A Day in the Life of a Psychology Major

Published by Jonah 7 months ago on Fri, Jun 4, 2021 9:30 AM

As you may know, I am a psychology major here at Concordia. Even though psychology majors take a lot of the same classes, we all have our own unique schedules. Though my schedule is different from other psychology majors, and will be different from yours, should you choose to pursue psychology, I can give you a glimpse of what a day in the life of a psychology major might look like. 

On a day sometime around the beginning of April

One of the first things I did today was register for my classes next semester. Though I probably didn’t need to get up early for registration this year, I still did. I signed up for Social Theory, Personality Theory, Group Techniques, and a Capstone Seminar- a class that will prepare me for graduate school. These classes, along with my internship will lead to the completion of my majors. I’m also majoring in Behavioral Science. I didn’t come in with a lot of credits and I didn’t even start off majoring in Psychology and Behavioral Science (I started Elementary Education and Christian Education Leadership if you’d like to know), but the Psychology and Behavioral Science majors are both relatively small and there is a lot of overlap between the two majors. Hence my being able to graduate a semester early.  

Today I worked in the morning because I did not have class until almost noon. I worked at the Child Development Center, a daycare that is associated with St. John’s Lutheran church, for about an hour. Then, I went back to my apartment and read a chapter of a book about strengths that people possess. I enjoy reading any books that give me a new perspective of psychology or ways that psychology can be applied. After reading, I had work in the Admissions Office at ten. I got to give a tour to a brother and sister who were visiting today. After the tour, I went to chapel and was enlightened by a humorous and impactful sermon from Dr. David Coe.  

After chapel is when my classes start. I had World Civilization 2 with Dr. Phillips. We have been talking about World War 1, which has been interesting to see what all led to it. After that class, I had Adolescent Psychology with Dr. Thad Warren. Usually there is a lot of solid discussion about topics ranging from gender to development in that class, but today was a test day. Since there was only a test, I got out of that class pretty early. This gave me time to eat my lunch and do the homework for my Statistics in Social Sciences class with Professor Sara Brady. For all of you interested in studying psychology, it is more statistics than you would expect because a lot of it is research.  


After that class, I head to work again at the Daycare until around 5:30. I’ll then go get dinner before a video chat for my Leadership Skills Development class at 7. After that’s done, I’ll probably watch March Madness while trying to get going on some homework at the same time. There’s a book for World Civilization 2 that I want to read a piece of tonight, and a paper for Adolescent Psychology that I want to work on.