Dorms at Concordia

Published by Josie 4 months ago on Fri, Jul 23, 2021 9:30 AM

I often get the question: what are the dorms like at Concordia? Which is a really good question considering they’ll be the place where you sleep, get ready in the morning, and do homework at night. Here’s everything you need to know about Concordia University Nebraska’s dormitories.  

As a Freshman…  

Freshman usually end up in an all freshman hall. These are two person dorm rooms with a communal bathroom located in the middle of the hall. There’s around 24 or less students to each hall, and in general the bathrooms have three stalls, three showers, and four sinks. This may seem like not enough showers or toilets, but everyone's schedule is different and you’ll rarely have to wait in line.  

Coming in, you’ll either be assigned a roommate or you can request someone to be your roommate. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to talk or text with them before the school year starts so if you need to coordinate anything you’ll have a chance. Your roommate will typically be a freshman either way which is awesome because you’ll both be figuring out what college is like. The girls or guys on your hall serve as a great chance to make friends and build community. 

Every hall has an RA (resident assistant) who helps with housing needs and community building. They’re super cool and easy to talk so if you need anything, reach out to them! 

After Freshman year... 

There’s multiple different dorm “types” that become available after freshman year. Concordia has apartment style, singles, and suites along with the typical two person dorm options.  

Suites: A few of the dorm buildings have suites available to students. These are typically two rooms connected with a bathroom. They’re a good option for students who find the communal bathrooms don’t work well for them, or who want to include more of thier friends in one shared space. It can be fun to combine roommate combinations into one suite. 

People like to set up the rooms in different ways. Some put all four beds in one room with a living space in the connected room. Others will separate two and two. The fun part is getting to decide what works best for you and your roommates! 

Apartments: Jonathan is the only dorm building that has apartments. You have to apply to live in Jonathan and upper classmen usually take preference, but it’s not uncommon to find a sophomore living there. Walking in, the apartment opens up to a kitchen on the left and a living room on the right. Directly through the living room is a bedroom door. On the right side of the bedroom door is a hallway with two doors on either side inside the hallway. One leads to another bedroom and the other a bathroom. It’s a good size and has a full kitchen. 

There’s typically four people per apartment and it’s nice to be able to cook your own meals. However, if you find yourself being really busy it might be worth it to have a full meal plan. 

Singles: Concordia does offer the option of having a single room. It’s an upcharge to your housing cost, but can be nice for those who room better with themselves. There are rooms specifically for one person. They’re a little smaller in size, and not as common. However, you can pay to have your own room and end up in a two person room if there’s one available.  

Rules of the Dorms 

Like any university, there are a few rules that apply to the dorms and are good to know before coming in so that you’re prepared. All of the rules are in place in order to make living in the dorms as comfortable as possible! 

Quiet Hours: Concordia adheres to quiet hours in the dorms. From 10PM-10AM on the weekdays and 12PM-10AM on the weekends, students are asked to refrain from yelling, vacuuming, playing loud music, or blasting their TVs. This allows for students to not have to worry about their neighbors being excessively loud while they're trying to sleep. 

Visitation Hours: Concordia’s dorms have visitation hours that ensure comfortability and privacy among roommates. Buildings are separated by sex with males in specific dorms and females in others. This applies to all dorm buildings except for Jonathan which is separated by hall. Visitation hours are from 10AM-12PM on the weekdays and 10AM-1AM on the weekends. Lounges are usually open longer either for 24 hours or until 2:30AM all depending on the building.  

No Alcohol: Concordia is a dry campus which means that alcohol is not allowed on campus or on Concordia’s property. Again, there are a lot of students with varying views on campus and this ensures comfortability across the board.  

Other Good Things to Know… 

The dorms are air conditioned! All of the dorms are air conditioned and the majority allow for the students to set their own temperature. 

Sometimes you won’t get along with your roommate and that’s okay. Everyone needs some introverted time. Don’t be afraid to take it, and talk out any conflicts that might arise.  

No matter where you live, you’ll be able to make it work. Just keep an open mind!