Some of the Best Hidden Bathrooms on Campus

Published by Andrew 7 months ago on Thu, Oct 13, 2022 11:48 AM


Now we all use the bathroom sometimes and that's okay, but did you ever stop to think about the bathroom you use? I have recently found much joy in finding new and exciting restrooms around campus. Sometimes there will be one located where you would least expect it. Discovering one of these new restrooms makes me happy and I hope that I can inspire you to go out and make your own discoveries. 

  • Janzow The first bathroom that really gave birth to this passion of mine is located in Janow. Located behind the Doghouse is this gem of a lavatory, just waiting for someone to use it. Now I have not actually been in that restroom myself, as I do not have time for such luxuries. Nevertheless, it is a cool place you should check out. Some places on campus make me puke, but this is a place I would gladly puke in. I quickly went on to find many more of these hidden bathrooms. 


  • Jesse One day, during a breakdown in the basement of Jesse, I happened to stumble upon something that was too good to be true. There is a bathroom down there that does not look like it has been used since the last economic recession. I mean, wow! This restroom made me want to get my life in order and start thinking about my future. Just standing in there felt like a major event in my life, or at least on the top 5 list. It was almost as good as the cookies in Janzow. I honestly passed out after being in that bathroom for a few minutes. This might have been because of the carbon monoxide in the air, but I beg to differ. I think it was because I ate three pieces of paper off the floor.


  • Brommer Brommer is a building that not many people dare to venture into. I do not blame them either. One can expect to see the most appalling things known to man in there. One time I went there with my parents and they forced me to look at ceramics for nearly an hour. I cried for a long time that day. One of the only good things to come out of that building actually does not even leave the building. It is the bathroom in the basement. This one is truly a work of art. I would pay at least half a million at auction to get my hands on the blueprints to that bathroom. Inside there is enough space to host a soccer match for toddlers and probably a small music festival. Sometimes I go in there when I am having a bad day.


  • Library I spend most of my time in the library. Mostly in the restrooms downstairs because they are without a doubt the best study rooms on campus. Most people do not even know they exist so it makes it the perfect place to read a book in peace or do some homework. I applied to live in the downstairs men’s restroom last year, but my housing application was declined. Slowly I have started to move all my personal belongings down there, and luckily no one has noticed. The bathroom is arguably better than any other housing options in the town of Seward. It has running water, plumbing and free laundry if you are brave enough. This makes it a great alternative to many of the dorms on campus. 


  • Schuelke Some of the dorms on campus have a hidden restroom in the basement. Schuelke is a great place to check out if you are interested. Just down the stairs is a little place that makes me happy. It is the restroom. The sweet aroma of the basement and mold dust fills the air. I think many of the dorms have similar restrooms, so I encourage you to find one for yourself. I have claimed the Schuelke and Strieter bathrooms so do not go there as they are mine now and I will not hesitate to defend them. 


  • Weller Weller has a basement. I get that some people already know this, but I did not until last week. With a basement usually comes a new and exciting bathroom to check out. The Weller restroom was just like every other bathroom in Weller, but it is in the basement. There is really not much else to say here, except that I want to go to Janzow to get a cookie, but they won’t let me leave. I’m eternally stuck here writing for the student blog and marketing department. If anyone is reading this please let me know how my family is doing.