ISSUES Winter 2007

Winter 2007, Vol. 41, No. 3

From Maintenance to Mission: Changing the Paradigm



  • 'Reflections" by Brian L. Friedrich, President
  • "Mission is the Ministry" by Gary Schultz
  • "Our Greatest Challenge" by The Rev. Paul Huneke and The Rev. Dr. Anthony Steinbronn
  • "Jesus' Ministry" by The Rev. Charles Blanco


  • "Marks and Assests of a Maintenance Congregation" by Richard Boring
  • "Mission and Maintenance, Good and Bad, in the Book of Acts" by Jeffrey A. Oschwald
  • "The Great Commissions: Given to Whom???" by Robert D. Newton
  • "Moving From Maintenance to Mission: How Can This Happen?" by Michael R. Ruhl

Book Reviews

  • Craig Jutila, Jim Wideman, and Pat Verbal's Children's Ministry in the 21rst Century by Dr. Rebecca Fisher
  • Chap Clark and Kara Powell's Deep Ministry in a Shallow World by Alaina Kleinbeck
  • Christian and Amy Piatt's My Space to Sacred Space by John Rasmussen
  • Bible Work's BibleWorks7. Software for Biblical Exegesis and Research by The Rev. Dirk Reek