, Ore., M.Ed.

Rebecca Espiritu, Fairview, Ore., M.Ed.

Bailey Furbay, Gresham, Ore., M.Ed.

Samantha Howard, Gresham, Ore., B.A.

Richard Smythe, Hillsboro, Ore., M.Ed.

Madisen Oliver, Keizer, Ore., M.Ed.

Madison Misi, King City, Ore., M.Ed.

Lindsay Hayden, Newberg, Ore., M.Ed.

Erica Heuer, Newberg, Ore., M.Ed.

Sarah Reck-Secunda, Oregon City, Ore., M.Ed.

Katie Withum, Oregon City, Ore., M.Ed.

Lauran Allan, Portland, Ore., M.Ed.

Ruth Longstroth, Redmond, Ore., M.Ed.

Eric Rudat, Salem, Ore., M.Ed.

Ann Salazar, Salem, Ore., M.Ed.

Christine Sales, Springfield, Ore., M.Ed.

Mercedes Chance, The Dalles, Ore., M.Ed.

Kevin Courtney-Vera, Woodburn, Ore., M.Ed.

Madison Jones, Woodburn, Ore., M.Ed.



Christy Zaleski, Atglen, Pa., M.Ed.

Edward Yescavage, Clearfield, Pa., M.Ed.

Joslyn Morris, Downingtown, Pa., M.Ed.

Damian King, Fleetwood, Pa., M.Ed.

Tammy Lauffer, Greencastle, Pa., M.Ed.

Rachel Cicioni, Lancaster, Pa., M.Ed.

Yaritza Rodriguez, Lancaster, Pa., M.Ed.

Lily Mulligan, New Hope, Pa., M.Ed.

Halia VanKirk, Northumberland, Pa., M.Ed.

Jacqueline Hewitt, Philadelphia, Pa., M.Ed.

Sarah Pimble, Philadelphia, Pa., M.Ed.

Maria Blasko, Pittston, Pa., M.Ed.

Elliott Iula, Red Lion, Pa., M.Ed.

Abby Kayhart, Shippensburg, Pa., M.Ed.

Matthew Stewart, Springfield, Pa., M.Ed.

Cora Howard, Waynesboro, Pa., M.Ed.

Lillie Rana, Yardley, Pa., M.Ed.

Rhode Island

Gbessay Boima, Providence, R.I., M.Ed.


South Carolina

Jessica Throolin, Aiken, S.C., M.Ed.

Chandawn Martin, Anderson, S.C., M.Ed.

Tyshawn Chisholm, Bennettsville, S.C., M.Ed.

Kenya Franklin, Charleston, S.C., M.Ed.

Malayna Hasmanis, Charleston, S.C., M.Ed.

Paris Davis, Columbia, S.C., M.Ed.

Nicole Amill, Duncan, S.C., M.Ed.

Neely Potts, Fort Mill, S.C., M.Ed.

Christopher Cheely, Georgetown, S.C., M.Ed.

Katherine Bowers, Greenville, S.C., M.Ed.

Raven Thomas, Irmo, S.C., M.Ed.

Vanessa Senior, Orangeburg, S.C., M.Ed.

Narkeisha Anderson, Rock Hill, S.C., M.Ed.

Andrea Powell, Rock Hill, S.C., M.H.A.

Carol Copeland, West Columbia, S.C., M.Ed.


South Dakota

Melinda Johnson, Aberdeen, S.D., M.Ed.

Hannah Wiedebush, Mansfield, S.D., B.A.

Christy Webber, Pine Ridge, S.D., M.Ed.

Haley Dressler, Rapid City, S.D., M.Ed.

Catherine Ohlfs, Rapid City, S.D., M.Ed.

Alyssa Bierwagen, Sioux Falls, S.D., M.Ed.

Jeremy Brey, Watertown, S.D., B.S.Ed., LTD

Kendra Kluck, Watertown, S.D., B.A.



Alfredo Fuentes, Cleveland, Tenn., M.Ed.

Lara Roberts, McKenzie, Tenn., M.Ed.

Cheryl Porter, Memphis, Tenn., M.Ed.

Duane Watson, Memphis, Tenn., M.Ed.

Lillie Bullard, Morristown, Tenn., M.Ed.

