The FAFSA is designed to determine a family’s ability to pay for higher education by calculating the Student Aid Index (SAI) amount. The SAI is a measure of how much you and your family can be expected to contribute to the cost of the student’s education for the year. Factors such as income, assets and family size are considered in determining the SAI.

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Steps to Take

We recommend completing the FAFSA online as soon as possible. You will be guided through the FAFSA process online. Here's what to expect:

Create a studentaid.gov account

You should create a studentaid.gov account so you can sign your FAFSA electronically. Additionally, you will need your studentaid.gov account for future online loan requirements if you plan to borrow Federal Loans. Your parents will also need to create a studentaid.gov account if their information is required.

Collect all required documents

Available on the FAFSA web site is a worksheet that lists all questions you will be asked. Many people find this document helpful to complete before tackling the actual FAFSA.

FAFSA on the Web Worksheet

File your FAFSA

File your FAFSA at fafsa.gov. Concordia University, Nebraska’s Federal School Code is 002541. You may access your Student Aid Report (SAR) as soon as 24-48 hours after you electronically filed. Concordia will automatically receive a copy of the report electronically.

Concordia’s financial aid office will process and verify your FAFSA information

We will review and verify the information submitted in the FAFSA. We will contact you if we need any additional information to complete your file.

You will receive a financial aid offer

The offer will list all of the financial aid that you are eligible to receive with detailed instructions on how to accept the aid.

FAFSA Verification

Verification is the process a school follows to check the accuracy of the information reported by a student on their FAFSA.

Verify your FAFSA

FAFSA Renewal

If you are currently receiving Federal Financial Aid and plan to apply again, there are steps you can take to make your application easier.

Renew your FAFSA

FAFSA Professional Judgement

You may apply for adjustments to your FAFSA award amount based on special circumstances.

Apply for professional judgement

Still have questions?

If you have further questions about the FAFSA, please call 800-535-5494, ext. 7270, or email finaid@cune.edu.