Our Promises of a Lutheran Education

The Lutheran faith and theology, initiated by Martin Luther’s study of the Holy Scriptures and his discovery of the clear message of God’s forgiving grace in Jesus Christ alone is the cornerstone of Concordia’s mission. Luther, a German professor of theology, priest and former monk who helped drive the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago, suggested that higher education is the richest and most complete when it builds upon a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, Concordia continues to emphasize the Christ-centered message of the Gospel in the higher education it delivers to its students. During the past year, members of the faculty and staff worked to articulate clearly the university’s promise. The four foundational promises seek to ensure that Concordia will always deliver a Lutheran, Christian higher education and that our students will be equipped not only with a set of skills and a degree, but also a sense of Christian vocation and purpose for the future.

Guidance from faith-filled mentors
Grace freely given and received

Concordia promises students a Christian community—a supportive environment where staff, faculty and peers in leadership understand the meaning of God’s grace and unconditional love while they also provide thoughtful guidance and mentoring. Here students will have friends, professors and mentors in their life whose faith is important in their own lives and community. Many will become lifelong friends and colleagues in their professional network.

Varied perspectives of the world, its inhabitants and cultures
Biblical perspectives to bring meaning and understanding

The universe and all that it contains is a magnificent wonder. Concordia promises to immerse students in an environment of rich academic exploration and inquiry, where they deeply consider, debate and critically examine the world and its inhabitants, past and present. This happens while concurrently affirming the truths found in the Bible and determining if and how those truths intersect with other knowledge and ideas.

Gratefully utilize talents in service to others
Fully develop God-given gifts and talents

As students grow in both knowledge and faith, they also begin to gain a greater sense of a higher purpose that is deeply rooted in the concept of vocation, or calling. Concordia promises to develop students' skills and abilities and to help them become experts in service to others in their families, communities, churches and the world in order to give a richer meaning to their education and their future. A calling to serve—not out of duty or guilt but rather in gratitude—is a treasure in life.

Navigate the intersection of faith and culture
Live and lead as a follower of Christ

As students continue in their formation and vocation, they develop the capacity to understand and hold matters of the Christian life and the world in tension—a tension that may be creative, conflicting or simply co-existing. Concordia promises to help students foster Christian wisdom to select and productively apply these tensions as opportunities to serve their neighbor in both conventional and unconventional ways in the settings of home, work, church and society.