Lori Crowder, Oak Ridge, Tenn., M.Ed.

Nicole Action, Smyrna, Tenn., M.Ed.



Rebecca Lana, Abilene, Texas, M.Ed.

Franchesca Matthews, Austin, Texas, M.Ed.

Cristina Silbas, Austin, Texas, M.Ed.

Vashti Thompson, Austin, Texas, M.Ed.

Jorge Ochoa, Beaumont, Texas, B.A.

Krystle Lopez, Brownsville, Texas, M.Ed.

Victoria Stacy, Brownsville, Texas, M.Ed.

Laura Vasquez, Brownsville, Texas, M.Ed.

Anna Zeaman-Hirsch, Canyon Lake, Texas, M.Ed.

Christal Jackson, Cypress, Texas, M.Ed.

Tinesha Davis, Dallas, Texas, M.Ed.

Cynthia Witkowicz, Dallas, Texas, M.Ed.

Likita Gallow, Dayton, Texas, M.Ed.

Ryan Durdon, Decatur, Texas, B.A.

Jacob Schielke, Decatur, Texas, B.A.

Grethel Espinoza, El Paso, Texas, M.Ed.

Kelly Britton, Fate, Texas, M.Ed.

Tamitra Pannell, Fort Worth, Texas, M.Ed.

Katie Wrege, Georgetown, Texas, B.S.Ed., LTD

Samuel Hawkins, Grand Prairie, Texas, M.Ed.

Vanecia Brown, Grandview, Texas, M.Ed.

Heather Amos, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Lakisha Beard, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Kristin Camper, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Mawuena Duose, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Maritha Green, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Olivia Hamilton, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Rochelle Kenebrew, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Andrea (Lewis) Palmer, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Zariah Payne, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Drew Ward, Houston, Texas, B.A.

Lakisha Ward, Houston, Texas, M.Ed.

Jamarkus Tolbert, Humble, Texas, M.Ed.

Paula Weiland, Humble, Texas, M.Ed.

Cayden Beran, Hutto, Texas, B.S.

Nadine Montique, Katy, Texas, M.Ed.

Christina Ramirez, Killeen, Texas, M.Ed.

Haley Morrow, Live Oak, Texas, M.Ed.

Kaiston Terry, Lubbock, Texas, B.S.

Jayson Mitchell, McGregor, Texas, M.Ed.

Briana Coleman, Mesquite, Texas, M.Ed.

Lichol Ford, Missouri City, Texas, M.Ed.

Aaron Jackson, Palestine, Texas, B.Mus., Director of Parish Music

Le Neisha Simon, Rosharon, Texas, M.Ed.

Cole Baumgartner, San Antonio, Texas, B.S.

Ermine Brathwaite, San Antonio, Texas, M.Ed.

Lane Castaneda, San Antonio, Texas, B.S.

Melanie Greenwood, San Antonio, Texas, M.Ed.

Dubelsa Lara, San Antonio, Texas, M.Ed.

Lauren Chumbley, Terrell, Texas, B.S.Ed., LTD

Christopher Kasparek, The Woodlands, Texas, B.A., B.S.Ed.



Sheri Berard, Eagle Mountain, Utah, M.Ed.

Joseph Rodarme, Price, Utah, M.Ed.

Shanna Scovill, South Jordan, Utah, M.Ed.

Sandra Anderson, Tooele, Utah, M.Ed.



Marquisha Henderson, Alexandria, Va., M.Ed.

Walter Thornton, Burke, Va., M.Ed.

Kyley Doty, Falls Church, Va., M.Ed.

Dana Ganaden, Powhatan, Va., M.Ed.

Andrew Freeman, Reston, Va., M.Ed.

Tessa Gwathmey, Richmond, Va., M.Ed.

Jessica Jones, Valentines, Va., M.Ed.

Pearl Loftlin, Virginia Beach, Va., M.Ed.



Stephanie Lawrenson, Bellevue, Wash., M.Ed.

Kerrick Sawyer, Bremerton, Wash., M.Ed.

Anna Combest-Friedman, Camano Island, Wash., M.Ed.

Caitlin Coulsey, Connell, Wash., M.Ed.

