Published by Katelyn 9 months ago on Thu, Oct 14, 2021 2:22 PM



This is a word I heard all the time when I left for college. People from my community asked me “Are you sure you want to leave? Won’t you get homesick?” and I always answered, “Haha no, I will be too busy to miss home.”  


Now, I’m realizing this isn’t exactly how it works. My home is six hours away from CUNE, and I miss it very much. I miss my mom, dad, and especially my dog. When I was a high school senior, I never thought I would miss home. I was so ready to become an independent adult on my way to follow my dreams. Even with the scaries of COVID, I was so ready to leave. Now, I wish I didn’t want to grow up so fast. I miss my own bed and I miss my own home. The home-cooked meals and the comfy couch and the big TV in the living room are some things that cannot be replaced. Nothing ever prepared me for how to deal with this, absolutely nothing. Even after freshman year, I still miss my home so much. 


Yes, there are so many people that I have met in college and there are many opportunities to keep me busy, but as soon as my head hits the pillow and there is nothing else to think about, it all sets in. Being homesick is not an easy thing, but there are ways to deal with it.  


Homesickness Remedies: 

Don’t beat yourself up about it - Everyone gets homesick at some point, so don’t feel bad for it. Missing home is on another level of sadness, especially when you are too far away to just drive home for the weekend. Never feel bad for missing home and maybe even crying over it. Talk to someone and they can definitely help you by just listening.  

Make it a new home - College is your home for 16 weeks, twice a year. Making your space as much as yours is a great way to feel at home. For me, I put up some posters from home and photos of family and friends. I also brought down a bunch of Squishmallows and blankets that remind me of home. Anything that can help you feel at home can help you overcome homesickness.  

Get offline and explore - TAKE A BREAK FROM HOMEWORK AND STOP STARING AT YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN. There are so many fun things to do in the town of Seward. There’s a trail you can take a quick walk down, there are a bunch of restaurants to go eat with friends, coffee shops where you can grab an amazing drink, and a bunch more options that you may not have heard of. Reach out to upperclassmen or even professors to ask what fun “hidden” things there are to do in Seward.  

Join in - There are a TON of clubs on campus. There is a club for just about anything you can think of. Joining them is simple and most of them do not have any requirements prior to joining. Watch for any club meetings or information. There are a ton of events that are happening every night. With sports almost every night, PRAISE on Wednesday nights, and many other clubs you can fit into, there is definitely something for everyone.  


Never ever feel bad about being homesick because it most likely happens to everyone. This is coming from a sophomore who was so ready to leave her home and never look back. Now, I miss it and everyone who lives there. Do not try and grow up too fast. Don’t forget to call your family and friends back home to help you with your feelings. Your parents are most likely missing you as well, and they would love to hear from you. And remember that you have people who are willing to help you here.