ISSUES Winter 2008

Winter 2008, Vol. 42, No. 3

Called Church Workers: Do We Know How To Nurture?



  • "Reflections" by Brian L. Friedrich, President
  • "Growing in Christ's Love" by Barb Hoier
  • "Care for Others and Self" by Rev. Martin Homan
  • "The Theology of Rest" by Rev. Jeff Meyers


  • "Stress in the Lives of Church Workers" by Mark Rockenbach
  • "Ways of Nurturing Church Workers in High Stress Environments" by Randall Schroeder
  • "What Does a Congregation's Call and Promise of Supporting a Church Worker Mean?" by Rick Marrs

Book Reviews

  • Rev. Bo Giertz's To Live with Christ by Mr. Tim Rippstein
  • Brian Rosner's The Consolation of Theology by Rev. Arnold Jurchen
  • Henri Nouwen's In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership by Dr. Eunice Goldgrabe