Chanary Bunsoy, Kent, Wash., M.Ed.

Gaylynn Hansen, Maple Valley, Wash., M.Ed.

Elizabeth Stottlemyre, Olympia, Wash., B.S.

Kristina Stone, Port Orchard, Wash., M.Ed.

James Bledsoe, Pullman, Wash., M.Ed.

William McNair, Redmond, Wash., M.Ed.

Sara Jama, Renton, Wash., M.Ed.

Kasie Pranghofer, Sammamish, Wash., M.Ed.

Rebecca Baker, Seattle, Wash., M.Ed.

Martie Binkow, Seattle, Wash., M.Ed.

Zoe Wilson, Seattle, Wash., M.Ed.

Aneseta Tupua, Spanaway, Wash., M.Ed.

Brooke Holt, Spokane Valley, Wash., M.Ed.

Ildiko Kalman-Forbes, Tacoma, Wash., M.Ed.

Nora Giscombe-Truman, Vancouver, Wash., M.Ed.

John Guthrie, Vancouver, Wash., M.Ed.

Karolyn Hatch, Vancouver, Wash., M.Ed.

Scott Holt, Vancouver, Wash., M.Ed.

Alisha Jackson, Vancouver, Wash., M.Ed.

Rebecca Weidenaar, Vancouver, Wash., M.Ed.


West Virginia

Talia Blankenship, Williamson, W.Va., M.Ed.



Evan Bohman, Appleton, Wis., B.S.Ed.

Regina Hendrix, Beloit, Wis., M.Ed.

Callie Mikolajczyk, Caledonia, Wis., M.Ed.

Sarah Benz, Campbellsport, Wis., B.Mus., LTD

Zebadiah Uden, Cedarburg, Wis., B.S.

Julie Young, Madison, Wis., M.Ed.

Chrishella Carter, Milwaukee, Wis., M.Ed.

Jason Chladek, Milwaukee, Wis., M.P.H.

Michael Khairy, Milwaukee, Wis., M.Ed.

Michael Leapley, New Berlin, Wis., B.A., B.S.Ed., DCE, LTD

Danielle Bykowski, Salem, Wis., M.Ed.

Andrea Thooft, Sheboygan Falls, Wis., M.P.H.

Henry Reimer, Sussex, Wis., B.S.

Michael Mortonson, West Bend, Wis., M.Ed.



Asper Holmes, Casper, Wyo., M.Ed.

Chaisley Lamm, Cheyenne, Wyo., M.Ed.

Trenton Williams, Douglas, Wyo., B.S.Ed.

Annie Robinson, Laramie, Wyo., M.Ed.

Callie Firminhac, Torrington, Wyo., B.S.Ed., LTD


District of Columbia

Rikki Stevenson, Southeast, Washington, DC, M.Ed.

Erica Alexander Jones, Washington, DC, M.Ed.

Maria Hardy, Washington, DC, M.Ed.

Donnalee Hinds-Coger, Washington, DC, M.Ed.

Jalyn Taylor, Washington, DC, M.Ed.


American Samoa

Sinalua Lago, Pago Pago, American Samoa, M.Ed.

Filiga Tafaoa-Alatina, Pago Pago, American Samoa, M.Ed.

Leala Smith, Vaitogi, American Samoa, M.Ed.


Puerto Rico

Gidia Santiago, Arecibo, Puerto Rico, M.Ed.

Esther Castro, Gurabo, Puerto Rico, M.Ed.



Mia Martin, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, B.S.

Andrea Schell, Brooks, Alberta, Canada, M.Ed.

Don Middleton, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, M.Ed.

Colleen Robertson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, M.Ed.

Dianne Bassendowski, Chetwynd, British Columbia, Canada, M.Ed.

Renee Baron, Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada, M.Ed.

Alexander Horner, Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada, M.Ed.

João Pedro Veríssimo, Nova Mutum, Mato Grosso, Brazil, B.S.

Xue Jun Wang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, M.Ed.

Andrea Borray Ortiz, Bogatá, Colombia, MBA

Thomas Greeff, Pretoria, South Africa, MBA

Claudia Miranda Viera, Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain, B.S.

Adama Sawadogo, Brukina Faso, West Africa, M.P.H.